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recurred after 6 years
5 Replies
CAROL CURTIS - September 29

8 years ago having been diagnosed with polymyalgia i was given prednisalone.18 months later and 2 stone heavier i was then told it was fybromyalgia.several months later it all disapeared only to return this year (6 years later)The same pains in the same places.Has this happened to anyone else?


Jean - September 13

No, when I was diagnosed it stayed with me , 4 years now. I wish it would leave me....


fibroprof - September 22

Carol, I spent last winter very sick, I am diagnosed (and I concur with doc) that I have fibromyalgia. I have been back from the pain, dizziness, numbness, headaches, etc. for several months (most of summer) but now that I'm back to work, I'm falling back down the rabbit's hole I think. I am not sick yet, but the pins and needles are starting again, I'm so dizzy today (it might be fall allergies) that I had to hold on to my desk to stand up at work. I was fantasizing that maybe it had gone a way for good and I was cured. I am still holding onto that hope, but no one that I've talked to has stayed "cured" they all get it back eventually. Six years, sounds like a blessing. But I'm sorry you're back to the pain.


Jean - September 22

Like I said before, I've been diagnosed 4 years now. I am believeing that this condition can be finicky. The good days and bad days. I am finding out that it affects certain systems of the body which makes diagnsis difficult even with same symptoms. You stated your sysmptoms left and then returned and I'm thinking this can happen through all the research and studying I have done, in other words an open mind is good to keep. Since no one can establish what causes this thing or how to combat it I have the realization that there are many factors to put into the equation and we just have to figure out and find the common denominator. I feel our environment and stress from work and home are factors. I also feel the autonomic nervous system is involved which regulates BP, hormones, temperature, neurotransmitters and signals that go throughout the body. I think once we can get our systems in balance things can get better and I believe your system 6 years ago became balanced which stopped the symptoms you were having. So I am thinking we have to get our systems in balance. All of our levels: stress, hormones,gland function, anxiety, depression and we need to do this through our doctors and education. again, just something to think about. Let me know your thoughts, [email protected]


carol - September 28

Yes i think you are right.I had healing and then my symptoms disappeared.I really thought all the pain had gone for good.The pain and stiffness has returned.I believe in my case it is stressful situations which start the whole thing off. I am going through the menopause too which does not help.I just keep hoping that it will disappear again.I am going to try some more healing, it can't do any harm can it?


[email protected] - September 29

Hi Carol. I say get rid of the stress if you can if that seams to be what is aggrevating your symptoms because it's not worth it if you have to fall back into the same situation. Hope you are able to heal.



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