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Praying I've come to the right place....
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MissAmandaLynne - July 6

I've been to more doctors than i can count, i've been prescribed so many different kinds of medications that i have my own personal harmacy in my bathroom cabinet, and all i'm getting are these diagnoses that don't fit the picture. Surely they are 'a part' of the big picture, but i'm sitting on my last bit of hope for an answer right now.
I have 2 children, my youngest is about to turn one this month, my second turns 2 this month. VERY close together. All my problems started immediately after the birth of my second son.
Just a few days after i had been home with my son, i started having these awful anxious feelings and a strange feeling in my chest. It got so bad one night that i took myself to the emergency room. I was sure something was very wrong. Everything came back fine. EKG, X rays, blood work. The ER Dr. talked to me about post partum depression and anxiety, we called my ob/gyn and i followed up with her the next day. She put me on zoloft. In the next 2 months following all of this, everything whirled out of control quickly. I kept getting UTI's an kidney infections, i developed this awful pain in my chest and was diagnosed with costochondritis, my hips constantly felt like they were on fire, my back and neck ached, everything hurt, i was waking up in the middle of the night in anxiety attacks, in cold sweats, my anxiety was spinning out of control. I was diagnosed with Major depressive disorder (nos), Anxiety, myalgias, costochondritis and thyroiditis. I was put on zoloft again, they tried prozac, they tried zanax, i was even put on levoxyl, a hormone replacement and NOTHING. I was being prescribed prescription strength ibuprofen, hydrocodone, was taking multivitamins, and even resorted to arthritis strength tylenol. And nothing ever, for a second, relieved my pain. And it all just got worse. I wake up tired, no matter how much or how little sleep i get. I wake up sore and stiff, i battle awful headaches EVERYDAY. And nothing relieves them. My bowel movements are ever changing, my pain is always present and while it does not seem to be as bad at moments, it never goes away. This past winter, i thought i was dying a slow death. It felt like winter was in my bones and i had these awful migraines. Mostly my hands, my back, my neck, my knees, my arms and my hips ache, and of course my chest. My chest is unbearable. It never gets better. I was told this costochondritis would go away, but its still here. I stopped seeing my Dr. because he just wanted to say i was depressed. But i'm not. In a way, sure. But because i don't enjoy things anymore. I can't take care of my kids right. I can't keep up with laundry and housework. I have no sex life. My husband just complains about how i dont ever want to do anything and when we do go do something, i lay in bed all day the next day. I just don't know where to turn. I found this site and had some hope shed light on me. My symptoms go on and on but i don't even know where else to start. I've had ANA'S done, they come back positive as far as numbers but i've had a DNA done for lupus and that was negative. Been tested for RA, had all the blood work in the world done in the last 12 months and nothing comes back. My Doctors doesnt even believe in fibro, and i'm not trying to self diagnose but i'm only 22 and i feel like my life has been taken from me.


January - July 7

Miss Amanda - I don't know what's wrong, but I suggest you take the initiative and do a lot of research. Start a notebook and write down what you learn (or print it out and highlight what applies); see how it lines up with your symptoms and discuss it with your doctors (if they will listen). If not, find a health care person who will work with you. And remember, your registered pharmacist (not a clerk) might be a wonderful resource - THEY know about drug side effects and interactions much more than the doctors do.

You may have started out with postpartum depression. But antidepressant drugs can be very harmful for certain people. My life took a big downward plunge after I started them (initially, I felt great, maybe a little manic?) - then one drug quit working; and they just kept putting me on different drugs. I got worse and worse. I developed all sorts of chronic pain and got a fibro diagnosis. I finally took myself off the antidepressants and cleaned up my diet. Withdrawal from these powerful drugs takes a much longer than the "few weeks" the doctors will tell you and it's very uncomfortable with anxiety, headaches, insomnia and strange feelings. A very helpful informative book is "Your Drug May Be Your Problem" by Peter Breggin. I also suggest you google the "Making a Killing" documentary about psychotropic drugs on YouTube and watch the whole thing. Educate yourself and make your own decisions.

