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Pregnancy and FMS
8 Replies
dwilmoth - April 13

I just found out I was pregnant. Do you know of any risks or complications FMS may add to my pregnancy?


JJ1 - April 13

I don't know the answer to your question, but CONGRATULATIONS!


JJ1 - April 13

There are some articles on the internet about pregnancy and Fibromyalgia...............http://pregn


JJ1 - April 13

Delete the dashes in the above listed web site (this site seems to arbitrarily add dashes)


dwilmoth - April 14

Thank you, JJ1. The article really helped. I never thought of it going into remission but it sounds logical b/c I have a friend that her RA went into remission during her preg. This is my 5th preg (prev 4 all miscarriages). So if you pray will you lift on up for me? Thanks again.


Jeannie3 - April 14

Oh, what happy news! Congratulations!
I didn't know it at the time but when I
was pregnant with my son in 1975 I had
fibro. I got tired a lot more it seemed but
lots of pregnant woman do. But there were no complications and I had a very
healthy baby. All the best to you and my
prayers are with you.


dwilmoth - April 24

Jaennie3. Thank you for the well wishes and prayers. And the encouragement that you had no complications. Take care.


larry - April 24

Dwilmoth, nearly 100% of fibro patients have hypothyroidism that is undiagnosed . You can research this at the site or by reading Mary Shomons books on "Living well with Hypothyroidism -what your doctor doesn't you that you need to know" . Mary's books will explain what tests you need to avoid being part of the 90% of patients that are still sick because of doctor's ignornace. There is a strong connection to infertility and pregnancy problems with hypothyroidism. Another great site is "" and Mary Shomon's site that gets 29 million hits a month- Congrats and best wishes!


ladypuddle - April 24

congrats, I went into remission after the first trimester with both my pregnancies and I am nowhere near as bad as when I got pregnant with my daughter 4 years ago. Even after 6 months of no sleep courtesy of my monster son lol

My first pregnancy was wonderful - my second I got pelvis pain and was miserable. My first ended in pre-eclampsia but that is family related, my second went full term



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