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Question for axxie
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cheri21157 - May 19

I read a answer to a post that you wrote and it was about hormones. My question is do you think hormones play a part in alot of our symptoms that we suffer from? I havent been dx with fibro yet but am going thru the process. For the last 2 months I have had muscle pain, joint aches, muscle twitching, some pins and needles feelings, fatigue, throat and ear problems and many more that are with me everyday. I do have moments where I pretty much feel normal even though they are few and far between. I also take a xanax to sleep at night otherwise I would not be able to sleep. I am 52 and just started where I miss my period for a month or 2 then get it again. I have been having people tell me alot of my problems could be due to hormones. Even the neuro mentioned hormones could be playing a part. I asked my internist about hormones and she didn't seem to be so sure that it was my problem. Should I see my gyn dr to talk about it or a rheumy dr or both. I did have blood work up done by the neuro and go back to see him the 28th for the results. I know he was checking my antibodys in my thyroid and for lyme disease but I don't know what else. Any suggestions you can give me would be helpful. Thanks Cheri


axxie - May 20

Hi cheri2157,


Please see a compound pharmacy, there are sprucing everywhere now, the funny thing is they existed prior to us and stopped doing the complicated formulas because of the pharmaceutical answer to everything, pills and synthetics, not all good as far as I'm concern.

HRT is needed but the synthetic should be your last resort only. You first want to try to manage your symptoms by balancing your body chemistry without the use of HRT. Not an easy thing to do, and I would suggest instead that you go to a Body Chemistry Balancing test (BCB), at a compound pharmacy, this tests will investigate hormone levels, as well as a multitude of biochemical and nutritional factors that influence the way hormones work in your body.

They tests over 60 different metabolic components are measured in blood and urine, including amino acids, vitamins, micronutrients, hormones, neurotransmitter function, and adrenal and thyroid function. You can even bring this report to your gyno and she will prescribe what you need, and your insurance will pay for it, as of compound hrt replacements you must pay for it.

Once you get that down to path, please let me know, and I will tell you what vitamins you should also be taken. Not just any vitamins, as with all prescriptions there are interactions.

Hope this helps you, and let me know what happens with your testing.




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