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Question regarding 11 of the 18 tender spots
5 Replies
chucksusanandgrace - December 31

Hello all,

I have a question regarding the Pain in at least 11 of 18 designated tender points? Is it possible to have Fibromyalgia and not have tender point pain??

I pretty much have all of the symptoms, but I don't think I have those specific pains when pressed?!?! I thought I read somewhere that it was for a study, but that it isn't necessarily the case of have all of those.

Also, does your fibromyalgia sometimes just affect one side of the body (numbness/burning)?

Thank you so much.



Canada17 - January 1

It is possible to have Fibromyalgia (FMS) and not have at least 11 of the 18 tender points; it common to have at least 11. I myself have 16 to 17 depending on the day.

FMS affects each patient differently. That is why this syndrome is so difficult to treat successfully.

My doctor told me about a woman she treats whose FMS pain flares occur in her wrists. All her doctors before had said it was arthritis and carpal tunnel but she had no evidence of those, just severe pain.

Research has shown that severe stress and/or traumas to the body, including any kind of abuse, can cause FMS. It turned out that this woman was beaten as a child and was tied up by her wrists. Whenever she has a flare, that is where the pain shows up.

Have you had any sort of trauma to only one side of your body? Maybe a car accident in which you were hit from the side? If you have FMS the reasons why pain occurs in one part of your body and not another are less important than finding ways to relieve it.



dkarssen79 - January 5

I didn't think I had the tender points either, tried to find them myself. I went to the rheumatologist yesterday and the first 3 tender points he pressed on hurt so bad he said he wasn't going to put me through the rest. Just thought I would let you know. I've had fibro for a while and really didn't think I had tender points, but found out I definitely do. Also my right side is always worse than my left side. Sometimes my left side feels ok, but right side is really bad. Hope this helps in some way!


axxie - January 5

Hello, the tender points are not all active at the same time. You can still have fibro and not have pain for a few days.

I do know that if you are eating right and taking care of yourself, you will have less pain.

At least that is how I am, but still have fibro. I am now on medication, so I feel less pain, also having a goodnight sleep also restores your body thus resulting in less tender points.


kerrya78 - January 6

Have you seen a Rhuemy yet? It's possible that it could be something else, too. When I tried to find the tender points after a suggestion, I couldn't. When I saw the Rhuemy, he hit on about 14 points. I found that I couldn't find them, but the Rhuemy sure did.

Good luck!


axxie - January 6

No rheumy in Ontario for patients with fibro. They are swamped with other cases. Got diagnose from neurologist, then the primary doctor, one surgeon and worker's comp doctor, all have done the test and all have hit the pressure points, just about died a few times the pain was so sharp, I found the next day was worse, it was like if I had excercise all day.

My meds work well for me at the moment.



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