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Preliminary Results ~ New Vitamins ~ Might Be Worth a Look
5 Replies
vavaughn - April 8

So it is really, really hard to tell if these are actually helping but I have had such a good alert week. Usually fibro fog and fatigue, in addition to pain, are disabling and especially my fatigue lately. However, anything that I think might help others I like to share. I know we all react differently to medications and who knows these might also help someone else.

The vitamins I have tried have not helped at all with my pain but have done wonders for my fatigue. This is the first time in 6 weeks I have made it to work every day of the week. The vitamins I tried are found online. They are made by Pro Health. I have 2 different kinds that I take as directed every day. They are called Fibro Complete Multi with Malic Acid and the second one is called Fibro Energy Formula. There are also more vitamins by this company made specifically for fibromyalgia (i.e. Fibro Freedom and Fibro Sleep) and may be worth a look.

Again, I know it has only been a week and it could be my flare is starting to wane. However, I will continue to share my results to see if they continue to help with my fatigue (fingers crossed). I hope this helps someone.

I hope everyone realizes that I have no affiliation with Pro Health and this is in no one anything by my own experience. Wishing everyone a painfree and alert day!


January - April 8

Hi Vavaughn - I have been looking over the pro-health site and it looks really good - summaries of recent research articles, information about fibro and related illnesses, viruses, and treatment modalities.

I don't know exactly what's in the formulas you are taking - but as I looked over the site, they recommended supplements that I've found very helpful. I carefully tried these things out, one by one, and found what worked for my fatigue - I especially can tell a difference with Acetyl L-carnitine; Ubiquinol (form of Co Q-10); DHEA; gingko and liquid DMAE/H3 drops. Also, I take some of the supplements they recommend for sleep and immune system.

INTERESTING that I found an article (very recent survey) about how only 40% of people taking the "FDA approved drugs" for fibro would like to stick with them. But 50% of those (like me) who take other drugs would stick with their regimen. Still, looks like at least 50% - 60% of us would like some BETTER drug treatments to come on the market! The side effects for anti-depressants and anti-convulsants over time are pretty awful, but… they ALL come with side effects… just some worse than others.

I'm very glad to hear you have found something that is helping you! The fatigue is as disabling as the pain, and they both make it hard to fight for yourself and to live a normal life. I hope your success with the supplements continues. I personally find them VERY helpful! I wish insurance would cover them so everyone could take them. Sometimes they work BETTER than prescription drugs, with fewer side effects.

PS Starting with "formula mixtures" can be tricky because some things work and some things might make you worse, so if you find over time that this "formula" doesn't work well, you might want to investigate the supplements one by one and see what really helps you. For example, 5-HTP helps with serotonin levels - so when I quit antidepressants, I tried 5-HTP. NOT GOOD for me! Going gluten free cured my depressive symptoms - so I guess my serotonin levels are OK, and the 5-HTP was making me anxious because I didn't need it. My wonderful pharmacist at Neighbor Care helped me figure this out.

Wishing you more energetic days! Thanks for sharing this information! : )


vavaughn - April 8

January -- thank you for sharing your experience and idea. I really like the idea of trying one supplement at a time if the "formula" type ones are not working. Also, I think maybe I'll take the supplements to my pharmacist to look for interactions. Thanks for sharing and I hope your supplements continue to work for you!


vavaughn - April 12

UPDATE: It is has now been 4 days since my original post and about a week since I started taking the Fibro Complete Multi and the Fibro Energy Formula. I haven't had a nap in 5 days! That may not sound like a lot but I had been sleeping 20 hours a day 3-4 days a week! I am so excited. I am trying VERY hard not to over do it and send myself back. I am enjoying the little things like time with my family, being able to eat dinner with my family, etc... I know that not everything works the same for all of us, but it might be worth some research at the very least! Wishing everyone the energy that I have been feeling!


polo - April 27

great post... and sounds like a great result as well
after going to pro health i noticed- Guaifenesin
and want to try that/ can i take all three together or will they interfere???

thx again


hope4painrelief - April 28

I read that you want to try the guafenisin protocol. I have tried it in the past and was see by the Dr. who invented the protocol and is very well versed about it, he is in Marina Del Rey Ca. I did it for about 6 months and it is a very involved treatment. You have to be on a plant based free protocol which means any products you use like lavender, aloe vera or ingredients in anything that touches your body lotions make-up shampoos etc. Also you go through what is called cycling where you will have to experience all the pains and symptoms in order to purge the toxins from your body. It was helping me but I was so incapacitated by the cycling it caused me to have a bipolar episode and hospitalized but then again because I do have bipolar I am sensitive to a lot of things. I am not telling you not to do it I have met people who have done great with it but it is a life long commitment and I encourage you to really investigate it and read the books by dr. SA and see someone who is very familiar with it. If you live in California or can make it here seeing the Dr who started the guai protocol is really worth it he is amazing, but it did not work for me unfortunately. If you have any questions contact me and I will help you any way I can. Good luck



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