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Question for all ! ! ! !
19 Replies
chowda72 - November 26


Hope everyone is doing good. I have been curious over the past few weeks ever since joining the group. For those of us that work, what's your proffession?
How long have you been doing it?
is your work affected by your fibromyalgia?
If so what do you do to help?
Is your boss accomidating, or understanding?

since I asked I will go first

1. Adult day care provider
2. 3years
3. sometimes i am cranky and i end up yelling at the inmates.
4.I always streach and i don't get stressed over small things. unless the inmates are breaking a major rule i give them a warning not to do it again.
5. no not at all.


Canada17 - November 26

I am an Office Administrator.

I studied it in college, took a little over a year off after college to have my daughter, I have been with the company a year and a half.

My filing gets a behind sometimes but I catch up on Fridays because I know I have the weekend to rest. Sometimes I loose my temper with the utility companies...but no one in the office really blames me for that, no one else wants to deal with them! lol

I pace myself. I got a foot rest, lowered my monitor to eye level, have a headset, proper chair, and post-its! Lots of post-its! Darn that Fibro Fog! I have little reminders all over my desk.

I am very fortunate to work for a small family owned company that is very understanding. My boss asks questions and listen, and doesn't say much when I have to take a couple hours off to go to an appointment every now and then.


AngieB38 - November 26

Hello all...Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Big Health Insurance Company-Account Advocate
2. Almost 20 years
3. Yes, I forget things and get really tired and in pain alot.
4. I keep a heating pad hanging on my chair for when my back is really unbearable. That is most of the time. I take tramadol when needed.
5. Yes my current boss is very understanding, but she is leaving us next week. I will be getting a new boss that I dont know a whole lot about. I do have FMLA for the fibro. That helps.


axxie - November 26

1. Research marine biologist
2. forever
3. Very short supply of being nice
4. I walk the floor, for excercise, as for the other inmates, I stay away from them, otherwise I short on being nice.
5. Are you kidding, not at all and I work for the federal government. You can have has many rules and regulations in place, the problem is not that, the problems are perception in people.


solanadelfina - November 26

1. Bookseller at a used bookstore.
2. Four years this month.
3. Oh, yeah.
4. I've stopped taking out the recycling and use carts to help carry things.
5. NOT AT ALL!!! My first manager was great, but this new guy has been only offering apologies, while the district manager has been reciting 'no special treatment' like a broken record. I am awaiting my ADA paperwork and am writing a letter of complaint about them to HR. My coworkers are the most sweet, understanding, and caring souls I could ask for, and a blessing from God.


hesmyeverything - November 26

Happy Thanksgiving all.

I'm a bank teller supervisor, recently celebrated my 25 years there. Yes, work is definitely affected by my fibro, when you work with people and their money, it's a high stress environment, i work 6 days a week, so there is NO time to relax. My tellers are helpful, they help me whenever they can, when they see i'm stressing out. My boss, for the most part is understanding,,but she doesn't really get it! When I'm on vacation, and come back, ALL i hear is how stressful it was, but nobody cares when I'm going through it, they learn to appreciate what i go through, when i'm not there. LOL I too take tramadol (2) at night, otherwise the back and leg aches and body aches, are so bad, they keep me awake.


sulydi - November 27

1. Parent Aide
2. 10 years
3. Yes, but when pain is really bad, I just don't work.
4. When pain is not really bad, tylenol extra strength for muscle pain.
5. My boss is the best. She also has fibro, but even if she didn't she is great. I am very lucky.


tnichel - November 27

1. TV news producer
2. 7 years
3. yes, I have to be really careful about reading my scripts since I've developed the fbro form of dyslexia. On bad days it takes forever to write a coherant story. I hate when everyone is in the newsroom b/c it is so loud with multiple conversations going. And since my job is so mentally draining I often don't do anything but go to work and come home to get recharged for the next day.
4. I ask coworkers to proff my breaking news stories in case I miss an error. My bosses are pretty understanding but at the same time, my job requires consistency, accuracy, and your a-game everyday. I'm currently trying to transition into an internet producer gig that would be easier on me.
5. I've had to call in a lot this year and my bosses were very understanding of that. If I need to come in late it's not a problem. But I only tell them what they need to know. I can't afford to lose my job right now so if I can make it into work I show up. It may take me an extra hour b/c I'm looking for my key card or car keys or have to run back in get my meds, but I get there.
They aren't understanding with scheduling though. I'm on 2nd shift and they'll switch me to days twice in one week or having me filling in for others with no lunch break and sometimes just 1 day off that week. Now that sucks.


