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Possible symptoms of Fibro?
3 Replies
cargomech - January 17

I just wanted to get a deeper view into the symptoms I have been having for the last 3-4 years. The symptoms have been getting worse and are affecting every aspect of my life. I am a 32yo disabled veteran. I spent over a year in the middle east and the Veterans Administration is fighting me the whole way through this.

Overall body/joint pain. These have been so bad for the last few months it has been hard to do just about anything. I have to force myself to go to work and leave bed. Getting out of chairs and up off of the floor are probably the worst for me. Just walking a little at work make my lower extremeties scream in pain.

I'm always tired. I have been bringing this up in every doctors appointment that I go to. I have found that when I am having a large amount of pain, it is hard for me to fall asleep. Even when I do fall asleep I can sleep for 12-14hrs and still wake up tired. I have been falling asleep at work for 2-4hrs a day. I find that even high amounts of caffine cannot even come close to keeping me awake.

Migranes. I have 1-2 prostrating migranes a week where I can't do anything but close my eyes and ride out the pain. These also come with blurred vision and/or bright sparkles of light in my vision.

Other headaches/pains. I get this electrical type pain that starts from either my left or right shoulder/armpit area and discharges to my fingertips and the top of my skull. It is so painful I would say it is causing anxiety. I get the sweats and it hurts so bad I can't move.

Concentration. I used to be able to multi-task with the best of them but over the past couple years it has gotten to the point that if I don't finish what I start before even thinking about the next thing, it just doesn't get done.

Fibro Fog like symptoms. I have found myself driving past work and/or home by accident atleast once a week. I actually poured ice tea on my food thinking it was a sauce, not that long ago.

Memory. I have missed work appointments that I have. I forget peoples names very easily. I'm just having a hard time remembering just about anything.

I have appointments upcoming with a Neuro and Rheumatologist. Is there anything that I should make them aware of to try to help with a diagnosis of some sort?

Thank you in advance.


kvc33 - January 17

Were you injured or traumatized in the middle east? Are you saying that you are fighting to get disability benefits and quit working? Certainly pain and unrefreshing sleep will cause problems with memory and concentration. Are you documenting your difficulties with work and is your employer aware of your struggles? You would need this as evidence that you are not capable of maintaining a job. There are excellent medications for migraines, have you tried them?


cargomech - January 18

I was injured in the middle east. I had to come home and get my shoulder surgically repaired so it would quit coming out of socket. My shoulder was so bad it was coming out of socket in my sleep. Let me tell you that is the most wonderful way to wake up. I was medically retired from the military this past December because of my shoulder and I had a ankle dislocation (which they called a sprain). This "sprain" rehab consisted of 8 weeks in a walking boot then 14 weeks in a cast and still untill a year ago they hadn't realized that I cracked the tip of my leg bone on the ground when I fell.

I'm not trying to stop working but every little bit helps. I don't think I could ever stop working. I start going stir crazy around the house if I'm off for longer than a couple days. I have started keeping a log of what I feel and when I feel it. I actually still work for the DoD as a civilian and I'm responsible for buying millions of dollars of "stuff" on behalf of the military. If my boss were to find out the types of problems I am having "without a diagnosis" I would more than likely be fired. Sleeping at work is kinda frowned upon. Luckily, I work 10 miles from my boss and have an office all to myself.

I think my main question is, is there anything that I should be bringing up to the doctors so that they might take me seriously?

At last VA appointment I brought up the possibility of Fibro and the doc said that it normally only happens in females. However, she then proceded to check my knee reflexes and whe she hit me with that damn hammer thing I about hit the ceiling and she said "don't tell me that hurt"


kvc33 - January 18

With any kind of injury or illness you can't have it both ways-- you can't hide your problems in one area of your life and fake being well and then try to get doctors to believe that your problems are real. You have to be honest all the time. Even then, many people won't believe you. Fire any doctor who does not take your concerns or pain seriously. Most people like yourself force themselves to continue working until they can't get out of bed and then they are in real trouble so I don't ever recommend pushing yourself. Your body only has so much it can take and people can literally become totally disabled overnight. Even those of us who have quit working push ourselves and pay for it, even if it's just doing housework or shopping. You are also putting yourself and others in danger if you are driving when you are not mentally all there. It's true that fibro affects mostly women but men get it too. If often comes on after a physical or emotional trauma. Your new doctors should be aware of all of your symptoms and how they affect every area of your life and that includes your work life. They should also know your history of injuries and surgeries. They should know the level of pain you are experiencing, how often, and the different kinds of pain you have. You should start documenting it all on a daily basis and write it down. Your sleep habits, medications, diet, and use of any substances such as alcohol and nicotine all play a role too. Caffeine worsens pain and anxiety in many people so don't use it. If you smoke or drink, quit. Many of us find that getting tested for food allergies and avoiding those foods relieves some of our pain and symptoms. You would need to see a naturopath for that most likely. You could adapt to part time work or retirement, most of us do at some point in our lives. It doesn't mean giving up on life. My bf took early retirement at 52 and he is busy every day. He is very involved with a computer and photography group, home reno and so on. I haven't worked for 17 years and even if I could go back, I wouldn't. Even if I were to become able at some point I would do volunteer work instead. I do a little at home actually. Please don't take any of my comments as judgement, you are following the typical path that most people do. I'm asking you to do it differently. By the way, fatigue worsens pain, so if you push yourself you will get more pain, guaranteed.



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