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Rencently Diagnosed-Is this normal ?
6 Replies
Stephanie Walter - July 25

I was recently Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia... I have horrible pain in one spot of my back inparticular.. Is this common.. besides the continuous pain. . Also.. I have bouts of Fatigue which is overwhelming.. I am only 28 years old.. and I feel so held back.. On top of this.. with all of this pain, I am feeling a great deal of anxiety.. thinking I have some sort of cancer.. Im so scared all the time.. Any words of encouragement would help me tremendously...


Carrie - July 24

Hi Stephanie. Hugs are coming your way! I know that panicky fear, no one knows what's wrong with you and it seems they really don't care. It's good to reach out and ask for support. I'd suggest that you find a group near where you live, so you might be able to sit and talk with others, face to face. How about talking about the anxiety with your family doctor? I think a lot of us take some sort of antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication. I hope you continue to connect here on this forum. I know a few people have responded to my postings and it's helped tremendously. The past 3 months have been very difficult for me, tons of pain, fatigue, brain fog, depression. This is fibro. Please stay in touch. I don't think there's anyone out there that hasn't felt like you do. God Bless, Carrie


Judy - July 24

Stephanie the good news is they can detect cancer so dont stress to much about that. I thought the samething I was in so much pain with myleft arm to told my Doc it hurts to the bone I Said I must have cancer or something, they knew I didnt. But when I did get Cancer in 2002 Dec they knew it right away. Try not to let your mind carry you a way we all do but I find it helps me when I can keep my thoughts positive. Just make sure you tell your Doctor everything dont let them blame everything on Fibro let them do test when you have real concerns. We all Share with you the anxiety. Hope you feel better soon and as Carrie said always talk to us..


Anne Hillebrand - July 24

Hi, Stephanie. Try this very simple trick for the pain in the back. Camphor Spirit - cheap at local drug store. Just wipe it on over the area. Stimulates the flow of lymph. If you can't get any, you could use something else with Camphor, such as Campho Phenique gel, but only a little, as it has other ingredients.

As for the dread and panic, that can be just a symptom of FMS. An SSRI med at night can get things back to normal.

[email protected]


Ashley - July 25

I'm 22 and have been battling this for quite some time. It does get rather scary. Being recently diagnosed, it's expected that it takes some getting used to before trying to concur it. Find inner peace in something you really enjoy doing and use that impowerment to treat yourself. Daily exercise, vitamins and minerals are what work best for me; and they all help with the depression because you know that you're doing something for yourself and it brings your body back into balance. You can do it!


stephanie - July 25

Thank you all so much for the encouragement !!. .. I am seeing my Rhumatologist tomarrow.. and will speak with him about my anxiety and the pain im in.. It really helps to know that I am not alone..that others understand.. Not that I wish this on anyone.. but im glad someone understands.. Im just not used to fatigue and I get worried.. But thanks to you all that have responded so far.. I am grateful


Carrie - July 25

Stephanie, glad to hear you're seeing a rheumy tomorrow. Do you write things down to talk to your doctors? That's something I've learned to do because I can't always think straight, or I expect to get a chance to say something, and they're off on a different direction. Also, with the many different pains, etc., I will often forget something that happened that might be important for her to know about. Best of luck tomorrow. I hope you get some very real help.



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