You complain of many common side effects of antidepressants: emotional numbing, apathy, lack of sex drive and worsening depression are a few. Getting off these drugs is difficult, but you may feel better if you do. Please find a good health care provider who will work with you on this - you may have to google to find one. Many doctors don't really understand the drugs or how they work, and will never take you off them. Some of them get kickbacks for prescribing. Consider an alternative health practitioner for a second opinion.

I'd suggest you google all the drugs you are taking and read the long, serious websites with user comments on their experiences (forums) - I personally do NOT trust the slick dumbed-down websites that are put up by some medical establishments and drug companies. Think about it. They are in business to sell you more. Go for the websites with in depth information and without pictures of happy folks in white coats!

My pharmacist is great - I can ask him to print out information on a drug from his database - sometimes it's 30 pages long. I may not understand ALL of it, but I can understand the parts about the bad reactions that occur. If you take something "official" like that to your doctor, he can't ignore it.

To give you a start, I googled "Zoloft side effects" and here's what I got from under the part for professionals. I capitalized some of the side effects you mentioned. This is not even ALL the possible side effects. Sound like anything you have? If you don't know the medical terminology, all you have to do is google the term for an explanation.

"Autonomic Nervous System Disorders–Frequent: impotence; Infrequent: flushing, increased saliva, COLD CLAMMY SKIN, mydriasis; Rare: pallor, glaucoma, priapism, vasodilation.

Body as a Whole–General Disorders–Rare: allergic reaction, allergy.

Cardiovascular–Frequent: palpitations, CHEST PAIN; Infrequent: hypertension, TACHYCARDIA [racing heartbeat], postural dizziness, postural hypotension, periorbital edema, peripheral edema, hypotension, peripheral ischemia, syncope, edema, dependent edema; Rare: PRECORDIAL CHEST PAIN, SUBSTERNAL CHEST PAIN, aggravated hypertension, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular disorder.

Central and Peripheral Nervous System Disorders–Frequent: hypertonia, hypoesthesia; Infrequent: twitching, confusion, HYPERKINESIA, vertigo, ataxia, MIGRAINE, abnormal coordination, HYPERESTHESIA, leg cramps, abnormal gait, nystagmus, hypokinesia; Rare: dysphonia, coma, dyskinesia, hypotonia, ptosis, choreoathetosis, hyporeflexia. [They don't include anxiety here, though it could go under Hyperkinesia - J]

Disorders of Skin and Appendages–Infrequent: pruritus, acne, urticaria, alopecia, dry skin, erythematous rash, photosensitivity reaction, maculopapular rash; Rare: follicular rash, eczema, dermatitis, contact dermatitis, bullous eruption, hypertrichosis, skin discoloration, pustular rash.

Endocrine Disorders–Rare: exophthalmos, gynecomastia.

GASTROINTESTINAL DISORDERS–Frequent: appetite increased; Infrequent: dysphagia, tooth caries aggravated, eructation, esophagitis, gastroenteritis; Rare: melena, glossitis, gum hyperplasia, hiccup, stomatitis, tenesmus, colitis, diverticulitis, fecal incontinence, gastritis, rectum hemorrhage, hemorrhagic peptic ulcer, proctitis, ulcerative stomatitis, tongue edema, tongue ulceration.

General–Frequent: BACK PAIN, ASTHENIA, MALAISE, weight increase; Infrequent: fever, rigors, generalized edema; Rare: face edema, aphthous stomatitis.

Hearing and Vestibular Disorders–Rare: hyperacusis, labyrinthine disorder.

Hematopoietic and Lymphatic–Rare: anemia, anterior chamber eye hemorrhage.

Liver and Biliary System Disorders–Rare: abnormal hepatic function.

Metabolic and Nutritional Disorders–Infrequent: thirst; Rare: hypoglycemia, hypoglycemia reaction.

MUSCULOSKELETAL System Disorders–Frequent: MYALGIA; Infrequent: ARTHRALGIA, dystonia, arthrosis, MUSCLE CRAMPS, MUSCLE WEAKNESS.

Psychiatric Disorders–Frequent: yawning, other male sexual dysfunction, other FEMALE SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION; Infrequent: DEPRESSION, amnesia, paroniria, teeth-grinding, EMOTIONAL LABILITY, APATHY, abnormal dreams, euphoria, paranoid reaction, hallucination, aggressive reaction, AGGRAVATED DEPRESSION, delusions; Rare: withdrawal syndrome, suicide ideation, libido increased, somnambulism, illusion.

