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6 Replies
bbass - February 17

Has anyone tried this for migraine? I am on day 3 of's killing me. I can only stand up for short periods of time. I swear it's has to do with my sinuses, maybe it's a sinus migraine. Anyhoo, tried the promethenzine last night, suppose to take it with 3 ibuprophens and you will be knocked out. Well, didn't knock me out, did feel a little better, but had restless night of sleep. The laying down all the time is killing my back and hips...there is no winning. Plus can't hardly get anything done so am not a very good invalid...just curious if this anti-nausea drug/motion sickness drug has helped anyone with migraines...


Noca - February 17

Try taking 2 Tylenol Ultras, with 2 Advil liquid gels for breakthru pain of migraines. To prevent migraines from happening in the first place if you suffer from chronic migraines, take Topamax/Topiramate


snowflurree - February 28

I have had migraines since I was 40 and I am now 66. The only thing that has ever worked for me is Fiornal. My 16 year old granddaughter has migraines also and that is what the doctor prescribed for her. Imitrix, Maxalt and all the other drugs "for migraines" just don't work for me. The Fiorinol has butalbutal, caffiene and asprin in it. It is prescription only med. My daughter also takes this med for migraines. It is a genetic trait in my family.


tnichel - February 28

Askyour doc about tizanidine 4mg. Works wonders for my migraine spells. It's typically used to treat seizures but for some reason works good for fms patients. I was of off it for a week and couldn't wait to see my doc for a refill. I was MISERABLE!!!

I'm taking promethazine for naseau but I don't know if it's the same as prometheNzine. I works ok. Doc also said it also has an ingrediant good for anxiety.


Noca - March 1

There is no "prometheNzine", bbass must have meant "promethazine".


bbass - March 1

yes, sorry about the spelling, I was trying to go off memory. can't rely on the pesky thing


tnichel - March 1

I figured it was a typo but that's ok. I had a panic or anxiety attack the other day. I haven't been able to spelly correctly nor talk without getting tongue tied and stuttering since. My 1st response was a grammar, spelling nightmare! I'm a wreck right now but trying to hang in there. Ugh!!! Either way, I hope you find some relief.



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