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Questions about fibromyalgia...please help!
4 Replies
mquintana - August 28

Now I know that most of you guys are not doctors and you cannot diagnose me, but since most of you guys know that you suffer from this syndrome, maybe you could help me figure out what's wrong with me...if I may in fact have fibro.
Let me go on to explain that at the moment I am unable to see a doctor. I must wait until my financial aid money comes in before I can look into health insurance. I cannot afford to pay out of pocket.
I have suffered from severe back pain for years. I am 26, 27 in less than 2 months and deal with this on and off all the time. Well, 2 weeks ago everything took a turn down hill because in looking for a shirt in my closet (not raising my arms high or anything crazy like that) I felt imense pain and couldn't move. I was basically frozen in a slumped position and every breath that I took, I had a stabbing pain in my back/chest. This went on for an hour before I was able to move enough without intense pain, but still in a lot of pain. So we assumed this was a pinched nerve. One of my old neighbors has fibro and I told her about the major knots in my shoulders and the pain I feel. She felt my shoulders and said she thinks I might have it.
So yesterday I wake up and again, I am in pain. It was in my middle back. By mid morning, the pain went to my right shoulder and within an hour after that, into my left shoulder. By lunch time I was in so much pain, my right hand felt tingly. My right shoulder feels worse, by the way. I went home early and took a muscle relaxer (thank God for my father in law) and it relaxed me to the point where it almost hurt worse. I went to get up off the couch and I felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder. I can't make out exactly where, maybe at the top of the shoulder. Well, my husband messaged me and I felt slightly relaxed, but I was so tense and tight and had a zillion more knots than usual. I woke up this morning and I am in slightly more pain.
I am besides myself. Sometimes I get random headaches and lightheadedness or slightly dizzy even, pain in my neck, shoulders, and mid back section (on and off, sometimes really bad-almost unbearable to sometimes slight pain). I also read a symptom is also abdomen pain. Weird thing, even when it isn't that time, sometimes I have major cramps in my abdomen.
I really need to see a doc, I can't live like this, but I can't afford to go to one right now...
Does anyone have suggestions? Any advice on relief? Do you guys think it's fibro or something else?
Please help!


Sonja44 - August 28

Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) is also known as Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia (CFS/FM) as well as Myalgic Encephalomylitis (ME).

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), CFIDS is characterized by fatigue that is medically unexplained; of new onset; lasts at least six months; is not the result of ongoing exertion; is not substantially relieved by rest; and causes substantial reduction in activity levels.

CFIDS fatigue must be accompanied by four or more of the following symptoms:
impaired memory/concentration; sore throat; tender neck or armpit lymph nodes; muscle pain; headaches of a new type, pattern or severity; unrefreshing sleep; relapse of symptoms after exercise; and pain in multiple joints.

Neurally Mediated Hypotension (NMH) is often found in people with CFIDS as reported by the CFIDS Association of America, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, and the Mayo Clinic.

Standing for long periods of time can cause blood pressure to drop. NMH occurs because of a miscommunication between the heart and brain. Normally you body makes adjustments to normalize blood pressure as blood pools in the legs upon standing for extended periods. In NMH, nerves in the hearts left ventricle actually signals the brain the blood pressure is too high rather than too low, so the brain lessons the heart rate, decreasing blood pressure even further. This causes more blood to pool in the legs and less blood to reach the brain, leading to lightheadedness and fainting.

There is no proven diognostic test that identifies CFIDS in all cases. CFIDS is often difficult to recognize because it can resemble many other illnesses, including Mononucleosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, and Lyme Disease.

Lifestyle changes, including increased rest, reduced stress, dietary restrictions, gentle stretching and nutritional supplementation, are frequently recommended.

Hope this helps :-)


tnichel - August 28

Try taking a magnesium pill and see if that helps with the muscle cramps. How is your diet? That could be part of it as well. Like you said, you really do need to see a doctor. But the pains you are experiencing sound like fibro but it could be anything. I suggest stocking up on the strongest dose of motrin you find and take that. It won't cure all the pain but it will help until you can see a doc. I used 800mlg motrin and tylenol arthritis. Just make sure your eating something so it won't cause too many stomach problems.

You really need try different avenues of finding relief b/c only you know your body and what works for me may not work for you. Also try taking epson salt bathes to relieve the muscle pain. You can get a bed buddy at most drug stores to put on your neck and shoulders. You heat it in the microwave. As far as the breathing and stabbing pains I got that alot starting in my teen years. Now that I've been diagnosed and treated it doesn't happen as often. Look up costroinditus [--I know I butchered that. lol. It's on this site under respiratory issues. Also try cuttng back on the sugar and fatty foods. I hope you can make it to a doctor soon but hopefully this will help you until that happens.