Reproductive–Infrequent: menstrual disorder, dysmenorrhea, intermenstrual bleeding, vaginal hemorrhage, amenorrhea, leukorrhea; Rare: female breast pain, menorrhagia, balanoposthitis, breast enlargement, atrophic vaginitis, acute female mastitis.

Respiratory System Disorders–Frequent: rhinitis; Infrequent: coughing, dyspnea, upper respiratory tract infection, epistaxis, bronchospasm, sinusitis; Rare: hyperventilation, bradypnea, stridor, apnea, bronchitis, hemoptysis, hypoventilation, laryngismus, laryngitis.

Special Senses–Frequent: tinnitus; Infrequent: conjunctivitis, earache, eye pain, abnormal accommodation; Rare: xerophthalmia, photophobia, diplopia, abnormal lacrimation, scotoma, visual field defect.

Urinary System Disorders–Infrequent: micturition frequency, polyuria, urinary retention, dysuria, nocturia, urinary incontinence; Rare: CYSTITIS, oliguria, PYELONEPHRITIS, hematuria, RENAL PAIN, STRANGURY.

Laboratory Tests
In man, asymptomatic elevations in serum transaminases (SGOT [or AST] and SGPT [or ALT]) have been reported infrequently (approximately 0.8%) in association with Sertraline hydrochloride administration. These hepatic enzyme elevations usually occurred within the first 1 to 9 weeks of drug treatment and promptly diminished upon drug discontinuation.

Sertraline hydrochloride therapy was associated with small mean increases in total cholesterol (approximately 3%) and triglycerides (approximately 5%), and a small mean decrease in serum uric acid (approximately 7%) of no apparent clinical importance.

Reports of adverse events temporally associated with Sertraline hydrochloride that have been received since market introduction, that are not listed above and that MAY have no causal relationship with the drug, include the following: ACUTE RENAL FAILURE, anaphylactoid reaction, angioedema, blindness, optic neuritis, cataract, increased coagulation times, bradycardia, AV block, atrial arrhythmias, QT-interval prolongation, ventricular tachycardia (including torsade de pointes-type arrhythmias), HYPOTHYROIDISM, agranulocytosis, aplastic anemia and pancytopenia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, LUPUS-LIKE SYNDROME, serum sickness, hyperglycemia, galactorrhea, hyperprolactinemia, neuroleptic malignant syndrome-like events, extrapyramidal symptoms, oculogyric crisis, serotonin syndrome, psychosis, pulmonary hypertension, severe skin reactions, which potentially can be fatal, such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome, vasculitis, photosensitivity and other severe cutaneous disorders, rare reports of pancreatitis, and liver events—clinical features (which in the majority of cases appeared to be reversible with discontinuation of Sertraline hydrochloride) occurring in one or more patients include: elevated enzymes, increased bilirubin, hepatomegaly, hepatitis, jaundice, abdominal pain, vomiting, liver failure AND DEATH."

I know people (myself included) who have had very bad experiences with the SSRIs and SNRIs (antidepressants). I had a number of the bad reactions listed under Zoloft. My doctors paid no attention to them. In fact, they weren't even documented in my records! And I was too sick during withdrawal to bother filing a report with the FDA. I am stunned to read all the stories online about bad reactions. Here's another database you can have a look at: ssristories(dot)com. Another good website for information about drugs is peoplespharmacy(dot)com.

I would suggest you read the forums where people talk about their own experiences. I would start with exploring the possibility that you are having a bad drug reaction. Although the "literature" lists certain symptoms as "infrequent" I think they really don't know the extent of it. That's just my opinion. They want to sell more drugs and they don't care what happens to one person.

