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Remembering early signs
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cincin - August 29

After reading the list of symptons on the left of this page one stood out for me"Vision".Some days its clear other days blurry and yes I get that thick goop that crusts up in the corner of my eye.Interestingly enough one of the few memories I have from early childhood(5-8yrs)was having this condition,my mother and doctor called it"Sleep" in your eyes. It was terrifying at that age to wake up looking through a very blurry world or worse my eye(s) would be sealed shut from this stuff and require repeated hot compresses to loosen enough to remove it. That's all I remember about it but I makes me go hmmmm. Perhaps I'm just nuts.The other thing I read in a very good book my son purchased for me was that people that stand with locked joints(not relaxed and loose)especially the knees were possibly prone to FM. Well guess what, I've done that my whole life as far back as I can remember.A personal trainer I had a few discussions with about muscelskeletal problems and training for it even mentioned it is imperative to relax the joints.Another job I have to work at everyday,my cup runneth memory(or lack of it)gives me many reasons to giggle but certain events or experiences stand out that now play a part in FM. Could there be a genetic link? Or could it be more environmental, asbestos,pesticides,herbicides,etc. that have long been banned? Considering the relative age is 40-50s this would be resonable, even for the younger ones that are being diagnosed with it now as they are the product of this age group. These are just a few reflective thoughts I have on it, has anyone else recognized early symptons from childhood or tried to piece the puzzle together.What do you remember?


PEANUT - August 29

Hi. I don't necessary remember signs from my childhood but I do feel like I have had FMS for at least 12 years. In fact I was 'tested' for it back then but although I 'showed symptoms' of it, I was not diagnosed at that time. I have trouble sleeping as far back as I can remember as well as stomach/bowel issues. The overall body pain that changes from day to day started about 12 years ago. That is when I lost 60 pounds, became more active and regularly visited my chiroprctor for almost a year and I must say, between being 60 pounds lighter, the exercise regime along with the chiroparctic I felt so much better. But then 2 years ago, things began going downhill after I had a viral infection. After seeing numerous specialists to rule out more serious diseases, I was diagnosed with FMS by a rheumatologist a little over 5 weeks ago now. So yes this can be a long time coming before it is actually diagnosed and, if I had a clearer memory going further back, there likely were things from back 'in the day'. Of course I am 51 now, so between 'mature' age memory loss and 'fibro fog'... Anyway, this is an interesting topic and it would be interesting (reduntance) to hear what others have to share in this regard. Thanks for sharing



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