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Reverse Fibromyalgia, reply i couldn't post
4 Replies
Oreanah - April 17

The Fibrofix website indeed provided information that may not be correct. However I do beleive it may have worked for the author, and it would be unwise to call it a scam. After further investigation, I found the Fibromyalgia Treatment Centre ( website far more scientific and understandable. It is authored by a doctor, and recomends that you seek out the assistance of your doctor if you choose to use the Guaifenesen Protocol. It does not recomend a one size fits all aproach, rather after ruling out other posible health problems, starts of with a low does of the guifenesin, and builds it until some results are seen, in this case an initial increase of symptoms. It deals only with the reduction of phosphates in the system by increasing the natural flow of the bodys cleansing fluids, the various mucus and lubricating systems we have.

As Debra stated Guaifenesen is a drug. It is comonly found in cough and cold mixtures used to increase mucous production and clear infection or build up in the lungs. (As a side point i found that some pregnancy sites actually recomend it to increase lubrication during birth.) It rarely has any side effects, although as allways, more information is available from pharmasists and online and you should check it out for yourself before making any decisions.

The fibrofix site recomended using large doses of TUMS, a calcium carbonate based product. This was used by the author to combat high acid levels, and was aparently effective for her. The Guaifenesin Protocol ( did not mention it, although it did say that one of the side effects of removing large deposits of phosphates is phosphuric(sorry about the spelling) acid, ie. high acidity levels. After researching calcium I found out that excess levels can indeed be dangerous, and using TUMS to combat the acid does not seem advisable. But once again, RESEARCH IT FOR YOUR-SELVES.

The site does not claim to cure fibromyalgia, only provide releif from the symptoms, only after a lengthy recovery, and only as long as you stay on Guaifenesen. It does not promise a quick fix. According to its doctor, it takes about 2months to 'reverse' one years worth of excess phosphates. So in my case this would take at least four years on the drug, strictly avoiding all foods and products that might reduce its effectiveness (the list is extensive), and 'cycling' through many bad fibro flares before even the smallest releif is gained. By no stretch of the imagination would i call that quick!

I guess what I am getting at is this: Whatever path you choose to take, be it detoxification by natural means or with the aid of drugs, it is up to you to research it for yourself. No matter what site or book you read, there is another one that contradicts it. Basically, no one has all the answers, and anyone that is not open to further research, recomendation, or refinement should be veiwed with a very critical eye. I wish all the best to Debrah, and I will be reading the book she recomended thoroughly, i would prefere a natural solution if there is one. But to all who read this, I also wish them luck, and wichever path you choose, please let us know how your personal journey goes, as it is only by exploration that we may one day discover our cure.


Debra - April 12

Hi: Oreanah: well i glad that you agree with me on a few things.The lady that was running the website has Fibromyalgia and it only worked for her when she used a very,very high dose.And when she didnt use it for a day all of her symptoms would come back to her and them some .She truly wanted to help people but became to involved and started to give out poor advice to people and they became worse.I know i've talked to her and many of the people that tried the method that she suggested.I have a rite to call it a quick fix, because it is what it is. And as for your long statement,reply or whatever it is .I dont think you really understand my post on this forum.I'm only telling the truth and trying to get all of the people out here to see that there is only one way to reverse Fibromyalgia.And that it is not by anymeans a drug.Your trying to hard to pick at my words and it is not very nice of you to do that.I'm only here to help.It seems to me that your trying to compeat with me.I find that odd.Let the people out here read the book if they wish to,and they will be the judge on what works for them.Atleast they will have a good feeling that they are headed in the rite direction.Thanks Debra.


Jean - April 15

We all have to have an opened mind and if there is something new to try it is in the best interest of the patient to discuss it with their doctor before trying it because there could be adverse reactions due to medications already taken. Just know to let your mendical team know so everyone stays safe from unknown reactions.


Andi - April 15

I have doctors in my family who advise against anything that is commericially sold on telelvision or a website even though you don't claim its a cure and it stops working if you stop taking it, then i don't really understand what the product is anyway what if this suddenly becomes unavailable then what do these paitents do. I would be leery of trying anything that isn't something my doctor has perscribed to me or has researched himself. It is very difficult for fibromyalgia patients to begin with this diagnosis is hard to get any kind of respect and having something constantly thrown in our faces doesn't help the you see why debra reacted the way she did I completely understand her viewpoint...I wish people would stop forcing us to believe there is something that will help even the FDA can not come up with something that is 100 percent I guess I really just don't understand the product or what you are trying to say either...:shrugs:


Oreanah - April 17

Debra, I'm sorry you took offence at my post. I could not seem to submit it as a reply to yours, kept getting an 'error on page' message, so rather than just delete it i posted it as a second thread. It was not intended as a personal attack. I have no interest in competing with anybody here. I feel that we all need to be open minded, not simply write of an entire approach as useless due to one over zealous persons unwise promotion of their own treatment as a one size fits all cure. I agreed that the fibrofix site was exactly that. My post was aimed at helping those who were intrigued by the guaifenesin treatment get some idea as to what it is about, and be wary of any site that claims to be THE solution, with eyes closed to any other information. I have had fibromyalgia for over 20 years, and have tried various detox plans, the last one for over four years, and yet the fibro continued. If you find your detox program particularly helpful, by all means recommend it, I am hoping it offers more than my previous ones did and as i mentioned will be looking into it. If i find the ‘detoxify or die’ approach works for me, I too will recommend it, as something that may work for others. I pray that out there, someday, someone will find a solution that they can prove with clinical studies over a few years. Until then, I will continue to encourage everyone to do their own research (that would include talking to your doctor) into whatever 'treatment' they are thinking of trying, and keep an open mind to all options. Oreanah



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