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Question regarding medications...having a hard time now
4 Replies
chucksusanandgrace - March 24

Hello all,

It has been a while since I have been on here. I really really really wanted to go all natural. I also really wanted to get a definitive answer to "WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME".

I need to go back to the Neurologist office because they did originally say "possible fibromyalgia". Last time I saw them they gave me B12 shots and then D vitamins to see if that would fix me up.

Lately I have such horrible sensitivity in my eyes and in my arms and legs. The sensation is too hard to even explain. It reminds me of the sensation I feel with a migraine headache. But I wouldn't really call it pain...just very odd and strange feeling.

I can't take it. I almost feel like I am going crazy. I am so afraid to take medicine as I had two seizures 30 years ago (I am 41 now).

I'm curious if anyone has my unusually strange symptoms (cause they are symptoms of fibro), do you take anything and if so, does it work?

Thank you very much.



Noca - March 24

If you do decide to take medication avoid Tramadol or Wellbutrin as they lower the seizure threshold.

Are you epileptic? Do you take anything for your seizures? I have epilepsy and its in full remission. I haven't had any seizures since I was 6 or so and I've taken most every medication under the sun.

As for your symptoms, I don't understand, sorry.


Fantod - March 25

Susan - I can understand your concern about taking medication but under the circumstances that you describe something has to change. Certainly medication has come a long way from 30 years ago. Your quality of life is just about nil with little hope of improvement unless you revisit your decision. You might consider speaking with a therapist to help you work your way through getting up enough nerve to try some prescribed medication.

I don't really understand your description of the type of pain you are experiencing. Sorry, I wish I could be more helpful. Take care.


stephanyb11 - March 29

susan, when i was first diagnosed i had very similar symptoms...only mine were in my legs and feet more-so then in my arms it was so bad that when my kids would come up to me to give me a hug and lean into me against my legs i would nearly cry it hurt so bad. The sensation is extremely odd and very hard to explain..the best way i could tell my doc was kind of like sizzling a burning tingling sensation..does that sound at all familiar?? i dont know if this has been at all helpful but i just thought i would share this with you...
Good luck and God Bless


ptalana - March 29

Hi Susan, I agree that the first step would be getting a definitive diagnosis. This step can be extremely frustrating and time consuming as it entails eliminating other causes first. I was wondering has your doc given you the tender point test as of yet? If not it might be a good idea to request this at your next appointment. You can google this test and try it out yourself at home. With Fibro we are supposed to display at least 11 of the 18 points, I myself have all 18. That being said I know of a few people who didn't have any of these tender points. Making getting the diagnosis even more of a challenge. I've been told by my pcp that in most cases in can take up to 9 yrs to get a diagnosis of Fms, it took me 3 yrs.
This strange feeling that you are describing sounds like it could be Myofascial pain. You can read up on it and see if it fits with what you're experiencing. It can effect any part of your body, as well as, your eyesight. I myself experience both Fms and Mps, it is quite common to have both.
I am also drug sensitive and cannot take the prescribed meds (Cymbalta, Lyrica) for treating Fms. I do however take prescribed pain meds, I wouldn't be able to get out of bed without them. I wish you luck in finding something that will work for you.
Please stay strong, and hang in there Susan:)
We're here for you, Patty



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