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question about location of pain
5 Replies
ljkentucky - November 23

My pain seems to be consistently in my upper left chest/back/shoulder area. I occasionally have pain in my lower back/hip that is on both sides. I know for diagnosis purposes pain is described as being on both sides, above and below the waist. Does anyone else have more pain in certain areas and basically just on one side. Does anyone hurt more when they lie down? I had to sleep sitting up last night to get any relief.


slb71 - December 4

the pain in my neck, back & shoulders are the worst for me but not the only places. i have a hard time going to sleep wherever i am, sitting or laying down. i can't get comfortable either way because of pain & muscle jerks.

don't know if this helps or not. hope you feel better soon!


msgb - December 26

I have the pain in my right side more than the left but I also had kidney stone surgeries this summer (3 of them) and they were for the right side. I am feeling awful pains right now all over in the ribs and in the back and in the shoulder.


kimzsoa - December 27

My pain is generally one sided. I have severe chest pain on the left side mostly on my back and it hurt to breath. We have a waterbed and one morning trying to get up I couldn't get out of bed...the pain in my back was so severe I couldn't roll over and out , could not sit hubby put his arm under my back to lift me so I could get out of bed. I went back on Meloxicam...used more for RA although I was told he is 99.9 % sure I have fibro. and maybe 50% chance RA with it..the pain went away almost immediately but I still can feel it when I concentrate or focus on it, otherwise I don't notice.

I have had pain in my big right toe for 5-6 months now, I have pain in my left thigh and right calve and it can go from hip to back pain rarely matches on both sides..just my tender points.


kimzsoa - December 27

I also take clonazepam which has stopped the muscle jerks and no longer wake up feeling 93 since I've been on meloxicam :)



I have SEVERE back pain. When I lay down it is DEF worse! I used to just curl into the fetal position and cry myself to sleep. I am now on Morphine which SOMEWHAT helps. I do not lay and cry myself to sleep anymore. But I do notice the pain increasing when I lay down. I use BioFreeze and a heating pad. Have you tried any meds or topical creams? I think sleep is the HARDEST thing for us FIBRO sufferers. As we are in so much pain and almost all suffer from sleep problems. And if we dont' get enough sleep, the cycle gets worse.

hang in there




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