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Questioning Fibro
6 Replies
Jozette - September 22

I was diagnosed with Fibro the end of June this year and I am 33 years old. My flare ups seem to be sore and sensitive elbows and lower back and butt/hip pain. Other than that I suffer with restless leg, chronic headaches and sleep problems. Does anyone have the same issues? I sometimes question if there is something else going on? I have had all tests, such as blood work, Spine and Brain MRI's and a nerve conduction test. The blood work showed low B12 but not a deficiency. I started out with all over unexplained arm pain and weakness and leg pain (April 06) but have been taking B12 and wondering if this is why the pain is better. I guess what is bugging me is all this unexplained crap. When everything in your tests show normal, your told Fibro. I can except it but not convinced. My headaches can sometimes last a week. I know anxiety can contribute to making things worse. But I almost feel something else is wrong. Is it normal to feel this way? Any words than can relate? Thanks in advance.


Virg - September 19

Hi Jozette, as of this moment my elbows butt

Hi Jozette, you sure have the symptoms. When I was finaley diagnosed my first reaction was ok we made sure the tests are
fine now what do I do to get rid of this fibro thing. When I was told not much I felt like we
should go back and check for something that
the medical profession could deal with and have me fixed. It takes a while to get used to
the idea . Keep asking questions and learning
about different ways of coping with this fm process.I heard a long time ago B12 is great
for nerves. Good Luck and keep asking questions.


JP - September 19

Jozette, try looking into the following, I am getting better everyday ---- ---- take care.


Jozette - September 21

Thanks for your replies. I appreciate your support. :)


Brandy - September 21

Hi Jozette, I am sorry that you are suffering from so many symptoms. Unfortunately everything you have describe sounds like fibromyalgia. I have had all those same test. I am even going to an MS specialist just incase I have been misdiagnosed. She is the one who put me on B complex vitamins. Altho I have not felt any improvement since being on those vitamins. Sometimes we just feel better ... just like out of the blue we can go into a flare without knowing what it is that set it off (at least for me any way) I hope that you feel better.


Jane - September 21

Brandy, thank you for being so sweet and nurturing amongst all the mean comments. we should all take a cue from you. Good luck to you Jozette :)


Helen - September 22

Three must reads-

Metabolic Typing Diet- Very very informative- you will learn why and how staying focused on the symptom level will never get you well. Conventional/Orthodox medicine is symptom oriented. The next level is the naturopathis/Holistic level which addresses illness at a deeper level such as glands, organs and systems. Unfortunately it is still sympton based and based on the allopathic ways that assume one size fits all- meaning one pill is suppose to treat everyone the same despite the fact that we are all biochemically different and what works for one person will not work for another. Metabolic typing addresses creating health at the cellular level by helping you identify your unique metabolic type and learning how to rebuild your health. Illness is ALWAYS at the cellular level, NEVER at the symptom level. Another important read is "Living well with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatique" by Mary Shomon. She also has a website called I learned from her that most Fibro stuff can be traced back to our internal systems malfunctioning and not communicating, she suggests that your thyroid could be causing the interupt. I had y checked as a result of her book and just found out that I have hypothyroidism. I since had a thyroid scan which revealed a 7 mm nodule growing on my thyroid. I am now waiting for my biopsy. Additionally, I have consulted with Dr. Flechas at He is an expert on Fibro, I learned what I need to do to for supplementation of my thyroid including iodine which will also address the cystic breast and ovarys and thyroid goiters that people develop from Iodine deficiencey- which all can lead to cancer. Hopefully you will a tremendous amount of insight so you don't have to be a "lifer" here. Good luck, you can reverse this!!



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