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Prozac and Klonopin - January pls read
6 Replies
Cher0208 - October 18

Quite an unbelievable coincidence if I do say so myself...

So, my depression, anxiety and pms have been getting significantly worse..well my whole life...BUT...even more so last year when I stopped oral contraceptives. It finally got to the point where I could take it no more. I don't believe in pharmaceuticals. Not unless they are the last resort. I believe in nutrition, yoga, supplements, meditation, adequate sleep, etc. I started taking a 5mg Valium a day that mother gave me. I began drinking heavily to numb my Fibro pain and my emotional pain. Then I went to a therapist and after some weeks decided to see a psychiatrist. I was self medicating yet I don't believe in medication? So, better for a professional to prescribe me something and I take it accordingly.

Prozac and Klonopin. He gave me the scripts and I waited a whole week to fill them. I didn't want to do this. But I had no choice. The day after I fill them I get an email from this forum. Someone posted to one of my discussions I think and said they were put on both of those exact medications for some skin issue oddly enough. And then you, January, responded with all of the horrors you experienced on antidepressants and how Prozac left permanent damage. You said you felt great for a while and then suddenly it stopped working. I had just woken up and saw the emails and thought that this was a sign. I don't want to go this route but I'm already on it and maybe...just maybe my experience will be different. For a week I felt better than I have my whole life. The side effects were many: I was itchy all over, let's just say sexual problems, had increased anxiety, trouble sleeping, crazy dreams, etc. I wasn't angry, irritable, or sad though. I was happy and energized. Then suddenly a week later I felt more depressed than I have ever in my life. I called the prescribing doc and he of course told me to now double my dose to 40mg. I did so and felt a bit better for another week. Then I became more depressed than I thought possible. I emailed the doc. He told me it was impossible for Prozac to make depression worse. Not sure when, where or if he has a license but I lost it on him. I had to wait 3 DAYS to see him in his office and told him to wean me off this horrible medication. I'm back on 20mg and have 5 more days to go before I'm done. He gave me an rx for Effexor that he told me to start taking right away with the Prozac. I didn't fill it and I decided that I was going to take medication. I started feeling much better. Until today that is. It's about that time so this is some really bad PMS where I want to leave work and go home and sleep until it is over. I am irritated and angry and see no (excuse my language) fucking end in sight. I also started smoking pot again after quiting for TWO YEARS. I haven't smoked in a few days and I dont plan to. I do plan on going to an AA meeting with a friend and possibly seeking out another psychiatrist.

My boyfriend who is my best friend and my rock is also a personal trainer and he insists that if I start exercising my hormones and brain chemicals will begin to balance out. But how can I exercise when I can barely make it through the day? This is a vicious cycle. I just want some sort of peace, some happiness, some good health and cannot understand why it eludes me so.

And after all the doctors...a nutritionist, chiropractor, two supposed Fibromyalgia specialists, a neurologist, a few rheumatologists, internists, and pychiatrists -I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to depend on them because they don't help me and they also don't care.

I don't know what else to say but I thought you should all know that when I got those emails from this forum I should have taken it for what it was. A sign. But now I don't know what to do...

I sincerely hope you are ALL doing better than I. And I hope this too will pass for me.



Jocelyn - October 18


Please remember that your anxiety is very high right now, and that point taken, isn't helping you understand what is going on with your body. Doctors can only prescribes meds that they think will help you. I have been sick for years, but I am finally getting better. I refused antidepressants because of their side effects. However, I am on 1mg of Klonapin at night, otherwise, would just jump out of bed. I am on Advil, but again, if you don't need it don't take it. Exercise does help, but you have to find one you can do. Swimming is a big one for me along wih physical therapy, with deep muscle massages. It hurts a lot at first, but then it pays off.

I'm not saying any of this will work for you, we are all so different. Watch what you eat, that can make you moody, have more pain etc. I am working on the food issue. Foods that do not cause inflammation.

