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Reversing Fibromyalgia
6 Replies
Cher0208 - February 23

Hi all,

So I'm at the Vitamin Shoppe the other day. Noticed a bin with books (I love books) that were 50% off. The last book in the bin happened to be Reversing Fibromyalgia by Dr. Joe M. Elrod. I buy it and start reading it. Normally, I'm skeptical of anything that says something to the effect of curing fibro. However, this doctor talks ALOT about the mind body approach to coping with and for some even reversing fibromyalgia. I'm less than half way thorugh it and I have read about the history of fibro, the many symptoms, the many possible causes and the various treatments including conventional and natural. I've read about the importance of keeping a positive attitude, visualization, the link between estrogen, seratonin and substance P in fibromyalgia sufferers. I'm looking forward to reading about a practical exercise routine later in the book. Because when I stretch daily and exercise the right way my pain is significantly less. I haven't reached the part about supplements yet but trust me when I do I will run everything by my nutritionist and holistic pain management doctor first. What I find interesting is that the book talks about your pituitary gland and hormones, stomach, food sensitivities, chronic stress as possible causes. Well, my nutritionist found that I had food sensitivities (back in September), stomach issues, problems with my pituitary gland and I can tell you first hand that with an abusive/neglectful childhood and severe long term anxiety on top of becoming a vegetarian for two years (a diet that was devoid of protein - very bad for fibro as well as eating the things that I now know I am sensitive to all day long)that I made a PERFECT recipe for developing fibro. I also drank a whole lot of alcohol during my teenage years. This is no longer some big mystery to me. I think I get it now. And I feel more accepting of this and I know what I have to do. I can eat right as much as I want but if I don't deal with my childhood issues and bad habit of worrying about everything including the things I have no control over then how can I get better? I will just develop something else. It's time to take back control of my life. Forgive everybody and move on because it's not worth our lives.
Anyway, I am loving this book and the fact the a doctor is talking so much about the side effects of medications and the better alternative treatments is blowing my mind. I feel truly inspired and I have a much more positive outlook on this situation than I did a few days ago. I hope that atleast some of you will pick it up at a library or will find it used online and benefit as well.

Thanks and have a great day!


January - February 24

Hi Cher, thanks for the great info. Glad you found this book, keep us posted! I just found a wonderful book too, called The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart. W-O-W It is about healing in general, full of scientific research on what really works!

BTW, I've read that child abuse (or other traumas) are highly correlated with fibro (I'm there, so talk therapy is important for me).

I posted some info I found about mycoplasma infections - but other than heavy antibiotics, the best treatment is to support your immune system and let your body heal.

Are you eating meat now? Or using other protein supplements? I try to drink protein shakes a lot and rarely eat meat. (Our meat supply is not healthy, full of hormones, antibiotics, etc.)

I know prescription meds help a lot of people, and I take some, but I did a lot better when I got off the antidepressants.

All the best!


Cher0208 - February 24

Hey January,

Well in a week I will be fully weaned off of the Savella. Going to give this my best and help my body heal on its own. That book says that medications prevent the natural healing process. And the side effects were too much for me. I began eating chicken but I buy Halal or Kosher as it is supposed to be free of hormones and antibiotics. I eat mostly fish (Salmon,Cod,Mackerel) and vegetables, always steamed. I bought a great protein powder called RAW protein. Its gluten, dairy, soy free and is completely organic with probiotics. Look it up online! The taste is good too. I have to look up mycoplasma infections. I don't know what that is, so I'll check out your post on it. I'm off of gluten completely as well as dairy, refined sugar, caffeine, red meat, alcohol and anything else processed. I'm eating like a freakin yogi! It feels good though. I think I am slowly detoxing a lot of junk out of my system and I can feel my body responding. Also, at night I drink a Relax tea that helps me sleep better. The only thing I have yet to implement is a good exercise routine. One day at a time....*sigh*

Take care and feel good.


kvc33 - February 24

Hi Cher, As you may have read in my other posts, I am on an allergen-free diet (two months now). I no longer have to take anything to help me sleep and I can take naps during the day if I need to which I could never do before. I don't have to go to the bathroom as often and my pain has decreased. I am going to get a plant protein powder as I read that too much animal protein makes PMS worse and I suffer with that greatly. It's so nice to see someone taking a natural approach, drugs don't heal anything, they just cover up the symptoms. Of course they are necessary some times and I myself have used them. Sometimes the side effects are disasterous.


