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Question for all you fibro sufferers
8 Replies
jewels - April 19

I saw a rheumy 2 weeks ago after not feeling well for the last year and seeing many drs. who say they don't know what is wrong with me. A couple did mention fibromyalgia that is why I saw the rheumy dr. After poking me all around she said I have fibro. She did do blood work which I get the results this week along with xrays on my knees. My question is when I hold my arms up like drying my hair my arms feel tired and I have to put them down for a minute or two. Same thing with my legs, if I walk a lot they get tired and I need to sit down. Is that how the rest of you feel or does your fatigue in your limbs feel different? I am just trying to figure out if I feel like others who have been told they have fibro or are my drs. missing something with me. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


solanadelfina - April 19

Yes, that fatigue is pretty normal, especially just after being diagnosed. I was at the point at work where I could carry about four books at a time instead of a stack. It got somewhat better over time with gentle range of motion stretches, but we still have to learn to pace ourselves. Knock down big projects into bite-sized pieces, plan to take little rest breaks if you go somewhere with a lot of walking, and listen to your body. Most importantly, be very gentle with it and what it says you can do on a certain day.


iliveinpain - April 19

I can't hold my arms up in the shower to wash my hair. I have to bend at the waist and wash my hair that way, so I'm not lifting and holding up my arms. You have to learn how to do things differently with this disease. Pretty sucky.... everyday things can become quite difficult sometimes.... you're not alone.....


fibromite.u.k. - April 19

Yes, jewels, I have just the same problem with my arms and legs. Sometimes my arms feel like they have turned into concrete blocks hanging from my shoulders. I don't very often dry my hair with a hair dryer as it is so difficult to do. I have a haircut that doesn't require much doing to it after it is washed. In fact the first reason I went to see the doctor was because of my arms being so heavy. When they are like that, I don't know what to do with them when I am in bed as they are so uncomfortable, I try to hang them down over the side of the bed, but even that is not really comfortable. At least you seem able to walk some distance, I can't walk very far at all. Today as I walked across the kitchen, my son remarked that I looked like I had one leg shorter than the other because I was walking so strangely.


belle1329 - April 19

Hi Jewels,
Yes I definately had the same problem and still do at times, it was real bad when I was first diagnosed 2+ yrs ago. I could not blow dry my hair nor raise my arms above my head. My knee hurt so bad after just a bit of walking, ex at the store etc, or standing in the kitchen cooking. Then I would get fatigued. :( After receiving PT for my knee and stretching, It got somewhat better. I do have trouble still but it hits different areas at different times and once in a while my whole body aches.I sometimes doubt its fibro now, cause I sometimes have good periods, which I know alot of people here donot:( but then it comes back and hits me hard, (flare up) I am lucky and am thankful for these good periods and do hope they continue. I do not do as much as I used to because I cant (and sometimes that depresses me , I have grandchildren and Im only 52 and sometimes feel like 82 :( ) I was not getting any sleep, and that was ok for a bit and now its starting to come back, wakeing up every few hours and arms heavy , numb and achey !!! Gained 30 lbs in 2 yrs. I do not take any meds except tylenol and sometimes I smoke Marijuana when I can. It helps with my spirits and pain. I "try" to exercise and rest ,and try to keep going! I work every day fortunately I work at a desk, but fibro fog kicked in for awhile and was interfering,but that seems to have gotten better for the time being. Good Luck to you, I do hope you have some good periods like me and not too many bad, like some of our friends in this forum do :( your not alone If you need a friend we are here :)

fibromite.u.kI understand what you mean about your arms in bed, that drives me crazy every nite!


belle1329 - April 19

I understand what you mean about your arms in bed, that drives me crazy every nite! :(


Peterbolen - April 25

This is quite normal in fibtomyalgia, it can be worse than the pain, I also have trouble drying my hair I have to rest my elbos on the dressing table and bring my head down so i can dry it.Also when I was walking the dog and the fatigue came on, a friend sore me he thought i was drunk because I didn't have control of my legs and they kept giving way.


tnichel - April 25

Fibros should avoid lifting their arms over their heads b/c it only exacerbates your symptoms. Fibros should also store things (food, clothes, pots, etc.) at eye level. Bending over isnt' good for us either. I got this from a site a long time ago. I'll try to find it for you b/c it had a lot of good tips I didn't know aobut.


firomama - May 7

thats pretty common unfortunatly and when you have a really bad case, going to the bathroom can be a days worth of work. you might feel similar to the flu in symptoms..hope this helps and good luck!



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