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Rainy days and Mondays
10 Replies
trans - November 13

Hi remember that song, well with winter approaching, it is more challenging everyday. I feel like I have sludge in my veins and my pain is off the charts, last winter was my worst time ever in ver 36 years so I am not looking forward to this one. I pray some day I can move to a better climate. WI is really bad for fibro and I know so many people who have it. Does anyone have any good advice for help on these damp, cold gray days, they are the worst? Thanks for listening.


Jeanwe8 - November 13

I do remember that song. I know everyone is different as far as what makes them feel better. When I'm feeling the effects of cold, damp weather (I'm from WI too); I stay home from work (I realize not everyone can do this), turn on the fireplace, snuggle up in a blanket in my recliner, turn on the stereo and get out a really good book! The warmth helps with the pain, the music is soothing and the book takes me away to a different destination. Suspense novels set in the tropics maybe? All of the above helps me cope.


toots2889 - November 14

I to can relate. This has been the worst week Ive had in awhile. Its been nonstop all week. Im in Mn so im right there with ya. I havent found anything that works for me either. I totally agree with you about moving to a better climate, if only I could afford to do so. Thanks for posting! Its nice to know im not alone!


trans - November 14

Thanks, for your comments ladies, we shall all brace ourselves for winter and hang on. I am feeling so bad already, I am not even looking forward to the holidays. Each day is really a challenge, which it normally is but man this last couple of weeks have been the worst. I am under alot of stress and work and I will be putting in more hours instead of less, so I guess, I have to keep grinning and bearing it. Usually, I am more upbeat and ready to fight each day but this has been a very long flare and I need some relief. Take care everyone, and know that we are out there and know absolutely, positively what you are going through. God Bless


llcsmom - December 3

Hi trans,
We are in WI also. My daughter has had this for almost 2 years now, so I have seen a pattern of her feeling much better in summer and much worse in winter. I'm sure that part of it is--no school in summer, therefore, less stress. Plus she is more active in summer as a kid, of course.

However,last winter through spring was rough. This year so far, what do you know, she has started to get worse once November hit. This week she is having a flare--almost took her to urgent care or an ER last night because of severe eye and head pain. It's snowing alot again today, and I think there is a definite influence from the weather on people with certain chronic illnesses, including fibro.


Sonja44 - December 3

I live in's cold but not damp...and I've had one the most painful fall/winters thus far. My arm pain is unreal...when I pick up a glass of water, turn a door knob, pump soap from a container...PAIN! Uggg!

The wind is really nasty today so it's cozy up by the fireplace time. Warm baths or showers can help with the pain too. I dream of soaking in a warm vat of AsperCream (LOL) and getting a transfusion of strong, healthy, flowing blood.

Another song states, "I may be barely breathing...but I'm not dead yet!" Hang in there fibro friends! Sonja44


solanadelfina - December 5

Amen to the nice hot baths remedy, especially up here in frozen MN. They're extra effective if you also add some deliciously scented salts and have a good book at hand. Lavender is a great relaxing scent and is also good for aches, although there are some fun homemade recipes on the net for things like hot chocolate bath mix. I try to turn it into a luxury instead of just getting rid of the pain. It's also nice to grab a big mug of whatever your favorite hot beverage is and relax with a good movie. For some reason, during the winter it can help to toss in something like 'Six Days, Seven Nights' or a nature documentary on Antarctica to gloat that at least it isn't that bad here.
We're all in this together, and to modify a line from the Janitor on Scrubs- "Let's make fibromyalgia feel foolish!"


FibroGal - December 5

Thank you for the great ideas! I found the hot chocolate milk bath recipe and sounds like one I would like to try.


fibromontana - December 5

I'm with you all; I live in Montana and the high yesterday morning was 2 degrees! I certainly suffer more in the winter and the last month has just been miserable. So nice to read and hear everyones issues and ideas to help. Don't feel quite so alone and crazy


Sarilyn - December 5

I have found that when winter comes I have my worst flares as well. I cannot take a bath and soak (which feels so good when I am in pain) or when I stand up to get out of the tub it feels like someone takes a sledgehammer and hits me in the shins, full force. What I have found does help though is my memory foam mattress and my heated mattress pad, and lots of pillows to prop all my achey places. Also, if I get lazy and don't take my vitamins daily I am in more pain. I also have some fatigue gloves which I use a lot when I am sewing or making jewelry. They seem to help with the pain in the back of my hands during a flare.



Xxinside.jokexX - December 9

wow i guess im not alone i felt so worried every winter is horrible but now that i moved to a warmer place things are a little better!
but lately the tempertures have been low and my bones have been killing me like today i didn't get out of bed i feel sooo bad is horrible
last night i couln'dt sleep the pain in my knee was HORRIBLE i didn't want to wake my mother up bcuz im always complaining of pain everywere, at times i feel like she dosen't belive me! :[



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