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Question about heredity
5 Replies
Renee - May 2

I have just been diagnosed with Fibromayalgia it started out as really bad piercing chest pains. Iw ent to the ER twice and the second time the ER doctor told me that I had a high level of Inflammation. I have been trying to cope even by seeking mental health help b/c I thought it had been all in my mind. I started feeling this way after I served in the Hurricanes. I have been told by people that it is hereditary and I would have gotten it anyway. I came back into the mode of regualr life I have not been able to adapt. I have been hurting all over I am extreemely tired not to mention I have a hard time walking b/c I have a knee injury that has came back to haunt me. I know how all Fibromyalgia patients feel and many people are not educated enough about it not to believe that it is a mind over matter diease. So my question is, is it hereditary? thanks so much for your support.


Beverly - April 18

I have a cousin with Fibro(that's how I heard about it) also at least three second cousins with Fibro and also a couple with Lupus. These are all on my fathers side of the family. It tends to make you think there is a connection but I don't think it has been proven through medical testing.


Kim - April 18

I was diagnosed last year after numerous tests that ruled out everything else. My mother had been diagnosed 5 years ago but I had no idea that I was developing the same symptoms she had until I talked with her and also told my doctor about it. We believe my grandmother also suffered from it but was never diagnosed as doctors really didn't know about it back then. It sounds like it might be hereditary.


Jessie - April 18

I have an aunt and a cousin on my father's side that have was by describing my symptoms to them that I got an idea of what I was really dealing with. I've read that it is very possibly hereditary. Good luck.


Jean - April 23

I think it can be. But again no one knows. I can't find anyone in my family line who has had this.


Pam - May 2

Renee, Yes, I truly believe that it is. I believe that my Mama had it but it went undiagnosed. Children can have FMS, but the sad thing is, a lot of times it goes undiagnosed in children. Praying for you.



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