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Prior child abuse = fibro later?
9 Replies
Amyloo - September 26

Hi all, I have been doing a bit of research with regard to the possible connection of being a battered child and later getting fibro. Seems quite a few doctors etc. feel that if a child is physically (or even emotionally) traumatized in the early years it may affect the central nervous system in a negative way. Any input or thoughts are appreciated; I know this is a sensitive subject. God bless, Amy


Virg - September 26

Hi Amyloo. I believe any type of abuse would affect the nervouse system if not handled. I was never physically or emotionaly abused as a child but was anxiouse in social gatherings. However
I was in an abusive relationship which I
left and didn't go to counselling for a long time. By then my fibro was really bad. I think any physical or emotional
abuse, accidents surgeries etc for people who have the fibro there will flare
up in a big way.


barbar - September 26

I do know that stress severely challenges our fibro. I can imagine that the chemicals generated by abuse while the nervous system is developing could have a very negative effect. I suffered both severe emotional and physical abuse during my developmental years and the stress was beyond description. I bet if you observe yourself now you will note how stress negatively effects you. The chemicals must intervere with our endorphin levels. Interestingly enough, the doctors don't know whether the fibro results from problems in our muscles and soft tissues or in the neurologigcal system. That is, they don't know whether the pain is "actual" or whether the brain is falsely registering the pain. They do know that we have lower endorphin and serotonin levels. Watch out for your other bad habits. It took me a while to figure out that I shop becuase the act of acquisition increases my endorphins, the "happy" hormones, as does falling in love, etc. These sorts of things can get us into a lot of trouble---trying to increase our endorphin levels through behavior.


BrandyO - September 26

Without going into detail, I too was emotionally and physically abused as a child. Then my first serious relationship as a young adult was emotionally abusive only to move on to an emotionally abusive marriage which ended in divorce. By the grace of God the cycle was broken and I remarried a wonderful guy 18 years ago. I believe the connection of childhood abuse and fibro is true because I am a long time sufferer, 40 years. Take care, Brandy


barbar - September 26

To BrandyO: Congrats on your marriage to a wonderful guy. I think the key here is that the abuse occurs in our formative years so that bio-chemical damage is done to our systems. They simply develop incorrectly otherwise FMS would be curable by an excellent relationship or by shopping or by increasing the happy hormones any other way. The tragic thing is that the damage is bio-chemical and physical. The systems are malformed so to speak. It's up to the medical world to figure out something to do about it rather than me simply figuring out how to behaviorally readjust the system.


JJ1 - September 27

Since stress can cause fibro, I would have to say that previous abuse could be a trigger along with a gazillion other things. For me, it was the stress of caring for my elderly parents (now deceased) at the same time as I was caring for my 3 kids and holding a full time job that brought me down.


Janie - September 28

I have posted many times about this type of topic, unfortunately it seems most people would rather concentrate on their symptoms.... we can treat symptoms til we're blue in the face, until we address the root we will continue to suffer... Virg, did you even look into what JP spent so much time typing out for you before? it seems like we are right back where we started around here... complaining & not much else.


Virg - September 28

Gosh Janie I'm missing the point in your question. First I believe there was no complaint in my answer. I do believe counselling does release some symptoms. As for JP I loved the support I got to get off effexor which I am flash and sweats all the
way. If there was something specific please let me know.


Janie - September 28

Hi Virg, I did not mean that you specifically were complaining, I meant that there have been MANY well-intentioned people out here who have spent HOURS explaining mindbody symptomology & other theories... only to come back a few days later & see nothing but the same ole- same old symptom talk & complaining etc... it is frustrating for those of us who take a lot of time trying to help others to see this over & over & over again.... it seems that this "new system" not only scared the trouble-makers away, but also those who were really trying to help us all out here.... it just feels like now there are 5-6 people in here commiserating daily & nothing is changing, its depressing.... as for Babar's comment.... "It's up to the medical world to figure out something -rather than up to me to figure out how to behaviorally readjust the system." Wow!... ever heard the saying, ' the lord helps those who help themselves?' well.... if you are content to lay back & suffer for the rest of your life, waiting for somebody else to come & "save you" while you do nothing but complain about your predicament then you will probably never improve! that statement she made just really said it all about the mood out here. some guy named larry elluded to this as well.... it's up to us guys... no one is going to do it for us! I am not even going to get into what has helped me, I have done it all before.... the replies are non-existant or minimal at best, while the posts about someone's sore foot or ibs attack abound with replies.... its way to frustrating to type it all out again & again.... if anyone wants to get well, read Layla's, JP's, Jolie's, Helen's, Jane's posts they are all still there. I'm sorry but it is your life, therefore up to you to change it. Take care.


barbar - September 28

To Janie: When I said it was up to the medical world to look for solutions and not for me to behaviorially adjust to try to treat the problem, I actually intended to convey the following: that they can work on the science of it while I do all I can with what resources I have. Everybody has to do there bit and solutions are not going to come from anyone sector. As for me,I have been working on the stress issues, that includes stress from previous life experience and stress from immediate events. I also monitor my symptomology as best I can to determine correlates that may be acting as causes or stressors. I do believe that FMS involves decreased serotonin and endorphins so that body's natural ability to deal with pain is greatly diminished. This hormonal imbalance is exacerbated by bio-chemical surges from other hormones, such as those related to stress. It also means that we may unwittingly be doing things to increases the serotonin and endorphins in our systems. Once I realized I was shopping just for the thrill of it, that there was a bio-chemical surge that made me feel better even though I was actually completely uninterested in what I had purchased, I stopped the shopping craves. These craves, although providing immediate relief, only resulted in increased stress once I had to deal with the fiscal consequences. This provided two enormous benifits: I could now seek out more positive ways of "getting myself to feel better", such as working for charities, and I stopped one of my worst habits. So, you see, I am not out there leaving it up to someone else to solve all my problems and I am not spending all of my time complaining about my condition. I simply meant that medical professionals could do the kind of scientific research on the problem that I cannot do and I could focus on attending to my specific condition and that of others around me in ways that the scientists can not. I hope this clears things up.



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