ptalana - November 27

Technically I'm still employed, I've been on leave with no pay for over a year now. I'm a financial service manager, and have been in banking for over 20 years now. At the time I had to leave work I didn't have my fms diagnosis, I had been struggling with a spinal injury. But while I was working neither my company nor coworkers were supportive:(
I struggled with retaining client info when meeting with clients to discuss investments, not only the fibro fog but also my hearing has become impaired since my accident. Just sitting or standing for any length of time would put me in total spinal spasms (lets say that five times real quick), lol.
Thanks for this interesting thread idea.
Take care, Patty


Canada17 - November 27


You may be interested in the following it is an the conclusion to a study performed on FM patients and normal patients focusing on memory I found it at

"The findings validate the perception of failing memory in patients with FM and are the first psychometric based evidence to our knowledge of short-term memory problems in FM linked to interference from a source of distraction. Adding a source of distraction caused the majority of FM patients to retain new information poorly, and may be integral to an understanding of FM memory problems. Much needs to be learned about why new information is disproportionately lost by FM populations when a source of distraction enters the experiential field."

They even said that just a nine second distraction resulted in almost 58% of the information being lost. And yet, they don't know why.

I find this Fibromyalgia so awesome in that they know the hows but they can't figure out the whys!

Good luck!


iliveinpain - November 28

I'm a receptionist/administrative assistant. I've been at this current job for 3 1/2 years. The only way my job affects my pain levels is from too much sitting. I try to get up and stretch several times throughout the day. I've moved my monitor and phone around to suit me. It's completely changed around from where everything was when I started, but it's important that I don't crane my neck around to get to the phone or work on my computer. I'm lucky in that it's a pretty laid back place, so as long as my work is caught up I don't have someone breathing down my back about doing extra busy work all the time. Also I have a foot rest that seems to help my lower back, and I have a high back chair which has been the most important thing for days my neck is killing me, which is pretty much every day. I can lean my head back at least. I have a massage pillow and heating pads that I use when needed. My boss seems to be understanding, but I try not to ask for too many special accommodations. I take care of myself, since I brought my own chair in. He may seem like he'd be understanding, but if it came down to it, hmmmm...... doubtful, so it's easier to just spend a little extra money to bring my own things in to work to make my life there as easy as possible. I'm still doing 40 hour weeks, but by Friday I'm pretty much feeling like the living dead, talk about TGIF!


Canada17 - November 28

I am lucky, when I told my boss I needed a new chair and a foot rest, his response was, "By all means, whatever makes you more comfortable." : ) But he is also very happy with the work I'm doing, the last girl in my position took FOR-EV-ER to get things done so it's pretty easy to impress him. lol


axxie - November 29

Hey Canada17, most interested facts, I must have had fibro for a long time. Just by reading those facts.

I still believe that the best way to treat us FMS patients, is with thyroid and hormones, when you treat women they usually only look at estrogen, but should also look at (testosterone, and progesterone) and steroids.
Somehow doctors fail to see the whole picture, so I'm thinking that what we need to add to our doctors is an endocrinologist.


KBRAINARD - December 1

hello all,

1. I am a 911 dispatcher for law enforcement,ems,fire.
2. 11 years
3.yes my job does affect me. I work 12 hour shifts sitting in a chair the whole shift. I dont get to leave for a break at all, no lunch.
4. I try to stand in my area and move around. Doesn't really help much. I hit my meds after work on my mad days.
5. my boss understands the pain she also has it.


dkarssen79 - December 2

Hi! I've just recently joined the group and think this is a great post!

I am a customer service rep and process medical claims for a major health insurance company.

I have been there for a little over 6 years.

My work is definitely affected by my fibro. I have a hard time remembering words and sometimes forming sentences so that is not good when I'm on the phone with a customer. Fortunately for the most part I just process claims, although that takes a lot of focus and some days I just don't have it. I tend to have a lot of arm/hand pain so that does affect my typing etc when I'm working too.

I try not to get too stressed out and if I'm in a lot of pain I just take the day off to stay home and rest.

I do have a very understanding boss, although I am in the process of changing positions so that I will only be processing claims and will have a new supervisor. My doctor also fills out fmla forms for me when I miss due to fibro which helps as well.


FibroDale - December 3

Supply Tech with Fed Govt
Been here 30 years..14 more to go, can't live on the disability pay.
My work is definately affected. I have a gov truck, I use to go out make purchases, pick up material, deliver....I now sit at my desk and do everything by phone and computer due to mobility issues.
I'm fortunate, govt has to help me make my job work and fortunately I work with great people who know me and work to help me out because they want to.


zoed - December 8


Thanks, tnichel. I am a writer and trying to market a book and write articles, and get to my other book projects.

Since I'm new to this, you folks have helped me see I have fibro fog. I thought my memory was shot forever. Concentration low.

Thanks for the help. I've begun the note making today and feel better about using it to help me stay organized and remember.

I don't know what to do about the writing. My muse has left and taken my brain with her!



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