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Question for dream69
11 Replies
Iori - January 17

I have a question about Ginger Tea.... does Fresh Ginger work as well as the dried tea? or does it have to be a special brand? I sometimes steep regular ginger root in steaming water & just drink it that way. I heard years ago from a TCM that Ginger is great for inflammation in the body. But then I also heard that Fibro is not due to inflammation. Looking fwd to hearing from you. also congrats to you & your wife on the upcoming birth of your baby, you sound excited. good to see you're sticking around... take care


dream69 - January 17

I answered you in a post labeled Ginger anyone


JJ1 - January 17

The website below lists some of the benefits of ginger and ginger root tea. It is a blood thinner, so be careful if you take coumadin or other blood thinner...............



JJ1 - January 17

To get the web link I posted to work, you need to remove the dash that appears between "wizard" and "ofvitamins". I don't know why dashes are sometimes added when you cut and paste web links.


JJ1 - January 17

Here is another good web link on ginger, this one from the University of Maryland School of Medicine (again, should any dashes appear in this web link, they aren't supposed to be there, so delete them to get to the site):


JJ1 - January 17

One thing that bothers me with "natural" treatments is that some people think that natural means you can take as much as you want and it is safe. The possible side effects/interactions with ginger seem pretty minimal, but please note the precautions listed on the above web link associated with ginger use: "People with gallstones should consult a physician before taking ginger. "..."If you are currently being treated with any of the following medications, you should not use ginger without first talking to your healthcare provider.-----------------------Blood-thinning medications: Although ginger may interfere with blood clotting, there have been no scientific or case reports of interactions between ginger and blood-thinning medications. However, people taking these medications with ginger should be monitored closely by a healthcare practitioner for risk of bleeding. -------Cyclophosphamide:
Ginger may reduce the toxic side effects of cyclophosphamide (a medication used to treat a variety of cancers). More research is needed in this area. "


dream69 - January 17

I agree with you JJ1 natural products are chemicals also. All chemicals even natural ones can be dangerous at some dose.


Iori - January 19

thanks for all the info dream69, i will take it with me. take care :)


Iori - March 26

i still haven't tried ginger tea. not for lack of looking tho. i am having a hard time finding it anywhere. all the teas i have seen are called blends with only a little ginger, like zingers or whatever. dream if u are still kicking around can u rec a brand? maybe i'll just order it online but i want to get a good one. ps. haven't seen u around much anymore. did your wife have the baby yet?


JJ1 - March 26

I have not found it yet, but must admit I haven't been very diligent. I think you have to go to a health food store and I have to go out of my way to get to one. Maybe it can be ordered on line. Dream mentioned a brand he used before but I don't remember (sometimes I wish you could do a search of this site to more easily find old posts).


JJ1 - March 26

Lori - I went back to the link I posted above (Wizard of Vitamins) and it has ads where you can order Alvita Ginger Tea (I think that may be what Dream recommended) and is $2.99 for 24 bags. I think rather than wasting the gas driving around looking for a health food store, I will just order some off the internet.


JJ1 - March 27

I bought Ginger Tea! I was just in my nearby chain grocery store and going down the health food aisle and saw it with other herbal teas. Never noticed it before. The coffee/tea aisle, which also has herbal teas, does not have the ginger tea. The brand I bought is Yogi Tea, 16 bags for around $3.50. I am having my first cup right now!



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