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kimberly - August 10

I am looking for some help here! I have been diagnosed with FMS no for only 2 months, after dealing with severe pain for 10 months. The pain in my neck and jaw seems to be worse now than ever and my menstrual cycles are killer! I don't remember the pain in these areas to be this severe 10 months ago. My pain started in my hands and feet, moved to my lower back, then to my neck. It was never together in the beginning, now I hurt all over all the time on most days. The headaches are unbearable. Will this continue to get worse or is this as intense as it will ever get? The other thing is the lack of sleep not to mention the feeling of paranoia that I have at night. I have lived in my house fot 12 years and have never been as scared as I am right now. Is this also common in FMS?


tonyab1838 - August 9

What type of Medicine have the Dr's prescribed? I know that when I was on Gabitril and Neurotin, I had Paranoia. I took myself off of these because for one they weren't doing any good but for two I was sleeping on the couch, I never did that before. Has your Dr. tried Prednisone? I don't know if you are having any swelling but that has helped my swelling. Just remember you are not alone, even though it is hard. Take care and God bless!


kimberly - August 10

Thanks for your response. The Dr has put me on Celexa(antidepressant)Celebrex(joints-doesn't work)Skelaxin(muscle relaxer-haven't taken enough to see if it works) Darvocet for pain and Ambien to sleep. The only medicine that I take on a daily basis is the Celexa. I am afraid of getting addicted to the others. I will however take Darvocet when the poain becomes unbearable (that is mostly my headaces, jaw neck and shoulders). I think that the problem may lie in the fact that I went 3 days wihtout the Celexa because I ran out and didn't have the $ right away to get it. Do you think that could be the reason? I did take an Ambien last night and slept like a baby. As far as the swelling goes, I only hae it in the morning in my hands and feet when I first get up. It last for about 1 hour along wiht the stiffness. Thanks for listening and to you, take care and God Bless!


tonyab1838 - August 10

I know that most of the anti-depressants, you can't go cold turkey. So that may be the reason for the paranoia. I know I did that on Zoloft and I felt really weird for days. I hope that this site helps you not feel so alone.



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