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Reverse Fibromyalgia
6 Replies
DEBRA - May 3

Please everyone out here,note that the the website fibrofix is a scam.The people running the website are not Doctors and they were giving wrongful advice that could be very dangerous to your health.The Guaifenesin Protocol is only a quick fix.We all will do anything or pay very large amounts of money that we really dont have to be pain free and to feel normal and healthy again.The Guaifenesin Protocol will not cure your Fibromyalgia it will only surpress some of your symptoms.It can be extremely dangerous to your health from long term use.IT IS A DRUG NOT A CURE.The key and i mean this with all honesty is to reverse the disease.YOU MUST DETOXIFY YOUR BODY.I have just finished reading a book called DETOXIFY OR DIE BY: Sherry A.Rodgers,M.D. I am now on the rite path to a full recovery of my illness.It is going to take some time and effort.If you read and follow this book you will get your life back.I have Fibromyalgia and many other painfull conditions and after reading this book it all made alot of sense to me.And now i know what to do to get my life back,and you will to.I truly wish all of you that are suffering,the very best of luck and most importantly good health.Take care. Debra.


Beth - April 12

It sounds to me like you have done your homework.I will check it out.Talk to you soon.Beth


Beverly - April 12

I didn't read a book but two months ago a thought came into my mind that I should detoxify just for the sake of better health. I saw a Nuetritionist and she gave me the materials to do it. I'm in my second week and already seem to have a little more energy. I'm not doing this for a cure but it makes sense to try anything you can to feel better.


DEBRA - April 12

Hi: Beverly Thanks for leaving me a message.I really think that the natural way is the only way to help anyone.Trust me that even most Doctors that give you drugs for it know that the drugs wont help.And they know that drugs will make you worse in the long run.No one really knows what causes it they all are just guessing.Thats what Doctors do.You need to get healthy again by good food and water etc.And your body will become strong enough to to reverse all the bad thats in it.Ive never heard of any drug that has cured anyone,but i know someone in my life that reversed Cancer,the natural way.Trust me that i have had a very poor diet and a life of smoking cig's and all the bad stuff,so this new healthy way of living is very hard to adjust to.But if it means that i will live a much longer life pain free.It is then worth it. Take care. DEBRA.


Rita - April 15

I have read the book and it was very interesting and shocking to know what is going on out there.What ia in our air,food,water,drugs ect.I have also read Sherry Rogers other book called pain free in 6 weeks.Great infomation about pain.The books have helped me understand that you can become better and healther if you work hard to achive that.I agree 100% with you as well Debra.


Tara - April 23

Hello Debra.My name is Tara and i did read the book.Everything they say in it is true.You need to follow every word she says and you will become well.I just started to follow the books advice and i feel better just in a weeks time.Thank you.Cheers


Debra - May 3

Yes the book is 100% bang on the money.Go the natural way to get rid of all the illness in our bodys.To be well and to heal is to not take the pain meds.They dont work,they make you more sick.



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