January has posted a lot of very useful information about just "everthing" you can image. Try to read as many of her post as possible.

Take care and listen to your body very closely. Keep a log on when you feel better and when you feel worse. Log in what you have eaten and what you had done during the day.

You are the only person that can help yourself. I have throug out numerous drugs over the years, now I just tell the doctor to not fill them out. I check in every 6 months and work on my own, with a lot of January's help and information and I am doing better this year. My husband has actually noticed!

Take care, I do hope you feel better soon!


January - October 20

Cher - I've been wondering how you were, it's been a while. I'm so sorry to hear you've had a rough time. You sound like you have been going through the same thing I went through. I would suggest you carefully wean yourself down off these drugs. I was on various antidepressants after Prozac, one after another. Don't make the same mistake. Just quit them now. They don't work well for some of us.

Please do this: google "Prozac withdrawal" and "Effexor withdrawal" and read some of the forums where people discuss their experiences. Also google "theroadback (dot) org" - that is an organization dedicated to educating people about the dangers of these drugs and I believe they offer help and advice on how to comfortably wean yourself off. Going cold turkey (which is what I did) is really a nightmare and not safe. I don't recommend it. Wean down very slowly. You probably need more than 5 days to wean down. Do it very slowly or you will feel terrible. You may need a little Valium to help with the anxiety you are feeling. A LITTLE, like 3 to 5 mg. It helped me. BUT DO NOT DRINK. You have got enough chemicals swirling in your brain. It's only my personal opinion, but I think a SMALL amount of pot is okay - a couple puffs to help you sleep if you are very hyped up. I think it's much safer than alcohol. Just my opinion! Please read up on it and make your own decision. I'm not a doctor and I am not prescribing for anyone. I am only posting my own experience and sharing information I have found on the internet. I do the best I can with conveying information, but I am not infallible. You need to educate yourself, read some other posts by other people, and make your own decisions. It might be good if you could find a naturopath or acupuncturist that you felt understood this problem. They might be able to help you ease through the withdrawals.

I do think your doctor was absolutely wrong if he said it is impossible for Prozac to make you more depressed. What??? There is a black box warning on most antidepressants that they can make depression worse in young people. I happen to believe that this can happen in adults and older people also. It certainly happened to me. The drug companies just haven't been forced to admit it yet. Not enough lawsuits, I guess.

Please read some forums on Effexor before you take that. I never took it, but have read it is one of the worst drugs and the hardest to quit. Google Effexor side effects and Effexor withdrawals. I think, from reading your post, you have not taken it.

There really are other methods that can help you feel better. You haven't been on Prozac for too long, so hopefully, it will get out of your system - although it may take you more than 5 days to wean off it. My doctors told me the drugs would be out of my system in two weeks. Boy, were they wrong! It took me 3 years to start feeling normal again. But I got slammed with a lot of different drugs to deal with my increasing depression and anxiety - which was caused by drug withdrawal. I also believe that antidepressants greatly aggravated my fibromyalgia muscle pain. Makes sense to me, if you are anxious and tensed up, your muscles will hurt! NO DOCTOR EVER told me this. I had to figure it out myself. The horrible depression and anxiety is gone now; I still have a little left, but it is manageable with supplements. I am too fatigued to exercise - but Jocelyn is right. If you can, a little exercise will help you - when you can. And don't over do it.

I found Dr. Peter Breggin's book "Your Drug May Be Your Problem" to be VERY HELPFUL! He has a new book out with more information about how bad these antidepressant drugs are. He also has a Facebook page under Dr. Peter R. Breggin. I just googled him and see someone has him linked with scientology. I watched some documentaries about Big Pharma and their involvement in the heavy marketing of antidepressants. I thought the documentaries were really good. Maybe somebody from scientology made them. I don't know and I don't care. I thought they were valid, and they weren't advertising anything to do with scientology. Watch and read and make up your own mind.

