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Question about chest pain
5 Replies
jenn_y75 - November 9

I haven't been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but I'm wondering if my chronic chest pain matches the pain that some of you have experienced. It's been going on for 2 years on and off. It started as a sharp stabbing pain on deep exhale on left side under collarbone (exactly where the trigger point is shown on the model) so it's closer to my arm than my sternum. Since then I've had shooting pains down the arms, through elbows, wrists, hands, and gnawing pains in shoulder and between shoulder blades. I had an ekg and chest x rays 2 mos after this started and they were fine but I'm so worried. I know costochondritis is common in FM but it doesn't seem like the cartilage is tender at all--has anyone else had chest pains like this?


Fantod - November 9

Have you been evaluated for a neck or spine orthopedic problem? You may have a bad disc or bone spurs that are causing the problem you describe. It sounds like nerve pain to me. I have degenerative disc disease and get sharp shooting pains in my legs along with other sensations.

I would see an orthopedic specialist and have them set you up for an MRI. If there is nothing found, then I would see a rheumotologist. Take any copies of recent bloodwork or tests that you've had to save time and expense. Good luck and take care.


brooksidefarm - November 9

There are so many different symptoms, but this was one of my early ones. We were afraid I was having heart trouble. Also, cramping toes and sore forearms, and hands. The shoulder blades followed and now I have all and many more. Get your vitamin levels checked. Vit B has helped my joints and I am now on a prescription for D deficiciency, (common in FMS). It is a good place to start correcting before jumping into meds if you can help it.


gucci - November 9

Hi Jenn, yes i also suffer with the chest pain and pain going down my arm and at the back of my shoulders . i also get costochondritis a few times I have been to emergency rooom several times thinking i was having a heart attack but after having ecg several times they said it was the fibro flaring up and this making me panic so now i suffer with fibro and anxiety it stinks when it happens ,i am starting to get to grips with it and tell myself its a flare up and put a heat pad on my shoulders and take pain killers and try and relax till the worst is over, hope you find some relief soon too take care x


Canada17 - November 9

Yep, I suffer from chest pains. My physiatrist said this is something very common for FM patients. I get it on a deep inhale/exhale, I get it for seemingly no reason at all. Sometimes it's a quick sharp pain, sometimes it lasts for 20 minutes or more.

One thing I read about the chest pain we experience is that we commonly breathe wrong. When you use your chest to inhale/exhale, it causes strain on the muscles/tendons/ribs, which leads to pain. Try to remember to inhale/exhale with your belly. Your shoulders shouldn't move up and down when you breathe, your belly should be moving in and out. This simple act has drastically reduced the frequency at which I experience chest pains. Though I have to constantly remind myself to do it.


helen65 - November 12

I am a 44 year old busy mum of 3 and like you I have'nt been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but I also have suffered from chest pains for the last 18 months,plus all the other symptoms you descibe,after my ecg and chest x-ray my gp put it down to a bit of athritis? as I had an operation on my sternum 18 years ago although I have been fine until 18 months ago.I have been so worried and anxious about the chest pains last week I paid nearly £600 for a private ct scan on my chest as I was convinced I had something seriously wrong with my heart and my gp was'nt taking me seriously,anyway the results have come back today and everything is normal!which of course is what I wanted to hear but it is now back to the drawing board,so after hours on the internet tonight I keep coming back to fibromyalia? And when I saw your post I thought that's me, as all the things I have read on it did'nt mention chest pains which is my main concern.So hopefully I may now get a diagnosis.



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