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recent joint pain ---please help with responses i'd appreciate it
2 Replies
ralph - July 26

hello all,
i have been battling this for nearly 18 years. started when i was 19. did not get any diagnosis until last october from my neurologist. back in 1998 he did mri's of cervical and lumbar. normal. did autoimmune and rheumatoid arthritis tests all blood test were normal. same with lyme.
when the pain in muscles continued and i could not continue thinking well he said i am fine but i dont feel fine, i went back to him last october. had a brain mri again all was normal. he ran blood work for Rheumatoid Arthritis and autoimmune again as well as lyme all were normal again. this is when he said i have fibromyalgia. about three weeks again i have felt pain around the joints pretty much in arms legs wrists ankles fingers and toes and hips. no swelling at all. do you get pain around the joints with fibromyalgia. i can bend then and walk fine, but i feel pain. can anyone please help me???? i was put on lisinopril and am on clonidine for blood pressure. don't know if the medicine can do it. Thanks for any help you can offer. Ralph


Carrie - July 25

Hi Ralph. I'm responding to just offer a word of encouragement. I've never heard of anyone so young having fibromyalgia (19). I know a young man who has CFS.. chronic fatigue. My own belief is that I've had so much physical trauma to my joints (MVA's and 2 accidents involving horses) combined with abuse and chronic heart/lung disease, not to mention aging issues, diabetes, hypertension and osteoarthritis, that my body just couln't heal. I'm 55 years old and the year I turned 50 my life came to a screeching halt, due to mico plasma pneumonia. I haven't felt well for more than 2 weeks at a time since then. "Episodes of wellness" is how I laughingly refer to my health situation. I have practically every symptom of FM. Have you read thru the info on this web site? There's good info on symptoms, self-care, health, exercise, etc. This forum is also great just to keep in touch, not feel so isolated. I don't know what sort of help you're looking for, unless you just need to reach out and talk to people - which is an Excellent idea! Have you seen a rheumotologist yet? That's an awfully long time to be w/o a diagnosis. I hope you receive the help you need. And keep joining in with discussions. There are lots of other web sites around as well, if you need more info, have some of your questions answered. Best wishes. Carrie


stephanie - July 26

Joint pain is my primary pain symptom with Fibromyalgia. I also went through a bunch of tests, at first they thought I had lupus, and that was ruled out.. I was diagnosed a few months ago after a very long history of pain.. The difference with Fibromyalgia is that even though u may have pain within your joints, there is no real damage being done.. which is good because the pain is enough..I have tried to tough out my pain.. but was put on an anti inflamatory just today.. I hope this info helps, and I wish you the best.



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