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Post menopausal pain and bleeding
4 Replies
lizbet - April 19

Hi everyone. Im new to this but I love your site its so informative and makes me realise im not alone in all of this. I finished work 3yrs ago when I was diagnosed with this evil disease and suffer daily with severe pain,stiffness, ibs,and
other ailments too numerous to mention!!! For the past 12mths Ive been having period type pain in lower abs and back and have had post menopausal bleeding several times. The pain is now always there. My Gynocologist says there is nothing wrong and its just 'one of those things' shrugs his shoulders and leaves me to get on with it. I was wondering it anyone has had anything similar.
surely fibro wouldnt cause this too would it?
Im also having bad swelling and pain in my feet ankles and lower legs. Its very painful and swollen and red. The foot pain is on my instep into my ankles and along the outer side of my feet and all around both outer ankles. My legs are too tender to touch and the foot pain stops me walking. Sorry Ive gone on a bit but im struggling to cope at the moment and no one seems
to understand at all.
Take care xx


toots2889 - April 19

Lizbet, Im not sure. It could be I guess, as I know my periods have gotten so bad I need to take pain pills for the cramping. My cramps have gotten so bad, going into my legs, my low back, and stomach, that I cant stand it. It will even wake me up at night once I do fall asleep. I know my feet swell during this time also which causes my feet to hurt.
If he has thoughly checked you out and is confident that its nothing, it could be the fibro.
Have you mentioned this to your primary doc? If you havent you should, so you can feel reassured. I sometimes feel like the minute they know you have fibro, thats what they blame everything on. Hope i was of some help and good luck to you!!


lizbet - April 19

Thanks toots2889, Im going to go to docs in a few days and see what he has to say. You are right about them blaming everything on fibro though. My doc has been very sympathetic and understanding but lately he blames everything on fibro too.
Take care.xx


elaine11 - October 19

I felt like I was reading about myself when I discovered your post!!! The post menopause cramps and occasional spotting has left me soooo of anxious. I am 57 and have been menopausal for 7 years. I went in for an ultrasound/pap smear/blood work in 2012 and again in 2014 and everything was completely normal; the uterine lining was very thin. Four months ago I saw my GPA and said that the backache, cramping and pressure were so bad that I felt like my uterus was prolapsed or something terribly wrong. He did a pelvic and said everything felt normal and my uterus is very small. Is this all a hormone imbalance? Have you found any answersuggestions or help? Would love to hear from you!


toots2889 - October 20

Elaine 11-Wow it's been awhile since I've been on or posted! It was nice to hear from you and know that I may be helping people out there from posts that are a few years old. I can tell you the best thing I did for my problem with cramps, and etc. was to have a hysterectomy! These days they don't even need to cut you open, they can do it vaginally. You don't have any real down time, I think I had to take it easy for a couple days and that was it. I didn't hurt or anything. I had no more issues with cramps, periods, swollen feet, etc. If your done having children, I recommend it. My gynecologist said to that's the only real reason not to If your having so many problems and pain. I would of done this sooner had I known! I felt great after having that done and not having to deal with it anymore! I hope I'm of some help to some of you and if you ever have questions and don't know who to ask, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask me! I've been dealing with this for over 20yrs. and I had people who helped me when I needed it. God Bless



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