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4 Replies
Beverly - February 1

What is Raynauds ? I searched Web MD they recognized the name but gave no information about it.

Thanks for any info.



Heidi - February 1


a read of this :)


louise - February 1

it's a circulation problem. effecting the hands and feet. the two main contributors are the cold and stress.( so keeping them warm is important , I wear socks and gloves a lot ) my hands and feet stay swolen most of the time . and change colors from red to white and some times blueish. it's very painful at times. the skin feels chapped and they burn like they are on fire. my rheumy gives me steriod shots once a month to reduce the swelling and that helps but it only gives me relief for a week or so then they swell again. it's the swelling that is most bothersum for me.


JJ - February 1

My sister-in-law had Raynauds with Scleroderma. She was a high school PE teacher and was in excrutiating pain during the winter months. We always gave her a bunch of handwarmers for Christmas, the kind you get from camping stores that last for several hours, then you throw away. She eventually had to give up teaching PE and taught in a class room. Sadly she passed away due to complications with the scleroderma. She lived in the rural south and I always questioned whether she received adequate health care.


Diane - February 1

Beverly, Here is some information I found for you on Raynaud's. I have this condition also and take Trental 2 x a day for it..Hope this helps....Raynaud's phenomenon (pronounced ray-noze feh-naw-meh-non) is a condition that makes it harder for blood to reach certain areas of the body.
This happens because the blood vessels under the skin tighten. When blood does not reach parts of the body, these areas may turn blue and feel cold.
Most often Raynaud's phenomenon affects the fingers and toes. It can also affect the ears and nose.



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