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Reply to ARVEE from Cheryl -- site not working right.
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Cheryl - November 2

Hey Arv! The subject we've been reading under would not accept my submit button. I'm trying this location. I finally went to a dr. in New Jersey that not only believes in candida overgrowth problems, but has treated people as well. He's a nutritionist, MD, and holistic dr. all in one. He wants me to only take the Nystatin for another week, because he said if it is used for a longer length of time, the yeast(if I have it) become resistant to it. He said I should have experienced a crappy feeling (die-off symptoms of the yeast) when I took the Diflucan, as it is a much stronger anti-fungal. I told him I didn't feel much of anything with that, but that I did (and do) feel better once I started Nystatin. He said (but candida sites stated otherwise) that the blood test I had for candida which came out negative, SHOULD have indicated something. Sites I went to said it doesn't always come out in blood, but stool samples instead. I mentioned to him that I had also recently weaned myself off the water pill (hydrocholathiazide (HCTZ)) I'd taken for 7 years for high blood pressure. I figured I'd see if my borderline high (130/90)BP returned once I discontinued the diuretic. I thought that since I was eating far better now, eliminating sugar and junk that perhaps my blood pressure would return to normal. There are no other physical or emotional reasons for my BP to be high and never have there been. Just freakin high. (This is so long-winded, but necessary info) Around the time I was off it, I started the Nystatin. (Odd coincidence.) The dr. said that candida patients almost always feel complete fatigue, but I don't. I have body aches, sugar cravings, (not so much NOW), etc., but I'm don't feel tired. He said allergies to sulpha drugs (i.e. diuretics) create body aches. He said it may be possible I became allergic to the drug, but he's going to give me a complete physical next week, and some tests. He wants to me to stay on Nystatin only for another week and not take the oil of oregano (I can't remember why. I think it may affect the testing.) At least I feel like SOMEONE in the medical field can help me, not just look at me like I'm a bit crazy. But anyway, to answer your question, I have read at another website that I could have apple cidar vinegar, granny smith apples, and blueberries. I tried the apples and blueberries several times, and did NOT feel badly afterwards. I should try the vinegar too so that I could start having salads again, but haven't gotten it yet at the grocery store. The site also said I could have small amounts of a sweetener called Stevia, which I ordered. It's not an artificial sugar, and approved for diabetics. I put it in my coffee and rice cereal in the morning, just a tad, and it's awesome! Taiwan? Wow! Do you live there? A world away and we are a small part of each other's lives. Pretty amazing.


arvee - July 28

Hi Cheryl ! Nice to read your detailed post and apologies for this delayed reply. Certain
commitments kept me very busy and i could not get back to reply to your post.

Nice to know that you got a nice doc and I hope he gives you the right treatment. My condition is
steadily improving and I will continue this diet atleast untill I feel completely normal.

I did a bit of reasearch on the net about likely causes or causative agents for fibromyalgia. I
would like to share a bit with you. Ignore it if you are aleady aware of it.

Well, weather you call it FMS or candida yeast - the end result is that you end up with achy
muscles, stiffness, pain in muscles or soft-tissue and a disturbed sleep (I am not sure if you
have problems with sleep). A lot of research suggests that people with FMS are deficient in a
neuotransmitter called serotonin and perhaps also have a large amount of so called susbtance-p
(which determines your pain perception). This explains why sometimes our muscles or tissues are
very sensitive to touch or feel sore even on slightest pressure (and sometime even without
pressure). Serotonin is also supposed to enhance the qualilty of sleep (the so called level 4 deep
sleep when the body secretes growth harmone that does the repair work in the deep sleep). And
since we do not get good sleep our body and muscles do not recover from the micro-tearings that
happen upon repeatitive use. I have often noticed that whenever I had trouble sleeping and staying
asleep my next day was just horrible. Quality of our sleep as I wrote is again determined by the
serotonin content in brain. I read about a lot of research on how brain serotonin can be increased
by exposure to sun-light. Our brain can actually cook serotonin by exposure to morning sun. An
experiment on several elderly people demonstrated that about 30 to 40 min exposure to morning sun
had dramatically enhanced their sleep quality. I have been doing the same and have noticed a lot
of imrovement in my sleep and consequent feeling of betterment in my muscles. In fact this
research also explaines the so called feeling of depression and blues in the dark winter months
when the amount of sun-light is drastically reduced. I felt it here in the winter when there was
hardly any sun. Quantity of serotonin in your brain also determines your mood.

There is another cause for low serotonin levels in brain. foods high in sugar generally boost up
the levels of stress harmon cortisol. cortisols levels in body are directly linked to our
circadian rythems-- it is lowest at around mid-night (allowing you to sleep) and gradually rises
in the night, being maximum between 6-8 am in the morning, thus giving you freshness and energy to
begin your day. Screwed-up food habits and/or stress can completely disrupt cortisol rythem and
thus mess-up not only your circadian rythem but also serotonin levels and hence body ache.

A theory put forward by Dr. Majid Ali (and integrative medicine doctor) I find very rational and
sensible. According to him Chronic Fatigue syndrome and FMS are two different faces of fundamental
underlying problem which is essentially excess oxidants (toxic waste products of metabolism) that
far too exceed the body's capacity to cleanse. These oxidants have metabolic, microbial or
environmental origin. For instance candida albicans living in our intestines when morphs into
fungal form it not only digs holes into intestine but also produces toxins while digesting its
food (unlike humans fungul organisms digest food first before ingesting). These toxins leak into
blood, and hence can access any part of body. ......... (It appears that I will have to stop
here....I will try and get back to this and complete this..I have to leave for some urgent work).