Sorry to hear you had such a bad time. I did too, and I am a lot better now that I stay away from antidepressants. If you are not psychotic, you probably can deal with things in therapy. Hope you will research your symptoms and discuss your concerns with a good health care provider. You WILL feel better when you get yourself straightened out and find the proper diagnosis, which may include fibromyalgia - but again, you can find treatments to help yourself that won't cause your body harm. All the best to you. Hang in there! : )


kvc33 - July 7

Fibromyalgia sometimes comes on after pregnancy. The Colorado Fibromyalgia center calls it neuro-endrocine fibromyalgia. Just google them. I would say that with two pregnacies back to back a disruption in your hormones is the most likely cause. It is obvious that prescription medication is not for you and has probably made you worse. I believe you need to get proper tests to see what is going on. If you Google integrative psychiatry you will find a website that offers information, test kits, and phone consultations to help you determine what is going on with you. They test for many health conditions. Standard medical tests may not show anything wrong but there definately is something very wrong. Hormones can be very tricky to balance. Did they treat the thyroiditis and if so with what? Some women find that their fibro goes away when they are pregnant and fibro mainly affects women so hormones are certainly a big part of the picture in my view. I suggest you consult a naturopathic doctor to see if he/she can help you with supplements, testing and so on. Many of us have food allergies so get tested for those as well. If you can get some help around the house, you really need it. It is possible that in another year or so your hormones will balance themselves but I wouldn't wait for that. Are you having regular periods? I will certainly pray for you because you need it so much and I really care about what happens to you, sister!


Pikespeak - July 7

I have been doing some research on how the Colo. Fibro Center and the Fibro and Fatigue Clinics treat people with FMS. They check to see if one has low thyroid or if their adrenal glands are exhausted (amongst lots of other things). Then they create a plan to address all the areas. One of the disorders (can't remember which one) has a symptom of anxiety. I now realize that I have symptoms in both areas! I am so sorry this has happened when you should be enjoying motherhood! Please stay in touch and let us know how you're doing.


snapdragon79 - July 7

Hi miss Amanda,I'm so sorry to hear your story, it must be so hard to be a mother and be ill like this, firstly get rid of your doctor! the ones that don't belive that fyromyalgia or chronic fatigue sydrome are real! they are no help and will only drag you down. Try and find a doctor who is understanding and start from scratch, tell them exactly how you feel, (keep a diary), insist on blood work. I was on zoloft for a short time and I did indeed feel worse on this tablet! the most important thing if you have fybro/ chronic fatigue syndrome is to rest and not overdo everyday tasks. (I know this would be hard with small children) but its really important. if your having problems with family or friends not understanding your illness, have a read of "the letter to the normals" in the family members section of this forum, and let them read it to. its wonderful. I really hope you feel alot better soon, ask people on this forum for info on doctors in your area, I'm in Australia so not to sure of things overseas, try google as much info about fybro as you can, even take it with you to show your trusted doctor. take care and just know your not alone, will say a prayer for you too, just don't give up.


MissAmandaLynne - July 7

I've haven't been on any medication for the last several months. The anti-depressants they tried never made anything worse, they didn't do anything it all. My symptoms took a turn for the worse, and remained where they are after a severe anxiety attack. One so bad i called an ambulance.

I had no idea it was or could have been anxiety. I was just sitting there and i had a bad headache. The headache went away and all of a sudden it felt like my skin was on fire. My whole body felt like someone poured gasoline on me and lit a match.
My whole body ached. I felt like i couldn't breath. To me, i felt like i was dying. I swore my body was shutting down and i didn't know why. I had my husband take me to the hospital and 2 roads down i couldn't handle it, i just knew i was dying so i called an ambulance to the parking lot i had him pull over at. Vitals were fine, other than my heart rate of course was sky high because of my panic.

They took me to the hospital and did x-rays, another ekg, urine analysis, took blood, and nothing came back. Mind you this was round about the 6th trip to the ER or DR for blood work, ekg's, x-rays and UA. The Dr. asked me if i had ever suffered from anxiety and i said yes, but i was on medication for it, but of the anxiety i had ever had, it felt nothing like i was feeling. I became a hypochondriac because there were so many things going wrong, i was just waiting for something else to happen.

I started a strict diet full of raw foods, which i had only mostly eaten anyway, i started taking vitimins, apple cider vinegar, oil of oregano, immune support supplements, probiotics, drinking lot's of water, and nothing ever changed.
Nothing at all.

