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Reiki anyone??
9 Replies
iliveinpain - October 30

I just got back from my massage therapist. She was saying that she sees so many people everyday, and my upper back is by far the worst she's ever dealt with. From the base of my neck to the middle of my back will loosen up when she works on me, but locks up again. I can go every week for a massage and it's always like rock! She claims that 2 or 3 sessions of Reiki will help me. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this. After all these years of going from doctor to doctor, shots in my back, massage therapy, acupuncture, too many medications to remember, I can't believe she thinks she has the 'cure' for me at last. Any thoughts on this are appreciated. I'm without hope, and am sick of wasting my time and money on supposed miracle cures that don't work and only set me up for false hope. Thanks...


kvc33 - October 31

In my opinion, if what you are dealing with is muscular you would need to treat it on a daily basis at home. This would involve techniques to relax your muscles such as hot packs, baths, deep breathing, meditation, short walks and use of a home massage unit. I have one called kneading fingers which I think is the best. It is made of two large steel balls that go around in circles. Some people claim that using an inversion table is great for relaxing the back. For me, using a computer is the worst thing for my back. If I didn't use it I would have very little trouble. I don't think Reiki is a miracle cure - if it was then why does she do massage? No harm in trying though, if you can afford it.


fibromite.u.k. - October 31

Just to say that around five years ago, I spent a small fortune on Reiki sessions which a friend said would work wonders. It did nothing for me whatsoever, and in my opinion you would just be wasting both your money and your time. However, it is really only up to you and if you don't try it you won't know, but I have never come across anyone who has been cured of anything by it.


iliveinpain - November 1

Thanks for the replies. Honestly, I have doubts about this, but always one to keep an open mind, I thought I'd run it by all of my wise fibro-friends here. I think that maybe it is one of those things you have to believe in to get any benefit out of. And, I don't believe that someone who is working as a massage therapist has the power to heal by a laying on of hands. Unless they are Jesus Christ, um, so not buying it ;) I wish it were true though. It is probably one of the only things I haven't tried yet. But I would rather keep my hard earned money instead of wasting it on another miracle cure that doesn't work. Thanks again!


January - November 1

I do like to keep an open mind and try lots of things. But the people I know who claim to be Reiki masters supposedly just become Reiki masters by a transfer of energy from another Reiki master…. and I have never noticed any help when they've sent me energy - nor have other friends of mine noticed improvements in symptoms.

I think liveinpain is right - it is probably more a function of your mental belief in it, like faith healing. I sure wouldn't blow any money on it!


fibromite.u.k. - November 1

I think you are so right in what you say. It is true that they only seem to become Reiki masters by a "transfer of energy" which seems a bit too easy. I wasn't going to say this, but the friend who swore by this treatment and persuaded me to have it five years ago, had cancer and said it was curing her. Sadly, she died the following year. I gave it all up before that.


Pikespeak - December 2

After just experiencing my first Reiki healing circle last night, I can tell you that it does more for me mentally and spiritually. Having a Reiki treatment will relax you (unless you aren't open to it). I would recommend that you watch some videos on YouTube using "Feldenkrais" or "Awareness Through Movement" and "back" or "neck" as your keywords. You can also download free podcasts from iTunes. Very gentle, subtle movements which free up your body/mind. Good stuff!


January - December 5

Pikespeak, good comment. I get the same feeling, that Reiki is a mental treatment approach. I am aware of energetic medicine, but I have never experienced a relief of symptoms from a Reiki practitioner -- maybe just never met the right one!

Since I'm not into Reiki, I don't know… but I'm wondering if anyone could just pick up some healing meditation tapes and get to the same place…?? What do you think?


Pikespeak - December 11

Hi again! Just got my Reiki II certification. I have now seen/experienced some very powerful energy changes in myself and others! My teacher says that if your body is balanced (no blockages) you can't have illness. I'm not sure it's that easy, but I do believe that one can experience relief from a Reiki session. I will continue my multi-faceted approach, which is keeping me on an even keel...


mshouleruk - January 15

Much like any alternative treatment, there is no one size fits all. I know of many people who swear by energy healing, whilst others have tried it to no effect. In reality, The same can be said about a whole host of alternative therapies, Chiropractic care, Yoga, Acupuncture, Energy Healing, The Lightning Process, etc, and on and on. Being in the healthcare business, I've seen people receive tremendous benefits from programs like these, yet likewise people whom who it just didn't do anything at all.

There are many other variables, like the skill and nature of the practioner. For instance, if you were to try Yoga, but ended up seeing one of the worst instructors ever, would you say that was a fair evaluation of Yoga? Probably not. I have to say this is one of the reasons I prefer to treat myself. Because I get to know my body, what works the best for me, and what doesn't. It's that philosophy that I have applied to myself that has allowd my health to improve.



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