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Prednisone and Remission
10 Replies
Jocelyn - April 13

Have any of you been on prednisone for Fibro? If so, have any one of you been put in remission using prednisone, even if it were for a short time? I am asking because I have been on this site for a while and I find that everyone has taken a lot of drugs that we all have in common. But...when I was put on prednison for an asthma attack, my Fibro went into full remission until I was taken off of it. I had two months of completely pain free. However, it makes me think that I may have some other underlying cause which I want to bring up with my Rhuemy. I don't think he believes me that I don't think my pains are all from Fibro.


January - April 14

I had very short courses of Prednisone on and off for a few years. When I was taking it, of course, my energy level was much better, but I don't recall what it did to my pain levels.

I have seen other posts from people whose pain was helped by Prednisone. You might want to put it into the search box on the right and search for other conversations about it..?


fibromite.u.k. - April 14

Yes, there have been posts about this subject before. I am on Prednisone for a six-month course at the moment. I have to take 10ml a day for three months, then drop it to 7.5mg for a month (which I will start to do next week), then drop to 5mg for a month, then 2.5mg for another month.

It does wonders for me and although I am still just as tired on it, I am a different person for pain. I can walk about and do things that I haven't been able to do for years. Usually the pain is just so bad that I walk about very slowly and like an old woman.

My rheumy put me on it back in January because my pain was so bad. She says I have fibromyalgia but that she thinks it is secondary to something else. She says I have an auto-immune connective tissue disease, but as yet it hasn't been discovered which one. The problem is that my blood tests don't come up positive for the many things I have been tested for. I personally think I may have Sjorgren's syndrome as I seem to have just about all the symptoms of this. I have also recently been tested at my opticians for dry eyes and he says I have next to no tears. I am going to tell my rhuemy about this next time I see her.


Jocelyn - April 14

Thank you all for your wonderful response. Fibromite uk, you sound exactly like me. I have been diagnosed with Sjogren's, but he thinks it is Primary, not Secondary because none of my blood test show any particular autoimmune disease. I believe I have connective tissue disease and the reason is that I go into full remission while on a high does of prednisone. I am on 2.5 every day, because os the risk, they don't like to give you too much. Prednisone makes all pains go away, however, I cannot sleep while on it unless it is 5 mg or under, but I am willing to go on a higher does to see if they can get it under control and then once under control, hopefully, the low dose will work. My mother had Lupus and she had many drugs and prednisone is one that helped out immensely, and her disease went into remission until the end of her life. So, I am thinking I have some sort of connective tissue disease too. I do have an elevated sediment rate and an elevated above normal C-Reactive Protein test. I am on 2.5 mg of prednisone, but it is not enough to put me in remission, the other two times I was in remission I was put on prednisone for other reason and then taken off. I know the drug has some awful side effects, but increased doses over a short time is not too bad if it puts things right and you just need a low dose to keep it stable. My mother tried to come off of her prednisone of 2mg when she was getting chemo for cancer and she had a flare as soon as she did it, so she had to go back on it immediately. We will see what my next visit brings.

It is funny how you are still so tired while on a higher dose, my husband had no trouble sleeping while on it either, he has Crohns disease, however, my mother and I have the opposite effect, we cannot sleep.


kvc33 - April 17

I looked up prednisone and it mimics cortisol in the body which is produced by the adrenal glands and is involved in energy levels, pain and allergic response. Low adrenal function is common with CFS. One can use diet change and supplements to boost the adrenals.


Lee2010 - April 18

Jocelyn -
I, too, took prednisone for an allergic reaction to aloe, of all things. My son had an extremely bad sunburn on his back, and I was constantly rubbing aloe on it. I didn't wash it off with soap and water, and within two days my hand was swollen and full of blisters. I started out with 80mg for a few days, then dropped to 60mg, etc. until I was finally off. During that time I had terrible side effects, but the pain from my fibro was completely gone. My surgeon offered to put me on low dose prednisone to try and keep it under control, but the side effects that I endured weren't worth it. So I am still searching for pain relief. And the prednisone relief really only lasted while on the high dose - the pain returned as I lessened the dosage. I had heard that prednisone helped pain, so it's very interesting to hear that others had a similar reaction. Unfortunately, it's not a good drug to remain on long-term, but maybe for a special trip or event if the side effects aren't too hard on you. I can't tolerate it, so probably won't use it unless I absolutely have to. I haven't heard of anyone who hasn't dealt with side effects. I sure do wish it was the magic bullet.


