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PTSD and Fibromyalgia?
3 Replies
vetty - February 17


i'm new here.
i'm 23 and have PTSD due to childhood trauma. i also believe i may have Fibromyalgia, though i haven't been diagnosed.

i have pain and aching in my back, neck, upper arms, legs, feet, ribs and knees. i hardly have to touch certain parts of my body for it to really hurt. if i walk into something accidentally it hurts sooo much and the pain lingers.

i am constantly tired and sleep A LOT and don't get any relief from my fatigue, no matter how long i sleep. also i sometimes can not get to sleep, but i think this is more due to PTSD. i also have a bit of an irritable bowel and i clench my jaw.

i get cramps in my calf muscles in the middle of the night. it hurts like hell.

i am also obese.

all of this has been going on for atleast 3 years. probably longer.

does this sound like anyone else? is it worth my while talking to my doctor about it?

thanks in advance.


Connie - February 18

You have many issues to deal with. As tough as it is, movement helps. Walking is a good choice and free. It isn't easy to exercise when we are so tired and in pain, but some music or friend to share your time will make it better. Start with short walks to build your endurance and strength.Walking makes my mind and body feel better. It could do the same for you. Good Luck.


vetty - February 19

thanks Connie. i've actually just joined the gym last night and i'm really aching today. i didn't do much, but it really hurt while i was exercising and after.

i also forgot to mention in my first post, that i have polycystic ovarian syndrome and hypothyroidism. i've read that hypothyroidism can have some of the same symptoms as fibromyalgia, but i've only recently developed the hypothyroid and this stuff has been going on much longer than that.
i used the tender point guide and all of them were tender. i will be talking to my doctor about this on the 26th.

thanks again Connie, vetty


Fantod - February 19

Hello Vetty, I really think you should see a rheumotologist and a dentist that specializes in TMD (clenching). Call your local hospital and ask the physician referral service for a rheumotologist that treats fibromyalgia. I hope you will follow through with these suggestions. I'm glad to hear that you did join a gym. You have a lot on your plate to cope with. Taking one step at a time is better than none at all. I wish you better days ahead.



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