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pounding heartbeats
13 Replies
tcmby - January 18

hi guys. having fibro has kicked what used to be a minor anxiety problem into high-gear for me. i know that its real common to get palpatations when your anxious but lately Ive had deep pounding beats in my chest that feel like deep slow booms. it freaks me out! i am in my early 20's & had my heart all checked out recently at the ER with costocondrits so i am sure my heart is fine. I did some googling & found that these things can be called PVC's. i'm wondering if anyone else here deals with this & if its another common symptom for fibro or not? anxiety really sucks. i think that constant stress is what actually gave me fibro to begin with! can anyone relate to this? thanx.


Patrice - January 18

Hi tcmby ... I also believe that constant stress intensified my fibro symptoms to where the diagnosis was finally confirmed. Those deep, strong pounding beats in my chest are truly scary, but go away. If they were to last very long I'd freak out. If anyone has any information and/or links to the effects of stress bringing on fibro I would appreciate your help.


larry - January 18

Hi guys,
I read read the book by Mary Sholom -“Living well with Fibromyalgia- What your doctor doesn’t tell you”. It addresses anxiety and pounding heartbeats. It is fascinating to learn why.


dream69 - January 18

Larry if you know, feel free to tell us so we don't have to buy the book.


jhummel03 - January 18

This is common with fibro patients and shouldn't cause any alarm. However, if it lasts for more than a few seconds, you should start keeping record of its occurances to share with your physician.


larry - January 19

Hi dream69, I couldn't even do the book justice. There are some similarities to what you speak about with the thyroid, t3, t4, reverse t3, t1,t9, etc. However the thyroid is just one part of the overall circuitry in our body. If you blow or overwork a fuse in one area of your house (one of your glands) you can expect it to affect the rest of the house, your body. (I no longer have the pounding heart and anxiety.) Mary Sholom has a website that gets 29 million readers a month it is Again the thyroid is just one small component of this syndrome. I still recommend the book as you will learn so much more. It is a true mind blower and might make you mad when you learn that this epidemic could have been prevented.
It definitely is worth the read. “Living well with Fibromyalgia- what your doctor doesn’t tell you that you need to know” is the correct name of Mary’s book. BTW - the fibro and fatique center recommended ginger tea to me and to new patients when they address fibro at the symptom level (stage 1 of 6) to make their patients comfortable. Since alot of fibro patients have a higher level of fibrin in their blood it really helps. Another BTW- I use to live in the Belaire area around Hillcroft @ 59 area across from Sharpstown Mall (for 10 years). I hear the area has changed a lot. I still have some dishes from the Fiesta on Fondren (?). How r u addressing fibro other than drinking the ginger tea?


JJ1 - January 19

I get a pounding, too, but it may be a little different. Mine is where it is loud in my ears -- it actually makes it hard to hear at times. I also had chest pains and saw a cardiologist last year who said everything with my heart seemed just fine.


dream69 - January 19

Larry to be honest with you, the only thing I am taking as far as medication is concerned is ginger tea and I recently started the Atkins diet to reduce GERD and finally I am exercising. Soon I will create a web site where people can read my story and progress.


larry - January 19

Dream, why haven't you addressed your thyroid?


BRENDA - January 21

I also have a variety of heart symptoms! I once got so bad that I ended up inthe ER. They did a bunch of different tests including a cardiac cath (all came back normal). This was about 5yrs before my FMS DX. I had Grave's disease then & was on synthroid. My thyroid levels were fine! I believe it was FMS! I have had heart problems off & on since then & I try not to worry to much about it. It is very hard sometimes! I have palpatations (PVC's), racing ( tachyardia), chest painof unknow origin!


tcmby - January 23

thanx patrice, larry, dream, JJ & jhummel... they are still freaking me out but I am reading how common they are everywhere... i wish they would go away!


dream69 - January 23

tcmby; Since I have been taking the ginger root tea I have not had an episode of palpitations. I know for a fact this would help everybody on this forum. I wish everyone would give it a try.


BRENDA - January 24

You are welcome, tcmby. Have you given any thought to anxiety attacks? Many of us suffer from this & one of the symptoms is heart palpatations. Hope this helps.


tcmby - February 1

teresat/brenda i'm sorry but i didnt thank you for anything... sorry if that is too direct... but due to our past exchanges it should be obvious why. everyone else, i sincerely thank you for the advice & ideas.



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