Wasn't going to write a lot - but I did. It's late and I'm tired, so if I've repeated myself anywhere, excuse please! Really, Cher, I am so sorry to hear you have to go through this, and I really do understand how rotten you feel. There are online forums of other people going through this too. The support might be good if you can find one. But you can do it. You will feel better as time goes by. Try to eat healthy and sleep. Stay away from any extra useless drugs. Try to clean out. Take a good vitamin/mineral supplement every day. Just one, not five! (I remember you and the glutamine!) Look around to get the right kind of help. Maybe a good nutritionist or acupuncturist who knows about these drugs could help. Check out theroadback. It's possible you might find an MD to help you, but unlikely. They are trained to prescribe, prescribe. Listen to your own body and take care Cher. Better to get off these things sooner than later. Let us know how you're doing - and feel free to come on and rant. I know it is a roller coaster, and you will be emotional at times. It's OK, it will get better, just ride it through.

PS. As for Klonopin, I've never taken that. I'm sure Jocelyn knows more about that. As I said, I took a bit of Valium to help with my extreme anxiety and insomnia. If you are taking Klonopin, see if it helps you deal with anxiety and insomnia. If it doesn't, try the Valium. It's an older drug, you may have to argue to get it. By the way, Prozac depletes the body of melatonin. Google "Prozac deplete" and you'll get some more information. Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps you sleep at night! I'm not sure if you can take it with Klonopin. Ask your pharmacist! I have taken it with Valium, and have had no problem. I use the sublingual formulation made by Source Natural, 2.5 mg. Good luck and feel better soon.


January - October 20

Wanted to add for Cher - try googling this phrase: "pms, depression, grains and food allergies." A lot of interesting articles come up. I don't know if you have food allergies, but I think some fibromyalgia is related to them. So is PMS and mood swings. There is info in those articles about supplements and herbs that may help with symptoms.

Going gluten free has helped a lot of people - even my rheumy is now convinced. I've been reading that some people who are sensitive to gluten are also sensitive to oats and milk products. I just read that if you eat the two together (think of that "healthy breakfast" of milk and cereal!) it makes the problem even worse! Gluten sensitivity is strongly linked to depression - 97% of celiacs have depression as their major symptom.

I put up a post recently about a wonderful documentary about genetically modified food causing health problems too. You can google "genetic roulette movie" and find it online for free. Very interesting! The growth of fibromyalgia diagnoses may parallel the increasing use of GM foods. Educate yourself and see if the symptoms make sense to you. Also, if you have any kind of problem with your gut, you are probably not absorbing vitamins and minerals properly. This can affect your moods. I found a good article about "brain allergy" linked to foods today. Orthomolecular doctors or naturopaths sometimes know about this, but most regular MDs do not.

And… here's a note, for a laugh at myself! I'm still learning! I avoid ice cream because it often has some gluten in it. Since I've been gluten free, I don't crave any kind of food, as long as I'm eating healthy.

But I LOVE peppermint ice cream! This time of year it shows up. I broke down and bought some last week. Then I bought some more. Then some more. I cannot stay away from it! What is going on is typical food craving - just like addiction! I wake up and want peppermint ice cream! A few hours go by and I want more! I've packed on 5 lbs. So today I'm done with it. I also suddenly realized that, since I've been "enjoying" the ice cream binge, I've been waking up feeling absolutely horrible, with muscle twitching, increased pain, and anxiety. I didn't put it together until today! It is surely my peppermint ice cream making me feel so bad!

So the moral of this story is -- if you find yourself CRAVING any food or substance, that should be a red flag that you probably have a problem with it. Some foods affect our brains just like an opiate drug does. I have read this in different articles over and over. It is just very hard to be aware of what you're doing sometimes! (Keeping a journal makes it easier.) Goodbye peppermint ice cream… [sniffle]… forever.


Jocelyn - October 22


I do hope you are able to find some help with your situation. January is a wealth of information.

As for the Klonopin it is a tranquilizer, and it does help me relax when going to bed. I tend to jump a lot before falling asleep. It seems to relax my muscle, however, Valium and others will do the same. I'm not sure why my doctor chose Klonopin, I think I will ask when I see her next.


