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Precursor to a bad day
4 Replies
Ken66 - July 6

I was wondering if anyone else has developed or recognized a precursor to severe pain days? For me, up until I was diagnosed I had no idea about what the next day would bring (which is even more frustrating than not knowing about fms). Now I know I am in for a hard day when I get a burning sensation in my arms, legs and back. I think my wife thinks I'm crazy but everytime this happens the pain is severe.

Does anybody else have the same symptoms?


Noca - July 6

I only know that when I exercise that the days after will be filled with agony.


Stacey373 - July 6

Hi! Most of the time I have no idea how I'm going to feel each day. It's almost like a game of "What's going to be wrong with me today?" Being diagnosed with FMS only helped me better understand that it's really not all in my head (like everyone thought!) and helped me to not be so hard on myself when I do have "bad days."

I mostly deal with constant headaches, well it's at least the one MAJOR thing that will put me in bed for days. Over the years I have learned the "signs" and I try to stop a bad headache from coming on.

Other than that...I do know if I push myself too hard, I will end up taking a few days to recover. perfect example is yesterday (4th of July) I pushed myself too hard, stayed up way too late, was on my feet and running around with the kids for too long... and now I'm paying for it!



I get a tingling feeling in my limbs and my tailbone starts to hurt very bad. I also have severe anxiety and depression which tells me, hey you are going to have a Fibro Flare (that is what I call it and how I explain my flare ups to others).
I think for everyone is different. I DEF agree with the over doing it! I feel the same way Stacey! I had so much to do and just kept moving this weekend (even though I hurt). I am so tired and would have LOVED to stay in bed today. Probably should have, but I gotta pay them bills! lol
Take care all! Talk to you soon


ufdacentral - July 6

Hi Ken66,Fm is a bugger when it comes to knowing what will set it off all the time..but over the many years of having this junk I have found out, that Stress is the first big factor and it doesn't have to be a severe stress either..just stress in general. Then it's the weather..humidity, and wet will trigger a flare up for me,some people can't do the cold. Mild excerise is okay..but long periods of intense excerise will set off a flare up for days. Days with out very much rest don't work well for FM folks either...we require allot more rest then other people. Not always trying to sleep, but just resting. When I get a bad flare up (which is often)I just have to do whatever it takes to find some relief. You might find other things that will set you up for a flare up Ken..I started by writing down every time I had a flare up, what had been going on in my life at the time..I soon found there was a pattern. Now I can put my finger on the cause everytime. FMS is tuff stuff to live with, lots of people have thought I was crazy over the years, just because something isn't broken or there isn't something visibly wrong, it is hard to understand how someone could be in such pain. But we are in pain...and lots of it. Only when a person experiences this daily pain can they understand. My hope is someday they will put there finger on EXACTLY what has set this off in our bodies and find a cure for FMS. Until then my FM friend...hang on, rest and take care of yourself. All of us with FM care about what your going through. Blessings.



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