I did so much research on my symptoms, i even took it to my DR. I read up on lupus, RA, hypothyroid, autoimmune conditions, CFS and finally fibromyalgia. I made a list of my symptoms and Dr's i had seen, medications i had been tried on, and small diagnoses that had already been made.

That's when all the extensive blood work was done.
Several ANA's on different accounts, CBC's, DNA ANA, RF, ESR, T3, TSH, Antimicrosomal antibody, Antithyroglobulin antibody, BMP, CPK, and some muscle tests, i'm not sure what they were, done a few times, to check for muscle deterioration or something along the lines of. I even had a urine culture done because of my constant Urinary problems. I kept a diary and still do about how i feel, what makes what symptoms worse, and how mostly i feel lost. Everyday i ask myself what went wrong and where.

My anxiety i control without medication, as i believe my anxiety is not what the main problem was or is, as my DR. believed, but is a result of what i believe the real issue is, whatever it is.

I do think the information about side effects is interesting in itself. I'm not one to throw anything out because i don't actually have a diagnoses.

I was chronically prescribed antibiotics for months during all of this in the first 9 months because of constant sinus infections, Urinary tracts infections, kidney infections, for superficial abscesses that kept forming on my thighs, for soft tissue bacterial infections, and on one account, for a canker sore ( i get them frequently, but i never had a canker sore until after i had my son and all of this started )
that was so bad, my lymph nodes were swollen and sore, my throat was swollen and sore, my cheek swelled up, i had a fever, i couldn't eat for over a week, and i had puss and blood coming out of it. I went to my Dr. when it first started, i was sure i had an abscessed tooth, he said no, it looked like a canker sore. I didn't believe him, i didn't think a canker sore could get so bad. It got worse and i went to the dentist a week later, and he took x-rays and asked me what the problem was because he said my tooth/teeth were fine. He looked and said it was just an awful canker sore and put me on antibiotics to prevent any kind of secondary infection. It took 2 months to heal and left a scar.

I've seen my gynocylogist, a phsyciatrist, a behavioral health therapist, several ER Dr's, seen 3 different Dr's on several, several occasions at the clinic i most recently stopped going to because they think i'm crazy, and 2 different Dr's on quite a few accounts at a clinic i first started out with and got hopeless with.

I've been told i need to see a rheumatologist, an endocrinologist, a urologist. I don't want 100 small diagnoses, i want an answer. Isn't this what Dr's are for? I know they are human and make mistakes just the same, but it's a no wonder there are people who just can't stay alive or healthy to save themselves because they're misdiagnosed, not believed or can't afford to be diagnosed.

But i want my life back.
And all of you here seem very knowledgable of the kinds of answers i'm looking for, like what kind of Dr. should i fork up the money to go see?
Because the one's i have seen have done nothing but discourage me and try to tell me 'it's all in my head', even my husband and mother and law did for months. But i knew it wasn't. I wasn't imagining these things. I have always been an incredibly healthy, active person.

It felt like something invaded my body.
I just feel sick all the time.
There's always something wrong.
Now given, the same things are always wrong.

My too-long list of symptoms are as follows:

Cold sweats
Weight gain (despite eating properly)
Sugar cravings
Cluster headaches
Blurred vision
Eye pain
Ear pain
Scalp pain/tender scalp
Muscle pain
Muscle twitches
Tingling scalp, legs and arms
Chest pain (diagnosed with costochondritis)
HORRIBLE allergies
Constant post nasal drip
Runny nose
Rining in my ears
Awful sleep pattern (constantly waking up for no reason or not being able to fall asleep, mostly in due to pain)
Abnormal daily fatique
Menstrual problems ( started with EXTREMELY painful perdiods, OTC and prescription pain medication never helped. Now i haven't had a period in months, but i get the same pains.)
Pelvic pain
Stomach pain
Vaginal pain
No sex drive
Vaginal yeast infection I CANNOT get rid of
IBS (Diagnosed)
Serious cognitive problems (Counting money wrong, reading things backwards, not being able to remember)
Balance problems
Senstive to light, sound and odors of any kind
Rain, cold and extreme heat cause me more pain
Occasionally i get panic attacks
Anxiety (diagnosed)
Depression (MDD[nos] diagnosed)
Unaccountable irritability
Heart palpitations
Bruise easily (always covered in bruises)
Hair loss
Nose bleeds (I'd like to think because of my constant post nasal drip/nasal irritation)
Canker sores
Muscle cramps
Involuntary muscle movement (not twitching or cramping, my muscles just move while i'm still)
When i get a virus of any kind, i feel like i've been beaten by cavemen
Constant gas
Jaw pain
Shin pain
Restless leg syndrome (diagnosed)

And in a nutshell,
over all uncomfortable, abnormal fatigue, exhaustion, and pain of all kinds.

