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dwilmoth - June 27

I can't get a traight answer from my Dr., does taking a little nap help or make it worse. I think my Dr. thinks if he says it's ok I'll become lazy. But should I give into fatique and take a nap or should I push through the fatique?


westwoman - June 27

You should nap or rest as much as you feel you need to.... This illness requires a lot of rest and sleep. Pushing through the fatigue will only make you feel worse. Take care.......


teresat - June 30

I agree with westwoman, but try not to nap to clos to bedtime. It is rough enough to sleep through the night as it is!!


Darlene Gallagher - August 1

Take as many naps as you think you need. The worse thing you can do with Fibromyalgia is push yourself! Darlene


linda brown - October 31

yes take the naps, they actually help me with my day. when i don't get enoug rest or sleep, look out. good luck


Gavin - October 31

Yes everything Ive heard read and gotten from my doctors says with FM stop BEFORE you are tired, never try to push through it will make it worse. Chin up. Gavin


JJ1 - October 31

I am working full time again as of Sept. 1 after spending the last 8 years working part time. I did not feel the need for a nap when I was working part time, but now with the extra work load and stress, I find myself crashing at around 1:00 or 2:00 pm. I have a pretty flexible job, and when I can, I have been going home for lunch, taking a nap, then returning to work (usually can work from home in the pm). I am much more effective with the nap than I am on the days when I can't take one. (we should all adopt the latino practice of an afternoon siesta!)


Gabbie - October 31

I try to find a "happy medium", staying active on my good days but allowing myself to rest when it is most needed. I think you need to find what works for you, and if that means taking a nap then by all means do it.


LBB - November 1

I find taking a 20 minute cat nap will help rejuvenate my energy. I usually do this after work and before dinner.



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