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Possible work discrimination
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positiveoutlook - July 8

I would really appreciate some advice and I guess support from other people who might be experiencing the same.I keep a positive outlook and a proactive attitude to Fibromyalgia. I made myself a promise that no matter how severe my pain is or how tired I feel, that I get out of bed everyday and do something positive. In the last three years I have maintained full time employment, with about a month off with fibro related symptoms. Just takingthose days were you feel like you have been hit by a mac truck and then it reversed over you as well :)
I walk alot, I rattle with the amount of natural supplements I take and I do find they help,along with acupuncture, massage and pilates. I have primarily worked through an agency as a temp, which allows me much more flexibility with my working hours. Four months ago I decided to take a permanent position because I wanted to be apart of a team and feel like my opinions, experience and contributions mattered rather than flitting from one post to another sometimes on a daily basis. Of course when you start a new job there is a three month probation period and an occuptaional health form, on which I was honest and explained I had fibro and my associated symptoms.Nothing has been forth coming from the occupational health department and I have continued working. My job training and assessments have all been, satisfactory and I have been told, I am where I should be in terms of being new and understanding new systems.
My mid probation meeting went well and there were a few things about time and case management, but
nothing out of the ordinary. I have just failed my
final probationary meeting and my manager wants to
extend my probation for a further 3 months. There isn't anyhting positive about my work in the appraisal, even stating I grasp new ideas and direction slowly. Things not even highlighted, in my mid probation appraisal or previously mentioned
she has failed me on, despite assessments done by other people, that contradict what she is saying.
I know verbally I need to be more concise, but if I waffle, it helps me to remember all I need to, so I don't forget. I know I get nervous when I have to speak in front of a group, but that is primarily becuase I am worried that I am going to forget mid sentence and have an episode of brain fog. My long term memory and professional training I did years ago is still there and adding new learing to it is easy because I tie it into the old stuff,it just takes a little longer, if that makes sense. I am concerned that my manager will use my fibro as an excuse to fail me and the stress of it all will exacerbate my symptoms, allowing her to do so :( I won't have a leg to stand on because I am still in the probationary phase. I would appreciate any suggestions. Many thanks



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