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recieving disability
11 Replies
jeannie - January 16

does any one recieve disability for fibro. If so how did you go about getting it.
My doctor wants me to stop working.


JJ1 - January 16

jeannie, this question has been discussed before, but this site is not very conducive to searching old posts. I do recall several people responding about trying for years to get covered under disability to no avail, but I would think this could vary by state or country and by your actual physical condition. I wonder if your doctor can point you to anyone who can help you out.


JJ1 - January 16

By the way, I work, but the way I have coped is I have reduced my work schedule to part time. It is difficult at times to get by on less money, but fortunately, my employer is very flexible and allows me to work as many hours as I like so long as I put in a minimum of 24, so on good weeks, I can put in a full 40 and when I am not doing so good, I struggle to fit in 24.


Lynne-FT - January 16

From what I understand you will not get SSD for just Fibro it is very very hard to do. Here is an article which may help I have the link on my sites as well.>>>>>>



Lynne-FT - January 16


Lynne-FT - January 16

I really dislike the way this site disables links. The first one will not work copy and paste the second into your browser.


Lynne-FT - January 16

is the link again the othe 2 won't work. Trying one more time.


JJ1 - January 16

Sometimes when you try to copy web addresses on this message board, it adds dashes to the web address. I haven't tried your link yet, Lynne, but sometimes if you delete the dashes it will work.


JJ1 - January 16

Yep, I got rid of that dash in word "newsletter" in your link and it works just fine. Informative article. Thanks.


jhummel03 - January 16

I am unable to work. I waited a year before I filed with the SS office. I set up an appointment to fill out the form with an employee from SS. I had to sign release forms for all of my medical records. I found out that I qualified for benefits in less than 4 months after filling out the forms. I received one year's worth of back-pay for my beneficiaries & one year's worth for me. The monthly payments aren't much compared to what I used to make, but it sure does help when you have nothing coming into the household. Good luck & best wishes. Jamie


colleen steele - January 16

Hi Jeannie, I clicked on an ad [at this site actually] to a place called Allsup. I haven't won yet but they seem to think I will. They are nationwide I think. The best thing about them is that they do everything for you over the phone, even from the very beginning before you get your first denial [ which I think everyone does get denied initially ]. You never have to deal with the SSI people at all, they phone you for info to fill out all the papers for you.The last time I talked to them they said my next thing is a hearing with a judge and they would have a representitive with me. So hopefully it will go well. Anyway I thought it was worth a try. And it doesn't cost a thing unless you win. Also I found them to be very nice and very knowlegable about fibro and all the things that we get because of the fibro. Hope it helps.
Good Luck,Colleen


Lynne-FT - January 17

I been waiting 2 and a half years my next step is in front of a judge.
I am glad the article was helpful, you more then likely have to have other disorders besides Fibro, keep a journal this helps. Make sure you go to the doctors for these conditions also. And on a regular basis.



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