Jocelyn - April 19

Thank you all for your great responses pertaining to prednisone. I do believe I have low adrenal issues. There are so many reasons for everything happening, it dries my crazy. I agree with not high doses of prednisone, it is not a drug to be reckoned with. However, in or to take my grandson to Disney World, I may have to ask for something to kill the pain so that I can make it through the week. Oh well...hopefully, within the next 4 years they will come up with some safer drugs for us to use. Until then, I will just ache and keep rolling my knots with my special stick :) It is painful, but it does release the pain and it is drug free.


winnierenee - January 3

I came across your post when I was Google-ling "Prednisone + Fibromyalgia."
I was on a prednisone step pack for an allergic reaction, to what I never found out. I did notice that all my Fibro symptoms were gone. I felt like I was a kid again. Needless to say, they came back when the Prednisone was finished.
I had been on Prednisone on several different occasions. Usually for poison ivy, as I am an avid gardener. It might have been the Prednisone that started the imbalance in my adrenals, leading to the Fibro. I always feel like I am sliding down a razor blade and burning. I went from working out three times a week to not being able to exercise at all. It is almost 20 years now. I will be dead before this mystery is ever solved. I just wish I could play with my 5 year old grandson more.
Good luck.


Jocelyn - January 4


I too have very bad allergies and was put on Prednisone for an asthma problem. I notice all my systems went away until I started to decrease the dosage. The Fibro pain came back as bad as it was before the Prednisone. My doctor put me on a low does of Prednisone, which I am still on, but if you can stay away from it, it is best. It is not a good drug, but I need it. I cannot function without it. I had so much burning in my knees and such that I could walk. I have also a lot of knots that I had to go to a PT to have broken up. I believe I am getting more. I have been suffering the last few months with CFS, so I haven't been on this site for a while.

Hope you feel better,


Kvasconez - January 18

I am a little late to the party, but I was put on Prednisone for joint inflammation. For the first time in 2.5 years, I am almost normal, manageable pain from fibro and cervical spinal stenosis and sciatica. I am 1/2 through my 15 day course, but I pray that it is a true remission.


January - January 18

I've been reading up on Lyme Disease. I think it's important to consider that a lot the symptoms of Lyme overlap with those of fibromyalgia. One interesting thing is that Lyme arthritis is due to inflammation - so the pain would probably respond to an anti-inflammation drug like Prednisone - however, if you do have Lyme, it's a bacterial infection and Prednisone decreases your immune response, so it could cause a rebound of the infection. Sort of stuck between a rock and hard place in that regard. Supposedly if pain is due to fibromyalgia, it is not from inflammation so, theoretically, Prednisone would not help it.

If interested in learning more, you can google Joseph Burrascano, MD - he has a whole book available online about Lyme Disease - with a very good few pages listing the many symptoms. They might surprise you!

I have been amazed to learn that the tests for Lyme are often wrong - some people say you get a false negative 60-75% of the time! It is ridiculous that doctors use a test that is so unreliable. People walk away thinking they don't have Lyme, when they might. You can get Lyme with or without a bulls eye rash, and you can get it anywhere in the US or Canada or Europe. The disease appears to be different in different people, like fibro. And once the bacteria is established in your body, it can go dormant - it won't be picked up on blood tests - it hides in the tissues. Then when something (unknown) sets off certain conditions (unknown) - perhaps a lowered immune response, or a trauma to the body - the bacteria releases and causes serious problems or flares. Over time, it can cause very severe disease in some people, even death. I don't know why people are not being regularly screened for Lyme Disease, especially in areas where it is endemic. I think if you have fibromyalgia, it's worth learning about this disease.



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