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restless legs
9 Replies
AmberRose - October 19

is this like a muscle twitch that goes really fast???? im sitting here and all of a sudden my leg muscle jsut went nuts and didnt' stop for about 30 was my calf wierd never experienced that before? it was kinda like when you get a face twitch in your eye i guess


scooter985 - October 27

i get restless legs at night. it's not like a muscle twitch. it's more like an aching. it hits me right before i go to sleep. when i'm laying down, i have to move my legs to get some sort of relief. but i do get those muscle twitches from time to time that your talking about. don't know where it comes from.


andi - October 27

I use to get RLS. Mine didn't twitch. They just felt very heavy and like I had to move them into 30 different positions for comfort. I couldn't find a restful spot, so I'd have to get up and walk around only to return to bed and have it start all over.


AmberRose - October 27

Oooooooooooh so thats what it is....wierd i ive had that for a while(makes me want to throw up actually) had no idea thats what it was though. I thought it was twitching.....good too know. thanks ! My legs get so heavy they feel like they are pulling me down into the bed and thats the part that makes me feel naseous (spelling?) i thought i was just crazy!! lol i guess the other thing was just muscle spasms


Tisme - November 2

I do find it quite hard to describe but it is a kind of heaviness, a deeply uncomfortable feeling that sometimes makes you feel like throwing your legs around as Andi said or constantly tapping my feet....
But I also get muscle twitches which I see as a different thing to the RLS, and I get those all over my body.....also the feeling of crawling and the usual highly painful stabbing and throbbing sensations especially in my legs.....


Maura A. - November 4

I also have RLS and my legs get very heavy. It is hard to explain but I can't stop moving my leg. At times I wish they would cut it off. I was on ReQuip but the doctor I go to for pain managment felt it was to strong. I have been off it for 3 weeks and can only get to sleep by taking vicoden.


TERESA - November 4

I also have twitches for no apparent reason! But does anyone have cramping in your calves & top part of the back of your leg, starting at your butt and goes to the back of your knees? They are kind of like mini charley horses! Tiny little knots running up & down!!


Tisme - November 15

Hi Teresa, yes I get that, in the top part of my legs.... in fact I had that for years, (before diagnosed with fibro) everytime I needed the toilet...!!
I actually thought it was
It is much worse now though.....


TERESA - November 15

Mine happen at different times, but I notice it the most when I drive in my rt leg! There are tiny little knots running down the back of my leg! I have twitches off & on, but I notice that they are worse at night when I am trying to fall asleep. They are so bad that they wake me back up & I have to start all over again!


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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