Cher0208 - October 22

Thank you Jocelyn and January SO much for your kind words and suggestions.

I do feel like the Fibromyalgia causes chemical sensitivity so we feel the good and bad effects much stronger than most. I now know that I need to be off medication completely and as January said keep it to one good multivitamin. I was definitely overdoing it before.

The Klonopin helps the anxiety but it's not anywhere near as effective as the Valium is. January- you said that the Prozac depletes our brain of melatonin. Well no wonder I cannot sleep the whole night through even when I take the Klonopin before bed. The last thing a Fibromyalgia sufferer needs is more REM disruption.

I suspect I need to stay clear of dairy and some other foods. I'll check back with my Naturopath who I stopped seeing and find how what he can do for me. Foods can make or break you. Some things make me feel worse right away. And I CRAVE chocolate sometimes so badly.

Throughout this journey I have learned so much. And at one time that was a good thing. But mind is full of facts about GMO foods, cloned meat, pesticides, lack of nutrients in our soil, auto immune diseases, food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, possible virus causing CFS Fibro, nightshade vegetables and on and on it goes. I can't think straight to organize a plan. I've gone back to eating a lot of foods that I had stopped.

I even went to an endocrinologist because I was cetain this (depression/anxiety)was hormonal. But whatever tests she conducted came up normal. Imagine that. We must be the only ones who get upset when tests come back normal because really? We have no definitive answer as to how this happened and how to manage it. It's different for each person. And trying to fight depression and anxiety on top of this is just unfair. I keep asking myself and God what the point of all this is? Let me learn whatever lesson needs to be learned and let this be over with or atleast subside to some degree. What is the point of such prolonged suffering? I. Just. Want. To. Feel. Good.

The Prozac must have been blocking my pain receptors because as I am weaning off the pain is intensifying. Good times...and do you think I am going to run or do yoga when I get home from work? No. I'm not. I am going to smoke some pot and go to bed and pray to God with all my might that when I wake up tomorrow morning that it is a better day. Because I love life and I love the organization I work for and I love my boyfriend. And I don't want to let anyone down especially myself.

I'm young still...I should't have let life get to me the way it did. Abuse and neglect and all the family drama. I let it fester and eat away at me in the form of fear and resentment. Now I am in pain almost everyday. I really do feel like it is an emotional domino that started this effect. And no matter how hard I try to forgive and rid my body of those pent up emotions I don't get better.

Sorry for the rant. I definitely don't feel sorry for myself. I feel despair. And desperation to heal.

I'll keep you guys posted. Thank you again for all you wrote. I'll def do my research on what was suggested.

Just have to take this one day at a time.


January - October 26

Hi - it's late. A lot of things came up that I have to deal with! Surprise, Stuff happens.

I wanted to tell you that there is a really good site by Dr. Peter Breggin. He does have a Facebook page under Peter R. Breggin, M.D. or you can google empathic therapy( dot) com. That will get you to his site. Look around, it is full of really good information about the dangers of these drugs. His older book really helped me, but he has some new ones out that look good. There's a lot more research and information available now too, mostly about bad reactions people have had!

I might post a summary of some side effects linked with these drugs later when I have time.

Dr. Breggin says you should wean down off these drugs SLOWLY with the help of a doctor (he may be able to recommend someone in your area who knows how to do it) because quitting the drugs can cause physical and emotional problems. (Tell me about it!) There is a place you can click that says "contact" and he has a phone number listed, as well as email addresses.

Cher, I think you have been on Prozac for such a short time, you should probably be OK - but I worry that you are feeling so bad at the moment. Hopefully, you haven't built up a lot of the drug in your body, but it really does affect your brain and body systems in so many ways - some of them we probably don't even know. There may be some new info about supplements or drugs you can take to help you withdraw from this drug more comfortably. Be safe! Hope you are doing well!



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