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question please try to help!!!
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lilith02100 - December 22

im 27 years old and i have no clue what is wrong with me. until not i have been really healthy! anyway my left arm starts to tingel durring the day and the second i lay down in bed it tingles no matter how i lay. buy the next morning it is totally asleep. it takes a good 20 min to fully wake up. once in while my leg will do the same. oh and i get really dizzy when i am standing still or moving. sometimes when i am sitting i get dizzy as well. but its not a room spinning dizzy its an off ballence dizzy feeling like im going to fall over. which is a big problem because im on a bowling league. when i get up t bowl im fine but wheni walk down there and then pick up my ball i get really dizzy/off ballence. on top of this my heart races a lot and that feeling really scared me so i went to see my doctor. i went for tests and had a blood test and i had a heart monitor and everything came back fine. i waited a month then went back to see my doctor. it doesnt help that i am really afraid of the doctor and i really got to force my self to go. this time i went and since my heart was fine he said i need to go for a mri on my brain and a emg on my left arm. he thinks i might have MS. but i have no family history of that at all. i go for the mri tomorrow and the emg on the 8th of jan. sonow im really afraid i may have MS im super scared. plus on top of all that i am really really fraid of needles. does any one think that it could be something else?? or have any suggestions on how to get threw an emg being really scared. last time i had a shot i ran away from my doctor i really tried to get out of the office but he and my mom held me down to get a shot. ii just dont know if i can handle a bunce of needles for a long time???


lilith02100 - December 22

i totally forgot to addthat when im doing anything that involvesa lot of movement ithard for me to breath. and i have been really depressed.


lilith02100 - December 22

also i was looking at the symptoms for fibromyalgia and i find that i have a lot of them i didnt think all the things i am going threw were related this way. for instance when my heart starts to race it scared me and i feel like im having a panic attack plust i have restless leg syndrom. oh and i always have pain but ive had it for a long time so i didnt think this would be related. i have pain in my back i havehad this back pain for 10 years now.alsomy knees are bad i have arthrites in both my left and right knees i had pain in them since i was about 19 i went to the doctor for it when i was 23. the pain seems to be getting worse likesome days i cant even walk. but the pain seems to travel sometimes not just in my knees i get pain in my calves sometimes to. and very recently pains in my shoulder have been occuring but i thought that could have been from sleeping different causei toss and turn all night till i finally fallasleep in some random way. anyway if some one can help with my questions it would help alot thanks.


solanadelfina - December 22

(Hug) Welcome to the board. It sounds like you've had a really rough time with all of this.

Some of the symptoms you're describing do sound similar to fibromyalgia. The best person to go see is a rhuemotologist. Write down everything you have here, get all the test results you've had done so far, and bring them along. They do a pressure point test to see, which involves absolutely no needles. Though, it's possible that more blood tests may be involved to rule out other factors. They can do multiple tests at one time, though, so that should help. I also hate needles and have to look away at the little animal pictures posted on the wall.

Try and take some deep breaths when your heart starts racing. It's understandable to be nervous, but that will make it go faster. Think of your favorite place or a soothing song in your head.

Things should go better when you have a diagnosis and can start treating whatever is going on. Though there's no cure for fibro, there are many things you can do to make your life better with it if indeed it is your diagnosis. It'll make that uncertainty go away and you'll feel more in control when starting to fight back.

Is it going to the doctor generally that bothers you, or this specific one? If it's just this person, it may help to find another one. Having a doctor you can trust makes all the difference.

God bless, and keep us posted.


lilith02100 - December 24

i got the test results back from my MRI i have a herniated disk in my neck. not that i really wanted tohave it but its better than what i thought it was going to be. the good news is no needle test!!!!!



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