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Question for anyone to answer but how you feel
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cheri21157 - May 17

I have not been dx with fibro yet but I have been to a neuro who is pretty sure it is not MS. My question is have any one of you before you were dx felt like you were losing your mind and having anxiety attacks? I do not see the neuro again until the 28th and I feel I will have drove myself crazy by then. My symptoms are fatigue, muscle aches all over especially left arm and shoulder(had a mri that does show moderate spinal stenosis on left side and arthritis in the c5-c6 of the spine)joint aches, clicking jaw, plugged left ear, weird feeling in throat, some zaps to the fingers and toes and all around feel like dirt. My biggest problem is not knowing what is wrong with me after 8 weeks of feeling like this. It scares me and I don't know what to do anymore. Any suggestions for me?


iliveinpain - May 17

I Cheri,

I've had anxiety attacks too. I was even rushed into the E.R. thinking it was a heart attack and it turned out to be anxiety. I take xanax now when I start to feel anxious, and it helps me to sleep at night too. You're not going crazy, it's just very difficult to live every day of your life in pain, and to go from doctor to doctor and nobody can help you. I've been living with fibro for the past 20 years and many years before that trying to find relief from the constant pain. It's difficult to cope, but we're all in the same boat here and it helps to talk to others who understand what we're going thru. Have you seen a rheumy yet? Maybe talk to your G.P. about getting something to help you thru the panic/anxiety attacks, I know they are debilitating. I also have widepsread body pain, especially in my shoulders and neck, fatigue, BOTH of my ears plugged, my hearings is pretty shot, along with the rest of me, but I'm hanging in there, no other choice right? Good luck to you! :)



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