I suggest you also look for toxic effects of mercury amalgam in the teeth (if you have any...).
Many FMS patients have got relief after removal or change with the so called non-toxic white
material. I got mine changed about a fort-night ago. More later. I am sorry if this long post
bored you.

Best wishes


Cheryl - July 29

Thank you so much for all that info!!! You were typing your little heart out, and I deeply appreciate it!! YES! I have terrible sleep habits. They have gotten better since I've given up sugar/yeast/wheat, but with the coming of summer and ice-cream temptations, and picnics with brownies and watermelon, I've cheated a little and immediately noticed a difference. I felt overall "blah". My new dr. will do an official stool analysis after the nystatin has cleared my system. (He told me to discontinue it's use or it will cause a false negative in the test.) I'm having more extensive bloodwork next week to test for gluten intolerance (skin tests are't accurate), as well as other things that I can't remember. (Drs. sometimes talk way too fast.) I won't go back to him until 8/15 to get the results. Anyway, not getting quality sleep definitely prevents your body from healing itself from the rigors of everyday life. I take 3 mg. of Ambien to induce sleep and take an over the counter sleep aid, the ingredient in Tylenol PM, only WITHOUT the Tylenol part. This helps. And of course, when I eat sugar, I have a harder time staying asleep. I'll definitely ride to work with my sunroof open to get more sun on me, as well as take a few walks between clients before noon. Thanks once again for your time spent cooresponding with me! C.


Cheryl - July 29

P.S. I didn't feel any better after I stopped taking the sulfa drug for high BP. So, it definitely wasn't that.


arvee - September 12

Hello Cheryl,

My sincere apologies for this long delay. Last one and a half month was very hectic and trying as I shifted to a different place.

Regarding my FMS, my sympotoms are steadily improving and I have never got the flare-up ever since I started on my food restictions. But I think I am still few months away from my complete normalcy. My healing slows down as and when I take liberties. I have slowly re-introduced whole wheat and it was fine untill I had too much of it. So the lesson is have it once in a while and introduce gradually. The only time I had to compromise my diet is when I am on the move. It becomes difficult to stick to a very particular diet.
Lately I am taking one medicine which falls under the class of so called SSRIs(Selective Serotonin re-uptake inhibitors) and it seems to have dramatically improved my sleep quality and perhaps also speeded the healing.
I still limp when I walk, but my limp has improved considerably and I am able to walk and exert much more than before. But whenever I eat a wrong food, it still shows up (though the effect now is not that strong). The upshot is I am on the road to recovery but still miles to go.

How's your health ? I hope by now you must be doing great and have completely recovered from your problem. Please do let me know how you are progressing with your health.

best wishes


Cheryl - October 26

Hey Arv. I FINALLY got test results from my stool test. One of three of the good bacteria was too low, two of the bad bacteria were too high, and two forms of yeast were too high. So basically, I was right in my own diagnosis. The dr. put my on Nystatin, and I seem to be experiencing die-off effects, but do feel much better. Of course, I'm still not eating crap foods, which is healthier any way you look at it. For anyone. My sleep is getting better since I don't ache like I did. I haven't checked this site in a while since I no longer search for answers. I feel satisfied that I'm on the right path. I'll still check back. I still go to and read Alternative Medicine. It has some great topics. Take it easy Arvee!


arvee - November 2

Hi Cheryl ! Nice to read your reply and to know about your improvement. It is indeed encouraging to know that your tests proved you were going in the right direction. Over past few months my health has steadily improved and I too am in much better condition then earlier. It was only six months ago that I almost could not walk and now I can walk for an hour without feeling the pain. My limping has also considerably reduced and not so easily noticeable. I have made small changes in food like introducing whole wheat and occasional desert and body seems to tolerate it well. But I am certainly going to continue the good food habits this illness imposed on me and I now like my food. As I had written in my earlier mail, the major cause of fibromyalgia seems to be accumulation of toxins (mostly realeased when candida albicans digest its food) that is far too in excess for our body to get rid off. In addition there is also an excess of free-radicals which are bi-products of metabolism and should be best removed before they bind to tissues and do the damage. Certain anti-oxidants are very useful to detoxify our body and it turns out that green tea, egg and asafetida are best detoxifying agents. The yolk of egg contains sulphur which is best detoxifying agent. green tea contains polyphenols which are one of the best anti-oxidants. By the way according to one popular theory of aging, our body ages, wrinkles and degenerates with time due to damaging effects of oxidants and free-radicals. Anti-oxidants could be a key to slow down the aging process. I am not sure if this is a co-incident but I found that people in Japan and Taiwan and korea where green tea is very popular, people appear way to young compared to their age. Well, regardless of what theories say, I do enjoy the rich taste and aroma of a green tea and now I have fabulous excuses for the same. And before I sign off, a few more experiences to share. Our body gets rid of toxic wastes through faeces, urine, sweat and breathing. So we must make the most of all these channels to detoxify. A fiber bulking agent could be useful for satisfactory defeacation, drinking atlteast 2 liters (if you can drink 3 even better) of water would rinse and cleanse your body as well as kidney. Sweat as much as you can. It turns out that certain kinds of toxins can be released only through sweat. And last but not the least - deep breathing. deep breathing does seem to help in manyways. Our body gets rid of good amount of waste through deep breathing. You give your body VITAL oxygen - the fuel every cell depends on. You can very positively affect the bio-chemistry of your body by simply providing it with enough oxygen. Oxygen also helps maintain the right Ph in the stomach and deep breathing has also been linked to endorphin release - the feel good factor. Well I just felt like sharing what helps me.
Best wishes for your well being --arvee.



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