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problems I am having
8 Replies
jrzgirl - April 27

I was wondering if anyone here has vision problems, dropping things, numbness/pain in hands,face especially along the jaw. I went to my PCP yesterday because I thought I had a mini stroke but she said No I had a strange feeling on the left side of my lower lip, like novecaine, that happened 3 times on separate days, I was looking on line for stroke symptoms, and then I got the same feeling while I was reading them. No other symptoms of a stroke, can stress, anxiety, panic attacks cause this? My husband thinks I am crazy, I do have fluid in my ears, especially the left ear due to allergies/sinus. Thank you all, I am a nervous wreck, I also have Raynauds and RSD


Fantod - April 27

When was or have you had a complete cardiac work up? Women frequently experience jaw pain when having a heart attack. And, they are one of the most under-diagnosed groups when it comes to heart disease. Yes, stress could certainly contribute to your symptoms. But, if I were you, I'd march myself right back into the doctor's office and demand that I be given an EKG, a stress test and probably a heart cath to be sure nothing is going on. Don't let her talk you out of it either. Given the amount of stress you have been under recently, it wouldn't hurt to explore the cardiac issue a bit further. Better safe than sorry. Take care.


jrzgirl - April 27

I had 2 stress tests and a cardiac cath, all normal
the cath was a year ago Sept


axxie - April 28

Hey jrzgirl, actually what you were experiencing is like a pinch nerve due to probably a sinusitis. This happens to me on occasion and like you had every imaginable cardiac tests done, thinking that I also had had a ministroke. But a very kind doctor explained to me, that when you have allergies, and tend to have sinus attack, some will produce water in the ear, putting stress on your neck muscle due to you compensating and thus sometimes you get the numbness around the face, as for the hands, I'm not sure could very well be a pinch nerve in your back, depending where the pinch nerve is, can cause all these problems. I would go see a chiro, they would be able to help you with relieving your pinch nerve and restoring balance in your ear, and taking away the numbness.

Good luck to you


ptalana - April 28

Hi jrzgirl, I can relate to all these symptoms as I experience them myself. My pcp doesn't seem to really take too much of my concerns very seriously after my diagnosis of fibro. So I've really been left to do my own research. What I've discovered is that the numbness/pain to my face, jaw area, as well as vision problems are all part and parcel of Mps ( Myofascial Pain Syndrome). There is a blue box on the left, I would read this thoroughly and see if this is the right fit for you. This syndrome also causes muscle weakness, hence bumping into things and dropping things is very common. Btw you should see my walls and hardwood floors, I've taken chunks out of my walls using my walker I still can't seem to navigate around corners without bumping into things. I've dropped so many things including my walker that I've marked up our new floors, DANG!!!!!
It is important that you get treatment for Mps before these symptoms get too advanced. I see my pcp in a few weeks and will be bringing this info with me and see what treatment he prescribes. I'll let you know what transpires, maybe it can be of some help to you (fingers crossed).
As for your husband thinking that you're crazy, how bloody frustrating!!! I can understand that there are circumstances that keep us in relationships, and you have your reasons. Since you are staying you have to find a way to let his insensitivity's not effect you. You are an intelligent woman, and must know that he is way off base!!!! My family are very caring (hubby, kids), but my siblings could care less. I never get care calls, I often times wonder if we were raised in the same household?! At family functions they may ask how are you? But before I finish speaking they either walk away or talk over me. I chose to just separate myself from these members of my family, I don't need their lack of compassion/negativity. I don't however hold a grudge or keep their negativity with me, I just brush it off. My faith has helped me with this, as well as, I practice pilates a form of yoga which uses a controlled breathing method which I have found very helpful in all aspects of my life. Whatever works for you ;)
I hope this has given you some ideas/help that will aid in getting the answers you so desperately need. Hang in there, Patty


Myriam - April 28

Hello Jrzgirl, I have constant numbness and pain in my feet, toes, hands, fingers and wrists. I hadf surgery last winter for Carpal Tunnel on my right hand. After complaining about more numbness and pain, my surgeon made me do more test. They came back negative. In the meantime, I was diagnose with FMS. When I told him, he looked disgusted and did not want to touch me with a ten foot pole! I get the numbness in my face too, but not quite as often.
My husband is a little bit like yours, he tries to understands but has a hard time. I missed work yesterday. He said he did not care, but I know he was angry with me. He barely looked at me this morning.
I have been diagnose for a week now, I dont know about you, but maybe he just needs time.


kentucky girl - April 28

I know what you are talking about jrzgirl. I have experienced eye problems also. I also have macular degeneration, but have noticed that during a FMS flare, my vision changes. I'm scheduled to go to my eye specialist in a week or so and I think I will mention it to him and see if he thinks its the macular or if it could be connected to the FMS. I did read an article recently that chest pain could be associated with fibro. I have experienced chest pain and something that feels like a muscle spasm in my esophagus. Have had all the heart tests and they were normal. I am finding out that all of the body is affected by fibro even the heart and eyes. If you think about it, if fibro can affect you with IBS it is reasonable to think that it could also have something to do with chest pain. I will post after I see my eye specialist if he thinks fibro can affect your vision too.

Kentucky girl


mypain - April 30

Get tested for MS....


jrzgirl - April 30

was tested, not MS



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