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Remissions and Flare-ups
4 Replies
Lyle Anderson - January 24

On December 21 I came out of my last "flare-up" BOOM. I just woke up and felt better all over. I was in the last "flare-up" so long I thought I was going permanently dowhhill. All "remission" means is that the meds work and I can function at about 70%, whereas with flare-ups, it's about 40%. How long are other peoples' "flare-ups" lasting? How about their "remissions"? I hate to think on Dec 21 I woke up great and on Fed 2 or something I will wake up worse than I was in the last flare-up. Can somebody help me with these ups and downs, how long they last for example?


BrandyO - January 24

That's a loaded question, lol. I wish I new the answer. Sometimes I flare when I way over do things. Sometimes with stress. Sometimes out of the blue. And the time limit on my flares are all different. Sometimes my flares hit me physically, every muscle hurts from the top of my head down to my toes. Sometimes a flare will hit me cognitively and my memory is toast (more so that normal) I'm sorry I can't help you but I do sympathize and relate! Brandy :)


BrandyO - January 24

PS Lyle... glad your still here .... :)


Patrice - January 25

Hi Lyle! I agree with BrandyO. I am still learning to cope with the symptoms of FM. But I have definitely learned to say "NO" to a lot of things, too. When I get less rest, a flare will hit me. When I am under stress, a flare will hit me. I have been fine one day and wake up in the middle of the night from the horrible pain, which knocks me down for a while. I am still trying to work a full-time job (which I haven't been able to work a full 40-hour week in a long, long while), and that is difficult. I can't control my environment; therefore, I can't control my triggers. The longest I've been able to go without a flare has only been three weeks. FM affects everyone differently. There are so many variables, that I don't think anyone could give you a definite answer. However, I've noticed that I do best when I get a lot of rest, do mild exercises and stretches, try to stay calm and positive, eat healthy, etc. Maybe this has been helpful. I hope so. Oh yes ... I, too, am glad you're still here! Thanks for staying.


Lyle Anderson - January 25

Things are still pretty much ok but I will tryo to make sure the stress is low as possible. My wife got one of these pillattes machines yesterday. After I got over the cost, i sneaked a try at it. She caught me, red faced and silly looking. After she showed me how to work it i believe it did some good. I feel much better today. It also occurs to me that I started writing on the forum sometime around my remission day. before that all i could do was read. that's interesting.[Thanks for making me feel welcome. Speaking of stress, you can imagine how I felt with people accusing me of being barbar all the time and then getting mad at ME for 'constantly' bringing it up. It doesn't help to defned yourself around here people will think what they will i guess.]



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