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Question Regarding Sleep
5 Replies
n-need2 - November 20

Hello everyone...I am just asking, as you know, I am new and will be having lots of questions....some may be crazy but I was always told you will not know if you dont I ask....LOL

Anyway, everywhere I have read, talks about TRYING to get sleep......well I had not slept good since Thursday, I had a steroid shot and I thought that was it, combined with the pain.(and I was feeling somewhat better, even though I had only had maybe 12 hours of sleep since Thursday), finally yesterday I crashed, slept for 8-9 full, I got up last night and I am so sore, I can hardly move again......It seems I am in the same shape I was in before I went to the doctor....
I am going to try and go back the end of this week and see what else I can do....It is still 2 months unless there is a cancellation until I get to see the I dont really know what all to do/expect/plan for...I am just reading and finding out more, I journaled already, so I am trying to figure out now what all to put in there so it will help out more when I go to the doctor....Any ideas on that would also be helpful....
THANKS to everyone.....I wish more good days that bad.....
Amy Q.


JJ1 - November 20

The steroids could be affecting your sleep. I get a steroid injection when I get IV iron for my anemia (because I am allergic to the iron) and it really makes me feel like I am buzzing for a day or two, then I crash. Getting deep, restful sleep is critical for fibromyalgia. That is why Elavil (amytriptyline) is often prescribed. While it is not a sleep med., it supposedly helps you fall into a deeper restful sleep. It works well for me but others have not had success with it. You need to stay on it for several months before you feel the benefits. It also causes some to gain weight, but I haven't had that problem. And you will need to see your doctor before you can get it prescribed. You may want to try Melatonin, which is OTC and helps with sleep. A lot of OTC sleep meds, while they may help you fall asleep initially, they don't allow you to get to the deep restful sleep (REM sleep). Good luck, and the same to you -- more good days than bad...


Gabbie - November 20

n-need2. I also have trouble sleeping, I think part insomnia and part pain. I used lidocaine cream on the pressure points where I have the most pain and I have found that tylenol PM helps me get to sleep and stay asleep longer. I never expected that an over-the-counter med would actually help but it does. I usually take it about 1 hour before bed, turn on a tv and find that after about 30 minutes I begin to feel drousy. I'm a little afraid of taking a lot of meds, so I am glad that this helping me. There are not side effects and it's not addictive. It's worth a try.


Fantod - November 21

n-need2 - Sleep and muscle pain go hand in hand. I still think using steroids to treat FMS is just wrong unless there is an underlying condition that requires them. Steroids will definitely keep you awake. i would like to recommend Malic Acid for muscle pain (825 mg twice a day) and get your Dr., to give you a prescription for Amitriptyline. The latter is an antidepressant used in much lower doses to treat FMS. You can start around 20mg and work your way up to about 70mg to determine how much you need to get a decent nights sleep. As always, be mindful of using new medication or an OTC remedy. If you are not getting enough rest, your muscles will definitely be sore. That is the first order of business in treating FMS. It is also important to try and maintain a daily routine in terms of acttivity and rest. If you over do anything, the backlash can last for days/weeks. FMS is a challenge to manage even under the best of circumstances. I hope your Dr. will listen to your comments and questions and be helpful. Let us know how you are doing.


shonlaw - November 21

benedryl or tylenol pm works wonders.


JoniB - November 22

Equate PM is the generic for Tylenol PM at Wal-Mart. It says to take 2 per night but I usually take 1 per night with Tramadol, my muscle relaxer (Baclofen) and Alprazolam as my Dr. recommended. It helps but I still have to get up a couple of times to use the restroom. Or I have the prescription Lunesta (for sleep) which I take upon occasion. Sweet Dreams! Joni



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