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Quest to find answers, fibromyalgia or what?
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VSTEPH - November 11

Hi, I'm new here, stumbled across this site and am thankful I did. A few years off and on I get these symptoms, sometimes just a couple days, other times weeks or months. Right now I'm in the month-long phase with stiffness in the backs of my legs from heals to upper thighs, fingers to shoulders along with sporadic pains 'around' joints but more like in between. Pains could be from just a couple seconds to more steady for minutes in one spot, sometimes a few spots then will dissipate and move to other areas doing the same thing. Energy level has slowed down, I'm tired, I toss n turn during the night, my thinking is foggy and my memory of people's names or even just every day things escapes me a lot! When I use my hands, they tire easily as strength in my hands has diminished also. I have been taking 600 mg ibuprofen but it helps 'sometimes' for a short while it basically does next to nothing for me. I just got blood results for rheumatoid arthritis, lyme and other arthritic diseases and they are normal as is my thyroid. I'm thinking I need a rheumatologist and after reading these threads on this site I'm thinking fibromyalgia. I also have degenerative discs in my cervical spine which I am sure contributes to the situation. I've done PT and it helps my neck pain but am too 'beat' to even do those exercises. In fact, this all flared up when starting exercising at a facility 'like' Curves but not them, same circuit strength machines tho. Also after 10 days of doing that my good friend passed away... I think stress flared it up, whatever "it" is...

Any thoughts? Sorry this was so long...


JJ1 - November 11

A rheumatologist will be able to help diagnose you. Sounds like you have had all the tests done that would elimiate other conditions with similar symptoms. Contact a local fibromyalgia support group to see if they can recommend a rheumatologist for you.



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