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Need Help? do you keep warm?
4 Replies
sheila1366 - February 27

I have found I can no longer drink cold drinks.I have to drink them at room temp. now.And I believe I have sjogren's(see reheumatologist soon) to toop the fm and raynaud's so I stay thirsty.I drink coffee to stay warm which is not good for my dry mouth.

I don't know what to do for my thirst and to keep warm.I stay wrapped up.But like today I drank some drink that was in the frig. but had no ice.Now I am freezing,but I just couldn't take room temp. diet pepsi.So now I am freezing and about to start on a pot of coffee to warm up.


Jewell - February 29

Hi, I'm new here and wanted to respond to your question. I have Raynauds also, doesn't matter if it's hot or cold outside. I try to wear thin cotton gloves in the winter when driving, that might help to slip some on when you want a cold drink and to hold it too. I would pick up a cold can of cola and instantly my fingers would freeze up, I just ran them under warm water or try and rub them together to get the circulation back, I know it's frusterating, I'm 35 F and going thru symptoms for the last 15 years. At night or during the day to stay warm, I wear underclothing, cotton leggings and undershirt and then layer over those. I live in a colder climate so I don't overheat too bad, but layering your clothes does really help. Maybe you could put your cold drinks in those cold/hot hugger holders? I really hope some of this helps, I've had to come up with some really creative ideas that are combersome and time consuming but in time you get into a ritual and it becomes more natural and not so frusterating. Take care


Fantod - February 29

sheila1366 - Hi - I have a friend with Sjogrens. Have you tried any of the OTC lozenges and rinse to help your dry mouth? I think that Jewell has some great and simple ideas! Take care.


Connie - March 2

Hello. About five years ago, I got a handout explaining the value of gum containing Xylitol. It is in three brands of sugarless gum, so get out the glasses to check the fine print. My dentist said that it is beneficial to dental health. He also gave me samples of toothpaste, rinse and gum made by Biotene. They are over the counter, but as I recall, too expensive for my taste. :-) Chewing the sugarless gum works well for me. I chewed all day long while teaching without a fuss because the students understood my condition. Staying active seems to keep me warmer. I feel stiff and sore, but know it will only be worse if I stay in one place too long. I too have Raynaud's Syndrome. Blue feet and hands have been with me for almost thirty years but I am better prepared since going into shock several years ago. While attending a meeting I began to get cold, but being stubborn, thought I could make it through. By the time everyone else noticed the cold, it was too late. This put me in the hospital and was all the “wake-up” I needed. You can make a "bed buddy" from a tube sock filled loosely with uncooked rice. Just fill it up, knot off the opening and put it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes depending on your unit. It will give off a warm moist heat and easily molds to the contours of the body. It is nice to cuddle up in bed with it or curl up with a book. You can use it over and over. They sell them too, but I am not going to pay good money for this simple item. I carry a bag in my car with a fleece blanket, warm fuzzy socks, hand warmers, mittens, and a warm hat just in case. The blanket is great for doctor visits when they want you to dress down in the room with only a paper gown. It is also a good plan for the dentist chair as circulation slows from inactivity while you have dental procedures done. A few laughs, but more often than not someone says, "Now why didn't I think of that?" My parents say I was born thirsty, so it is nothing new to me. I like one of the Crystal Light products and keep a gallon mixed up on the counter. When I am already feeling a chill, I make it with warm water. Otherwise, it is room temperature throughout the day. Stranded in the cold while driving is probably an unfounded fear, but I have flameless camping products in my car to heat bottled water just in case the worst happens. At least these things are handy if necessary. All but the flameless heat have worked for me through the years. Being stranded in the cold is not on my top ten list of things to do. LOL. I hope that some of these ideas will help you as they have me. I am sending you warm wishes. Take care.


mousekelly - March 13

Coffee is the worst thing that you can be drinking with Raynauds.. I hate to say it as I LOVE coffee, but when I was suffering really badly from it caffine made it worse.. Also I use a hot water bottle at all times when I'm at home.. really helps the pain with all of my symptoms..



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