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toyota - February 28

Hi, I just found this forum and I figured this is the best place to come to have questions answered since my doctors don't seem to want to.

I started have pain in Sept. 2008 it wasn't to bad when it first started but as the months started to go by it was getting worse, it all started in my feet, so i bough new shoes thought it was shoe problems well that wasn't the case. By Jan. 2009 I decided I better get to the doctor. by this time I hardly could walk and my hand were being attacked also.

I've had a history of headaches and when they kinda eased up this seem to happen, but what happend in 2008 eight my nephew had cancer and I put on a benifit auction for him doing most the work my self and then after it was done I ended up with a really bad cold that lasted seemed like forever.

ok back to my story, in 2009 the doctors said I had RA. So I was put on predisone at 20 mg a day and been on that for most of the time, I would get off and it would last but a short while, they also put me on anti-inflamatories and methotrexate, and folic acid. and none of that will work, so i was hearing about the biolocials but i can't take them because my doctors are afraid that will bring back the melanoma I had in 2006.

Well, to me when I am in a flare I do not see my joints swelling, they don't get warm, they don't get red and not always are they on each side of the body.

Now they have me on a neurotin for Fibromyalgia, well first of all all they are going on is my complates on what i'm going through, my regular dr. and rhuem. dr. have not done any exam far as seeing about the tender points.

But if i am touched, it hurts like crazy, not the skin but deeper, and it don't matter where i'm touched its just about everywhere on my body and it don't take much of a touch to hurt either.

I was off of predisone for 4 and 1/2 months and had to go back on it because my hands were hurting again. I had carpel tunnel surgery sept. 2010 but i've had problems with that wrist for years. but at times if i just bump my hand lightly it feels as if someone took a hammer to it.

My question is, Since my joints don't go along with what RA says what is the likely hood that it is Fibro. Does it have the pain like i explained when touch? What other symptoms are there?

Thanks so much for listening.


Fantod - March 1

Toyota - Welcome to the group!

What you have is called "Allydonia" and it is a fairly common perk associated with Fibromyalgia (FMS). I have it and am very sensitive to touch, pressure from clothing, sometimes shoes - the list is endless. And, if I get bumped - even slightly, the shockwave of pain can be pretty bad.

My primary concern is that you see a new doctor ASAP. I don't think either one of your current doctors has any idea what they are doing.

Go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and find the list of fibro-friendly doctors in your area. Or, go online or call your local hospital and ask for the physician referral service. See if they can match you up with another rheumotolgist and/or a pain specialist (I have both) with an interest in FMS. Get complete copies of your medical records and any tests that you have had done to save time and money.

Take care and good luck.



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