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Rain Rain Go Away
5 Replies
michkal - October 1

Oh my gosh, its raining today and my body feels it. My arms and legs feel so heavy it hurts to move. My head and neck are stiff along with stabbing pain. Anyone else feel that way today??


brooksidefarm - October 1

I live in northern IL and feel that way anytime the humidity is up. It is brutal. We have traveled to drier climates and I have felt better. People try to tell me it is stress, but I want to slap them! I closed my business, rest twice a day, have an amazing husband, take no meds, do not smoke, drink wine rarely, and have faith in God that gives me peace. Weather changes kill me - hot or cold. I have kept a chart, and the humidity or pressure effects me terribly. It rained last weekend and I had a 3 day headache from the back of my neck that made me want a chopping block. Heating pads help some, but motrin etc. do not. I gave up on those. Sorry I can't be more help. Stay warm and dry and trying stretching your neck or having someone gently massage. God be with you.


axxie - October 2

Fibro fees itself on barometer changes, and rain and humidity just plays havoc with your body. There are days I ache so much that I can't even clear away a few glasses from the counter and put them in the dishwasher.

Hubby leaves me alone, he knows I'm having a bad day, and by the way I answer him, he nows to keep away from me, usually after 25 years of wedding, I finally has trained him!!!!

BTW life just seem to throw monkey wrenches your way, laugh it out and keep your humor going. You will need, trust me when you do something out the ordinary and everyone is scratching their heads in trying to figure you out. I just shrug my shoulders and say oh hum whatever and walk away with this big smile on my face.


solanadelfina - October 2

Oh, yeah, the rain definitely plays a factor. My dad has started asking me instead of the weather guy if it's going to rain or not, and so far I've been a lot more accurate! :)

My plan is to someday get a gig on a cruise ship or on a marine bio ship as their human barometer to get back to port before a storm. And if it's the cruise ship, I'll require full use of the spa to make sure it's the weather and not stiffness causing the pain. ;)


toots2889 - October 2

michkal, I to am suffering with a flare up due to the weather. Its 51 and rainy. The forecast doesnt look good for the next week. Not good!


axxie - October 5

OH, dear, I'm the barometer around my house, my neighbors all ask me, what kind of weather are we going to have this week. RAIN, I feel it, and it going to hurt. Damn - Maybe they should all hire us, to be the weather person on tv. I bet you, I predict the weather batting an average of 96%. I'm just willing to give back 4%, when our fibro just fools us.



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