January - February 24

Hi cher - glad you are feeling good. Sometimes it takes longer than a couple weeks to get those drugs out of your body! So if you're up and down a bit, don't give up!

and to both cher and kvc -
What is UP with our food supply?? I keep reading the ground doesn't have nutrients any more. There's all kinds of junk in our water. I haven't seen Food, Inc., but friends tell me it's totally gross!

It really is all about making money by selling the cheapest junk to people. It's too strange that so many people have food allergies. And the gluten problems make me wonder too - it's in everything processed, and even in pills.

Going gluten free made the biggest difference of anything for me! But now if I eat a big steak, my stomach hurts. Or I don't feel well if I get too much dairy. I just read that farm raised fish is full of PCB chemicals.

What CAN we eat?


Cher0208 - February 25

I know!! That is the reason I stopped eating meat. (and because I love animals). But unfortunately I just ate processed foods all day everyday for 2 years and did myself some real damage. I know that farmed fish are bad. A guy at the local supermarket told us that either mackerel or cod (I forget which one thanks to fibro fog) cannot be farmed because they never survive so that is always a good fish to get. And the veggies are full of pesticides. I soak all veggies with vinegar and water but who knows how much good that actually does. These chemicals get into the soil and the veggies. So you think you're doing right but you're still consuming toxic chemicals.

I would love to see Food Inc. but I keep forgetting about it. I have to rent it this weekend. Food can make us or break us. I'm not just talking about people with fibromyalgia. In general, we tend to spend our money on material things that aren't important and skimp on the fuel that we put it our bodies. I grew up eating McDonalds, Wendys and canned and frozen food. Even now, when I go to my grandmother's house (she raised me for lack of a better term) her idea of a good meal is canned beans and hot dogs. I have found over the last few weeks that staying away 100% from gluten, corn and soy as well as other obvious triggers like the caffeine and sugar have made a HUGE difference. Am I still in pain? Yea, every few days or so but it will take time for my body to heal. I get really angry when I think about the way food is mass produced here in America and how many health problems it causes us. It even costs many people their lives. But who cares, right? These big corporations are making billions off of making short cuts. Well I don't want any short cuts. I'm going back to basics...before microwaves, canned foods, T.V. dinners and Twinkies. I have been eating completely whole foods. And I intend to stay that way. I also have heard that out soil has no nutrients, but what the hell can we do about that? It is what it is. This Spring I will be joining a local CSA to get locally grown and organic produce. It definitely feels like the options of food are getting lesser by the day according to what I read. Every week or so I find something else that although is a healthy food turns out to be something that isn't right for me. Anyway, thanks so much for the informations January and Kvc33!

January, I read up a lot about the mycoplasma infections yesterday. I read that one treatment protocol is 6 months to two years of antibiotics. That is insane. I plan on talking to my doctor about testing me for it, and in the event the test is positive then I will follow natural protocol. No matter what cause the fibro it's plain to see that we have to do everything we can to boost our immune systems, keep stress to a minimum, get consistent sleep and exercise. Keep a positive attitude and everything will fall into place.

Have a great weekend!!


mshouleruk - February 25

Hi Cher,

Great Attitude and research your doing! Right now I don't have time to write a very long reply, so I'll keep this short. Since you mentioned you wanted to watch Food. Inc, I have a few related health documentaries on my website that might interest you. There's also a documentary specifically about emotional health, which journeys with 10 people as they come to terms with there problems and experience an improvement in health as a result of letting go of past traumas.



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