I've had RLS since i was a child, that and dysuria. I also struggled with ADHD and migraines growing up.

But none of my symptoms (mostly), existed in their severity if at all until after i had my son.

SStress makes me worse, activity makes me worse, cold weather makes me worse, not being able to do things i used to do make me worse :(

I feel like i've been robbed of being able to be a good mother, wife and friend.
I am willing to listen to anything anyone has to say, because up until now, i have had nothing but people doubt me because 'i look fine' and tell me i have a weak mind. If this was all in my head, i'd be thrilled, because it would just go away at my will. But it doesn't.

The only thing that's ever slightly worked for me, is a lotion called, TWO OLD GOATS. It's an arthritis and fibromyalgia lotion my mother found at an ace hardware store. It works wonders! I doubted a lotion could help me when prescription medication didn't. My Dr. wanted to try cymbalta, but i said no because of the problems people have had with it, he wanted to prescribe it for the anxiety and pain.
I feel like i've said too much.
But i have so much to say.
I've been locked in my own mind for a year now, alone. I wish my husband or family even cared enough to try to research themselves. None of them believe in FIBRO.
And maybe that isn't what i have, i don't know what i have.
But i want to know what i have.
My grandmother and all my aunts on my fathers side of the family have fibromyalgia amongst other things.

Any advice or comment would be appreciated.


kvc33 - July 7

Wow, I can't believe with all that going on that you are still alive. You have a classic full-blown case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in my view. Your earlier symptoms of anxiety, RLS and ADHD are part of it. I'm not sure you have ADHD as CFS causes difficulty remembering, concentrating, reading and processing information. When people first get CFS they often get one infection after the other. They get antibiotics and although it may help clear up the initial infection, the antibiotics further destroy the immune system, leaving the person even more vulnerable to another infection. You are not crazy, you are very very sick. Regular MDs usually totally suck as treating CFS. They don't have a clue what to do. Your anxiety indicates that your adrenal glands and neurotransmitters are not working properly. Please go to the Colorado Fibromyalgia website and read their theory on what causes CFS. See a naturopath. They will listen and believe your symptoms. I suggest you get the test kit from the integrative psychiatry website called neuroendocrine. It is 339.00. I have ordered it myself and can't wait to do the test. Your digestive problems must be addressed. It sounds like you have a candida infection. It causes sugar cravings, yeast infections and the other symptoms you describe. The gut is very involved with the immune system and is a very important part of the puzzle. A naturopath can help you with the right diet and supplements for that condition. Google candida and learn about it. The yeast lives on underwear even when it has been washed. It needs to be soaked in a bleach solution and then thoroughly rinsed. Go out and buy yourself some new underwear. You have probably passed your yeast infection to your husband at some point. He will typically have no symptoms but will pass it back to you. Do not have unprotected sex.


snapdragon79 - July 8

Hi missAmanda, just wanted to say that it really does sound like you have candida indeed, I got candida from being over prescribed antibiotics when I had my EBV (glandular fever), I had most of those things, particular.. the nights sweats, severe panic attacks, constant thrush (downstaires) a terrable fungal rash all over my body which makes my skin go white and patchy and itchy as all brain fog (I had to shop only with a card, couldnt handle cash at all because I couldnt think, this still sometimes happens for me...)muscle fatigue, cranky moods, extremely tired and feeling cold all the time. please find a nathropath, I have a wonderful one in australia! he fixed me of this candida, combo of Garlic pills which was really important kills candida, along with other minerals and vita's, I went on wheat free diet, no sugars, no dairy, for some time only some veggies that are not starchy, and organic meat, chicken! you will be able to google the candida diet, but remember sugar feeds it and anything with yeast in it!!!!!! I am positive sweet girl that you will feel even just the slightest bit better if you see a nathropath and do the candida diet and take there pills and things its well worth a crack! if you would like anymore info please let me know, I have fybro now but at least the dreaded thrush has gone...good luck with it all...x