Most of us who have fibro also have some type of immune disorder. You may have one that's yet to be diagnosed and it could be causing a lot of your problems as well.


Fantod - August 29

mquintana - You have quite a situation on your hands. You are not specific about the source of your back pain. I am going to assume that the source of the pain is disc related.

I am particularly alarmed at your description of being frozen while looking for a shirt in the closet and the trouble with your hand. You have a very serious problem and you should see an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in back pain as soon as possible. At the very least, you need an MRI to find out what is going on as it sounds like nerve involvement to me. I have degenerative disc disease in addition to Fibromyalgia so I am well aware of things to watch out for when it comes to back issues.

The knots that you have described are called trigger points. These are muscles that have become a part of a chronic pain cycle and will not relax. They can be injected or treated with oral medication and/or massage. You could pick up some Malic Acid at the health food store. I take 825 mg a day to help relax my muscles. Plain old calcium tablets are also a good muscle relaxer. My nutrionitst told me that and it really does work. I usually take 3 when things get really bad and it does help. The longer a chronic pain cycle is allowed to continue, the harder it will be to stop or manage effectively.

The stomach cramps could be IBS which is common with FMS. But, you are also under a lot of stress and your stomach problems could be due to that and nothing else.

I would also suggest that as part of the medical treatment that you need to see a rheumotologist. If you have Fibromyalgia (FMS), they will be the one to give you an accurate diagnosis. I would call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them for a recommendation for an orthopedic doctor, a rheumotologist with an interest in FMS and/or a pain specialist.

I hope that you will be able to get some medical help soon. There may be a free clinic in your area. I'd try calling the United Way and see if they can make any suggestions. The sooner you get some help the better. Take care and let us know how you are doing.


pfiinch - August 30

I can totally relate to your problems Fortunately I have insurance, yet the Dr. I see does not take my insurance so I am busted there 20yrs.with him. So he knows me well and my body.
I also have the back injury along with head and neck which has now moved into my mid back. Then the new thing started.It started slowly under my shoulder blade.A stabbing feeling as all I was doing in filing paper work bending forward and bam it started.Sometimes it was there and then not.Now 1 yr later it is always there MRI NEGATIVE blood work excellent.I amd just broken in half now totally broken.My hand and feet on fire I do mean on fire!The stabbing in my back is always there.So now I take anywhere from 150 to 200mg of lyrica that is all that helps.Ask around and see if you can find a Dr. that will work with you.Do not be afraid to ask for samples any good Dr. will have some and give them to you.If my Dr. didn't I would be dead.
I take 30 to 60 mg of cymbalta,20mg pain med 4 times a day.I have found that for me the pain med doesn't work on the fibro only the Lyrica I Thank GOD for. Which I cannot unerstand for the life of me. Different nerves I guess.The generic Lyrica was an issue for me,for it made me look and act like a drunk.I had been sent home 1 day when came into work.I had to speak with my boss so that I din't loose my job. I was fallling all over and had to use the wall and didn't even realize it.When my pain Dr. told this to insurance they okayd the Lyrica.
Your pain in shoulder does it go around to your rib cage as it gets worse? Mine does.
I am in constant pain and my hands are getting worse and in the morning when I get up my feet hurt so bad I just feel like giving up.Sooooooo tired of all the whole body thing it sucks. But don't give into this illness I know we can learn to live with this until help is finally discovered.Look they have finally gotten us the Lyrica so that means finally someone is beginning to understand some about this ilness.I Thank god for my spouse he has been living this with me for 7 yrs.and is so devoted and supportive of me.That is gift of God and I thank him everyday.Suround yourself with support and laugh until you cry.
Bottom line See a good Dr. no matter what and make sure when you book your appt.let them know as a new patient you need time with him or her.Make sure you take notes with you. Yours and his time is important to get to the point so they can help and support you.
for 2 days now I have to hold something cold in my hands until the med works if it does?I am typing with one hand today as my left hand is still on fire and the stabbing in the back just won"t go away and I am having a hard time with my breathing. hopefully it won"t go around to my left side for the having a time breathing is awful. Keep in good spirit for if I can do this anyone can.Trust me have had thoughts of just taking all my meds and praying God would forgive me.That is why I am glad to have found this forum I am sorry for anyone with this illness, but I am glad you all are here to support each other,THANK YOU ALL FROM MY HEART.OH !BY THE WAY I WROTE TO OPRAH AND DR. OZ YESTERDAY MAYBE THEY WILL TAKE ME SERIUOS AND HELP US FIND HELP.MAYBE IF YOU ALL WROTE WE COULD GET THEM TO HELP.THEY ARE ALWAYA LOOKING FOR TRUE AND HEART FILLED STORIES. JUST GO TO OPRAH .COM AND YOU CAN FIND HOW TO SEND THIS MESSAGE ONTO THEM.



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