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Pregnancy & fibro
4 Replies
cokama - May 20

Hi sorry am very new to this, only got diagnosed with fibro about 3 months ago and still getting my head around it. I have just found out i'm pregnant with my 5th child, can anyone give me advice about meds please? I have been taking amiltripyline, I know have to stop taking does anyone know if ok to just stop this medication cold turkey? I dont want to harm the baby. Also have read somewhere about 5htp does any know anything about this? Thankyou :)


Wendyline - May 23

cokama, Have you learned anything about 5htp? I was diagnosed with FM 6 months ago and then I found out I was pregnant. I am now 18 wks along with my fourth child and I am struggling with pain and fatigue now that I am not taking any medications. So far this has been a very difficult pregnancy.


cokama - May 23

hi wendyline have read one or two things on here about 5htp but not a lot, I also googled it and one website actually said it not recommended during pregnancy..all very confusing ah? Im sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult pregnancy sposed to be a really happy time for you. Have heard some people go into remission but then others get worse sypmtoms, I'm only quite early on so not sure what to expect yet. Stopped all my meds cold turkey as soon as found out the only trouble having so far is with my ibs. They really do need to do more research on pregnancy and fibro ah especially when it more common for women. Hope you have some good support? Can message me anytime if you need to vent. :)


Wendyline - May 23

cokama, thank you for your response. I almost bought the 5htp at the store today but like you said there is not enough information about this yet. Going to the store wiped me out. I seem to get so tired and achey easily. I have a 3 yr son who is disappointed that I am not doing all my regular stuff with him, a 12 yr daughter and a 16 yr old daughter. I do feel like I have a good support system it's just that no one understands how crummy I feel ~ even my Dr.'s.
How far along are you? And how are you feeling? Are you sleeping well? Write back whenever you get the chance. Hope that you are doing well today :o)


axxie - May 23

Hey girls, please for the sake of your unborn baby no meds.

I know you are having crummy days at best and real bad days most of the days.

Do yourself a favor, call your local high-school and ask if you can get a student to come and take care of the littles ones, while you take a nap and a nice bath, to help you.

There are alot of young ladies who would appreciate working a few hours a day and give the young lady the total control of the house and kids. Just make her promise, no matter what, not to bother you, until you are ready.

I actually did have a young girl who would come to my home and babysit my daughter and I, when we were sick and the rest of times, I would give her money and say take the kids for ice-cream and not to return for 2 hours that I needed to take a nap.

If the kids are out of school, maybe your friends that you have around your home, might know of someone who is not old enough to work outside but would be happy to make a little money.

It's the best money spent, trust me, I have done this loads of time and I haven't looked back. It was my best time for me, when I needed it.

Take it easy girls, remember there is always a way to find someone who can babysit the kids a few hours a week just to give you a break.



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