snapdragon79 - July 8

ps..miss Amanda try to only wear cotton underwear! anything synthetic will make matters worse! aviod tight leggings, jeans,and panty hose!my mum used to wash all my underware in hot water with a special canesten wash bought at the super market and chemist shops.(just put in the washing machine no hand If you do the candida diet one thing you will notice is weight loss and you will be very hungrey as you dont eat a lot of carbs, but I got around this by eating protien foods that were aloud. also wine is one of the WORST things for thrush!!! hope this helps, if you would like a few recipes for candida I will get you a list from my mother. the idea is starve out this fungus, and replace with good bacteria, I took a powder called lactabac 3 times a day, along with garlic and other vitamins and minerals...keep in touch x


MissAmandaLynne - July 8

Candida was something i had read up on initially, but didn't think much of it. But then everywhere i looked it kept coming up.
I talked to a few people about it, my parents, husband, some co workers.
I know just about everything there is to know about it, as far as i've read everything there is to read anyhow.
I've just given up hope in Dr's so i stopped going and have just been living in misery.
When you feel this way its hard to keep trying when you get told your crazy or that there's nothing wrong with you.


kvc33 - July 8

Don't talk to a regular MD about candida. Most of them don't believe in it. BTW, your ringing in the ear is caused by too much glutamate in the brain which is an excitatory neurotransmitter. It can be counteracted with another neurotransmitter called GABA which you my find at your local health food store. Also try decaf green tea which contains theanine which increases GABA.


January - July 8

Miss Amanda - by any chance, did you take a drug called Clindamycin for the ulcers in your mouth? That drug can cause terrible gut problems for some people. The gut problems cause more problems - and it gets complicated from there.


January - July 8

And PS - migraines and ADHD in childhood are often symptoms of a gluten intolerance, so you might want to get a test for celiac antibodies. Many of your symptoms line up with celiac disease symptoms which can affect all areas of the body because of inflamed small intestines and malnourishment. You also list symptoms consistent with allergies, so check for them - in your food and your environment. Celiac disease can cause chronic pain, including muscle and bone pain, headaches, mood disorders, skin rashes, canker sores, etc. Google "celiac disease" to learn more. Most doctors know NOTHING about it! Hope you get some help soon!


MissAmandaLynne - July 9

I was never put on anything for my recurrent canker sores.

But after all this advice, i've gotten ahold of a naturopathic doctor here in Austin.
Her name is Dr. Fritz and she seems to really care about my symptoms, unlike the allopathic doctors i've seen.

I see her next week.

She wants to do some allergy testing, saliva/stool sampleing, test me for lyme disease and gluten intolerance.
So i think we are on the right track!


January - July 9

Allright! Glad to hear you found an alternative doctor - someone who listens! I think you will feel better soon, Miss Amanda. Wishing you the best.


snapdragon79 - July 10

Hi Miss Amanda, so glad you have found someone that is prepared to listen! this is wonderful in itself! I got my diagnosis confirmed though a hemaview blood test at the time, but this is going back over ten years, was just a small prick to the finger and a drop of blood put onto a slide and then placed on a microscope thingy, and he even let me look and showed me the candida that was distroying my life, and that was just a tiny amound of blood so u can imagine how much of this candida was flowing though my blood! I had systamic ( sorry not good at spelling) candida. ask your nathropath if they do this test its brillant! so pleased sweet girl for you, i have a good feeling your on the right track, please let us know how you go, sending warmest hugs!


MissAmandaLynne - July 11

So it's possible a systemic candida infection could really be causing me all this distress and misery? I'm really anxious now about what all she will test and how the results will turn out.

Always feeling this way, it's scary to think it could be something terrible. This experience has definitely opened my eyes to people who experience things we can't imagine without enduring it ourselves, things such as terminal illness and cancer amongst other things.



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