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Possible permanent cure for fibro
5 Replies
keshe - October 24

We are a foundation based organisation, we might have found one of the solutions to curing FMS.
We are trying to contact as many people with the illness of fibromyalgy to confirm its corrects through as many nations with this illness throughout the world.
We have developed simple but fully effective system for body to cure itself from this illness.
The treatment uses no medication and in support of its effectiveness I enclose a copy of email from the patient who has used it.
Could you be kind enough to contact me to let me know how we can reach people with this illness through any organisation, and if this is inappropriate way to reach out please do not hesitates to delete this link.

M T Keshe
contact point
[email protected]
0032 478 49 36 28

Dear Mr. Keshe,

My report:
"As long as I remember, I was suffering from pain all over my body. This pain was constantly moving around. In combination with this, I was very tired. Activities were nearly always a punishment for me; even if the event itself was a pleasant one. Since about 30 years these pains and this tiredness were gradually increasing. The symptoms were:
- standing up in the morning and being tired from the start;
- after taking a rest, the tiredness remains;
- dragging myself through the day;
- moving pains around my whole body;
- after an extra effort (e.g. going to town), the next day pain and tiredness increased;
- when it was cold or moistnees the pains were even worse;
- I never felt rested.
After visiting the family doctor, the diagnosis was: fybromyalgy.
"Curing was not possible, and I had to live with it", the doctor told me.
Through the years to come, I visited several "experts" to find a solution, or at least a certain relieve.
In hospital: the doctor for rheumatism;
An orthomolecular doctor, who adapted my food(habits);
A homoeopath;
Foot reflex massage;
A physiotherapist, to keep to muscles in my back flexible;
Again to a othomolecular doctor;
Again a homoeopath.
In fact none of these treatments gave any relieve.
On the 5th of July I had my first contact with Mr. Keshe: it was an in-take of about 1 hour.
Four days later we met again: he explained the treatment he had in mind. He supplied me with two cups; both to be filled with plain water, and ordered me to drink from that water every day. I also had to inhale plain air through these cups. The scientific explanation goes beyond the intention of this summary, but as I understood the "treated" water/air did not relieve the complains I had, but had the ability to restore the disfunctioning of the those parts of the body that caused my pains and tiredness.
Anyway, within weeks my energy grew, the pain was decreasing and eventually disappeared. This treatment lasted for about 4 months; 4 months of drinking water and inhaling air through cups. As I understood, the body was helped and eventually has "learned" to restore itself. This means the treatment is temporary: just as long as it takes to restore the body. Stopping the treatment didn't mean my complains came back; this in contrast with "normal" medicins, which mostly suppress the complains, but don't restore the course of it. After more than 30 years I can live a pleasant live at last. Thank you."


TNUtammy - October 24

I understand that you need to be able to test this, but I think we'd all appreciate it if you didn't call it a "cure" just yet. We've all had that thread of hope dangled in front of us, just to see it pulled away. It's a dangerous thing to offer hope in this way, because if it turns out that the procedure does not cure anyone then it can go from false hope to hopelesness in an instant. So please, just don't put us through it again. In the future it might be better to call it a possible treatment instead of a cure.


Connie - October 25

Thanks.My family had a good laugh when I read this to them at dinner tonight.One of the kids said there was a quicker "cure" available to almost anyone. He suggested crossing a four lane expressway blindfolded. And surprise ,surprise ! My fibromyalgia symptoms didn't bother me one bit as we enjoyed the good laugh.


islandguy - October 25

Hee Hee Hee , Ha Ha Ha... when did we add a comedy section to the forum. This can't be real. If it is---- ingrid.....I have a number of things to sell that you might be interested in..... Too Funny !


TNUtammy - October 25

Lol I didn't even read it. I figured what's the point? I just saw "cure" in the header and thought I'd let them know better. So...drink water and breathe...good one!


Gabbie - October 25

I wasn't going to respond but since others have, I just have to put in my two cents. People with health issues need to try to keep their sense of humor and wow, Keshe's post certainly helped me do that. All I could picture was a group of people sitting around sucking air out of a paper cup. Connie, your response was even funnier than the original "story". I'm still laughing. Islandguy , how are you doing since the lidocaine treatment?



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